Feb 2018 Astroscape –  2 Awesome Exciting Eclipses open Chinese New Year of the DOG


Our big news for Feb actually comes a day early on Jan 31st as we celebrate an awesome “Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse”…quite the mouthful & yes it promises to be quite the event!

This is followed 2 weeks later by a fab New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb 16th to open Chinese New Year of the Dog. As both of these profound events are in Aquarius & Leo, it’s all about FREEDOM to open new creative dimensions in our lives.

And personally I’m thrilled that Mars is now free to expand our horizons as he ventures through Sagittarius during Feb, after all the deep intense ‘stuff’ of these past few months in Scorpio…hooray! We also have all planets in DIRECT motion all month allowing the free flow of their various functions, so you can think and act and grow your world without limitations…excellent.

Messenger Mercury is in fine form also in Aquarius, where he delights in the stimulus of mad and progressive ideas & solutions, to say nothing of the interesting innovative people who bring them to us. On that note it’s great for GROUPS & team gatherings such as my 2018 Astro workshop on Feb 3rd…please join us if you are here on the Gold Coast Oz. So now read on for a good look at these 2 Eclipses as we need to know how to handle these intense forces and make the best of them…

Here’s the link to my extensive 150 page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it.

So why are eclipses so important? Eclipses happen twice a year when the sun moon & earth align on the Nodal Axis and they ‘occult’ or block the light of Sun (Solar eclipse) or Moon (Lunar eclipse). They have a 19 year cycle, so any eclipse does not have a relationship with a 6 month previous or later eclipse, but rather with the eclipse from 19 years before!!  So  for insight into previous themes of this eclipse go back 19 years to Feb 1999 and search your memory for unfolding events over the following 6 months.

The Nodes are considered karmic destiny points so these 19 year cycles trigger destiny & open major karmic relationships and events, especially when they trigger our personal chart. As this set is in Aquarius & Leo then you guys are affected, along with Taurus & Scorpios…all the fixed signs.

Historically eclipses can trigger major earth shifts & changes…quakes etc. plus big shifts in cultural & political activity in the regions under the path of the eclipse over the earth…remember the Aug 2017 Great American Total Eclipse last August & the extreme weather events shortly after?! Good news is our Feb eclipses are only Partial so don’t contain such extreme tension.

Eclipse families are called Saros Cycles & they have themes or features. This one is “concerned with ideas and their enthusiastic expression. If it affects your chart you will be flooded with ideas or options that bring positive outcomes.” LOVE IT! This is one of the best Eclipse sets in AGES.

  • Eclipses can have a wildcard effect that that we don’t see coming that shift us from one state to another very quickly for our evolution. They can provide whatever it is we need to get moving even if it is something challenging! They bring new life events that can change us in major ways, such as people leaving our lives or new ones entering.
  • Try not to take major decisions, action or make announcements around the eclipse time but rather wait at least a few weeks to see what events unfold & more information develops. Stay open to sudden developments that take you to unexpected outcomes…i.e. not what you have intended but what your destiny really has in store.

Ancient tradition offers the idea that eclipses offer a periodic ‘pathway to the gods’ as cosmic safety valves, which periodically allow evil forces to escape into the Cosmos, where they will be of no harm to mankind.  According to certain occult theories, the shadow lane of the solar eclipse permitted initiated priests to communicate with the higher gods, and to put to them questions of profound importance.  Some scholars maintain that this was the underlying reason why the ancients built the mysterious stone circles which are still scattered through parts of Northern Europe!

So as close as you can to the times listed below make like your own priest/ess and communicate with your ‘higher gods’ with your own questions and write down the info you receive. It could just be life changing!!!

Lunar Eclipse Weds Jan 31st or Feb 1st depending on your time zone…

Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance  With the stars up above in your eyes… Van Morrison

Yes it’s time to bathe in the wondrous magnetisms of this yummy Full Moon Eclipse on Weds night as rarely has a couple of hours been more auspicious!! Take time to create a sacred space & visualize & ‘dream up’ the creative freedom you desire as an individual who dares to shine!

It is a SUPER Moon as she is closer to us than usual so appears 14 % brighter BUT despite the hooha being publisized she is not a Blue Moon as this is when there are 2 Full Moons in the SAME sign. We will see a red shadow during the eclipse hence the added description of this being a BLOOD Moon.

FULL MOON ECLIPSE @11 Aquarius/LEO LA Wed Jan 31st – 5.27AM  NY Jan 31st 8.27am UK Jan 31st 1.27pm  OZ Thurs Feb 1st  0.27am We are SO LUCKY here in Oz as we get to see it, but no matter where you are take time to do your little ceremony & invite your future!

As we are in Aquarian time during Feb we are meant to invite the innovative  ideas & solutions we’re going to need to activate our lives in 2018…so we can initialize our activities when Sun enters Aries…and in between gestate and nurture these ideas in Pisces time…got it?

