March Astro Update with Dynamic Aries New Moon

Greetings old fiends & welcome new ones to my March update as we swim through these unchartered waters of Mercury retrograde in Pisces & confusion reigns in so many ways!
Yes this one’s been a doozy with Sun also in Pisces the sign of invisible & subtle energies like the immune system that protects us from incoming infectious disease! So take care of yours as the C-virus may be part of life for  a while me thinks. Pisces is also associated with isolation & retreat – classic stuff as a new sign of the times right? It also rules confusion & misinformation so don’t believe all you read and hear right now!
Check my last blog for full details…
So until March 21st when Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural year rest up when you can & allow your psyche/Soul to dream fresh dreams & create safe boundaries both physically & emotionally! See yourself with a protective force field that zaps negative everything ok?
Once Mercury turns direct on March 10th the fog begins to clear, connections start flowing again & you can make clearer decisions, although he remains in Pisces until end of April.
The Full Moon Pisces/Virgo on March 9th with Neptune exactly on the Sun in Pisces asks us to figure how to bring ‘heaven down to earth’ or make our dreams a practical reality. FMoon has fab inspiration & ingredients that feed into…
 …the big energies kicking in from the New Aries Moon on the 24th @ 4 degrees, green lighting the release of excellent new projects you’ve been working toward.
In the chart above we see a number of MAJOR features including Mars (who rules Aries) joining both Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn.
AND the arrival of Saturn into Aquarius for our first taste of a big ‘breath of fresh AIR’!
Read on below…

New Moon Aries 2020














Mars + Jupiter + Pluto in Capricorn in the New Moon in Aries Chart…

Our inaugural new moon for the ‘natural year’ is super active to say the least as the ruler of Aries is Mars, who joins Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn for the first of their 3 meetings this year – the next pass is late June and finally in the 2nd week of November. This is the beginning of their new 12 year cycle together & is the most important signature of 2020 after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January -the 500 year cycle now kicking in that will completely transform our global systems. For all the news on this & the Global Story here’s my report if you missed it.

So Jupiter urges us to expand & opens new frontiers – does things BIG & is a visionary who looks toward future possibilities. On the upside he is Mr Lucky who brings fab opportunities into play – on the downside he over inflates and takes unwise risks. He rules our ‘call to adventure’ and is associated with seeking, higher learning, writing & the sharing of information so journalism & the media.

He amplifies any Planet he joins – in this case Pluto the Lord of regeneration & renewal. Pluto rules the power systems that control our Capricorn global governance systems. (This is why 2020 is such a big deal as as Pluto and his mates Jupiter & Saturn are all in Capricorn.) At best Jupiter/Pluto can announce the beginning of an uber powerful period of excellent expansion in your life. Together they forge new empires personally and globally to expand our old outmoded world views…very exciting & of course quite how and where this is on offer  in your own world depends on your horoscope. Time to check in with me and find out?

We are already seeing the Jupiter effect kicking in as he rules ‘international’ matters & the Virus is circulating without border restrictions. Also in the BIG wave of fear reactions and people panic buying as if the world is about to end. It will not ok? Just have enough provisions to get you through a few weeks in isolation if need be. Obviously if you display severe symptoms then get yourself to hospital, although it is the elderly and immune systems compromised folks who are at higher risk.

BTW the last time they met in December 2007 was at the height of the stock market bull run and the writing was on the wall for the beginning of the GFC in January 2008. So even though they don’t meet until late March, we’ve already seen an official ‘correction’ kicking in courtesy of the C-Virus fears of longer term issues to do with supply chains, with many industries already feeling the pressure. This is why I’m also intrigued as to what may be on the cards when Mars triggers their first meeting as this can also play out as another trigger for the global re-structuring process.

As much as there are ‘real’ issues in play here please remember not to allow your personal energy to get caught up in the fear machine as it continues to amp up over coming weeks. FEAR feeds into victim consciousness – not a good look at this time ok? “Your mantra is I allow the Universe to support & protect me as I continue to manifest my creative goals into the world.”

A Little Touch of Saturn in Aquarius…a breath of fresh AIR

One of the really exciting features for 2020 is when Saturn makes a brief visit into Aquarius to give us a taste of what he has in store from 2021 when he moves in to stay.

He enters on 23rd March right on the Equinox when our new natural year begins so we see him at 0deg Aqua in the New Moon Chart, so becomes a significant  feature underpinning collective activity. He heads up to 2 degrees and stops… then retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 2nd to complete his run through Capricorn until December…then he heads into Aquarius WITH Jupiter as they begin their new 20-year cycle in DECEMBER yay!!. Before then he still has some business to complete with his fellow Gods of Reformation as he dances with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn to bring us Act 1 of humanities momentous new play!

His last visit to Aquarius was between Feb 1991 & Feb 1994, so check your memory banks for insight into who and where you were at last time, for insights for this next 3 years. This was the beginning of the www techno revolution, thus we can expect another exponential development of global connectivity.

Aquarius is the AIR sign driving the impulse to innovation & original ideas that dare to be different from the conventional as they stimulate fresh change. Aquarius governs the ‘universal consciousness’ that ‘we are all one’ amidst an interconnected system of creation. Spot on right?! Hence Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism where Leo must send its’ creative impulse to uplift and improve community and society. Lovely. This meant to be the true purpose of our leaders of society. This is why Aquarius is associated with ‘Politics’ and Leo the political leaders, and why we will see a whole new type of leader emerge over coming years.

So, Saturn heading into Aquarius will launch a new phase of reform and change collectively, with potential for an increase in ‘civil disobedience’ and activism in response to the growing right-wing nationalism and authoritarianism. We have already seen the beginning of this during 2019 in Hong Kong and Lebanon and so many other countries as people are fed up with the greedy corrupt systems.

He will bring an amazing stimulus to the whole technological innovation thing as the new space economy becomes more mainstream, and the AI Intelligence reality takes bold new steps. We already know that we have either been ‘data mined’ or freely given away our vital info to god knows who right? Anyway that’s a big story for my main article on Saturn in Aquarius on the way. Meanwhile I wrote an article for the wonderful C*I*A* group called “The New Frontiers” of Saturn in Aquarius” where I explore the new space economy and the major players. Fascinating stuff – you can access here for A$10.

Aquarius rules our role in society as a positive force for bringing in fresh innovative options so we are called to ask how and where may I do this? Thus we will see a rise of ‘grass roots’ community activity that begins to take action beyond limiting government decisions that continue to deny the reality that we must take care of natural systems! This is the Uranus in Taurus energy that kicked in from back in 2028 and continues through to 2025.

Mexit & The Royal Family Story

We had fun on my Astrology of 2020 Seminar day checking the royal charts as Saturn arriving in Aquarius just happens to coincide with Harry & Meghan flying the coop.












First obvious point of interest is Meghan’s Sun in Leo falls EXACT on HRH Moon so Meg is going to stimulate (Sun) affairs to do with Liz’s family (Moon).

With Harry’s Pluto opposite his Gran’s Sun we see the ‘transformation’ he may bring into play in her world, which begins when he marries Meg in May 2018 under the influence of Mars in Aquarius + Uranus in Taurus exactly on Gran’s Sun (once in 84 year cycle – the last time was 1936 when she learnt she would become Queen after her Uncle Edward VIII abdicated!). With Uranus think revolutionary change & new beginnings. Indeed the fact he was allowed to marry a black American divorcee completely fits the bill! A complete break with Taurus tradition!

Now we have Saturn in Aquarius arriving to trigger Liz, Charles, William & Harry’s charts, exactly when Harry & Meg are set to break every protocol of tradition and leave the HRH stakes. Gotta love Astrology isn’t it amazing timings?

Meanwhile Prince Andrew’s chart is also under heavy influence from the transiting Capricorn planet gang.

Prince Andrew














When his involvement in the Epstein scandal broke last year he had transiting Saturn on his Saturn – otherwise known as a Saturn return. We see he also has Mars & Venus in Capricorn along with Saturn in his 6th house of ‘daily work and service’. Both of these are now receiving transits from Saturn & Jupiter three times this year + Mars in Cap in late March. To date he has not responded to requests from USA authorities for him to give evidence of his involvement in the Epstein cases.

So we can expect further news on this in late March when Mars by transit hits his Venus/Mars. Interesting this coincides with Saturn in Aquarius to Queen’s Sun. Then by May Jupiter by transit arrives on these planets and the news gets big. I do feel sorry for QEII on this one as her favorite son in disgrace is a sad outcome for her.
Anyway just sharing all this astro gossip as another feature of the momentous events of 2020.

Stay positive and shine your light my friends
Much love from Maggie

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