OK let’s unpack this…as they say these days. So right now our focus needs to be on this Aquarian ideas thing as we also say yes to change even if it makes us a little uncomfortable. For many this change urge is massive hence the chaotic unpredictable features ‘out there’, so yes we all need to re-invent ourselves over the next year and take some risks to do this. And we have great support from Saturn in Capricorn to stay steady & practical as we do this. Here we see the great synchronization with the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog.

Remember that woven into our current social fabric is fear and uncertainty! Indeed this is the essence of the old 3D Reality program, and right now these carefully orchestrated events are amplifying this to peak expression!! I see this as a time bringing things to a crescendo – like an ultimate opportunity to really get this  limiting old ‘control tape’. So what happens if we’re not frightened? Liberation. This is the true essence of Aquarius my friends, where we are free to tap into unlimited Mind and become a conduit for fab and rad new solutions that will fuel the true renaissance unfolding in these chaotic times.

Aquarius offers us the highest point of the humanitarian, collective, we are all one, principle.  So it’s not surprising that the immigration/refugee issues are front and center, albeit still being woefully misunderstood, or responsibility taken for why we live in a bounteous world where so many have so little, and suffer from the actions of war makers.

Aquarius rules politics and global systems and we expect a lot of our politicians. They are meant to have ready answers to the very problems they have created. I’ve been very open over the years in sharing the belief that there is a rather nefarious global elite group who set policy behind the scenes and then use political and media and banking systems toward an end goal of ‘global domination’.  So right now I encourage you all to keep a very open mind and objective position as we watch this latest installment of the chess game.

So how do we use this personally I hear you ask? OK so eclipses are portals that energetically align SUN MOON EARTH to upgrade the Matrix to create new levels of consciousness. This one is cool as it stimulates our urge for change and innovation…Aquarius. It also offers direct stimulation to get thoughts & ideas moving but at the same time it’s wise to wait for a few weeks after the eclipse to actually take action. Ideally we open new activity after the Sun moves into Aries on March 21st – this is launch date or our new natural year.

Lunar eclipses are very emotionally reactive at the best of times but never more so than when in Aqua/Leo! Yep it’s cool to avoid direct confrontation and drama kings & queens over coming weeks, and don’t be one yourself even if you are really angry about current events. Instead we can use these forces to give yourself permission to open new directions and invite wonderful partners to join us as Jupiter in Scorpio is the main active planet in these eclipses.. Expect the unexpected! If you have planets in fixed signs…Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/ Aquarius your life is about to open a new era….and it’s very exciting. Moon in Leo can bring new levels of acknowledgement and Sun in Aqua allows us to affect society for positive conscious change!

This is part of the same cycle as the Solar Eclipse on the way on Feb 16th…so she heralds the collective (Aquarius) creative (Leo) doorway for the next 6 months.  Full Moons and especially Eclipsed ones, are highly charged emotionally so personal & global reactions may be pretty full on as February unfolds. Rejection & alienation are downside Aquarian themes so we need to stay VERY OBJECTIVE if someone says they don’t want to play with us because we are weird or different! Who cares?! The point is we have to get on with being original thinking innovators who dare to be ‘change agents’ regardless of whether the status quo gets us or not…lol

Solar Eclipse Feb 16 & New Year of the DogSO let’s get to this Solar eclipse on February 16th @ 26 deg Aquarius. It is very unusual for an eclipse to coincide so exactly with the Chinese New year!  I’m excited by this one as it is on my birthday! So I am looking forward to this next 6 months opening a fresh creative phase in my world, and I send this good wish to you all! New Moons are the time to set your intensions & we have already covered the Aquarian themes so you know what to do!

The other thing we Astrologers look for are horoscopes of countries & institutions with the Eclipse degrees highlighted. In this case…yes you guessed it good old Donald yet again… right on his Mars in Leo & Ascendant. We can assume there will be more high drama as he goes about the business of disrupting just about everything. I encourage you to be objective about this strange man and simply see him as a ‘disruptor archetype’ as America heads toward their next revolution. Right now he is riding high on the growth of the US economy & stock markets & will be interesting to see what he has to say in his state of the union address on the Lunar Eclipse. No matter which way you dice it the rich are getting richer at the expensive of a living wage for workers…and it’s not OK!

And another big connection is the Solar Eclipse is EXACT to the Moon in the horoscope of the USA @ 27 degrees Aquarius, which signifies the original Soul intention of the formation of this country for the free rights of the individual. So we also won’t be surprised when the needs of the people (Moon in Aquarius) are powerfully expressed over coming months. One thing is for sure! We all need to send our Leo hearts & Aquarian minds to empower PEACEFUL co-operative actions and solutions as we also jump on the next wave of evolutionary change! Always remember we are not victims!! We are infinitely powerful when we know that nothing can limit and control our creative individual expression. except ourselves.

Things will settle somewhat once the Sun enters Pisces on Feb 19th and we slide into the quiet zone of our natural year, where we must nurture and gestate the ideas springing forth until then! Sending love & inspiration to you all & here’s the link to my 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it. Maggie

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