Feb 2022 Update – All About Aquarius + 2022 Global Report

Tiger 2022 2The New Moon in Aquarius each year launches the Chinese New Year – in this case the Water Tiger on Feb 1st
This makes sense of the Chinese system to me, as Aquarius signals new & changed conditions!

The Tiger is very powerful and characterized as being tough when facing adversity, with a strong sense of justice and a commitment to the greater good. So adding the WATER element we have an exciting year where we must be strong & courageous in embracing new ideas and networks that improve both our own lives & the greater good…and doing this from a place of kindness and compassion.
The return of any Animal to the same element happens every 60 years. The last Tiger Water year was 1962.  This launched the mid 1960s revolution changes in attitudes, so this new 60 year cycle launches the next wave of the conscious revolution. If we are open to it this can be a year of profound change, but if still stuck in old models/rut then can be very hard. People who want to change how this planet operates can be very powerful as we now move into this fresh wave of energy!
The New Moon itself is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus – highlights freedom v restriction – breakdown to break though – what do you need to let go of & do differently – re-inventing things and release old stuck territory – opens door for change – wake up – trigger point for our 2022 year.
So things get moving from the New Moon & then Messenger planet Mercury turns direct direct on Feb 4th, (and what a very annoying retro it has been!) – but does not head back into Aquarius until Feb 15th – and finally out of ‘shadow on Feb 24th. So it is not really until late Feb that we get some real fresh traction.
There is a fab connection with Mars to Jupiter on the 4th then Uranus on 8th – lots of fresh creative ingredients that unite visionary inspiration with practical solutions.
We also have Venus direct in early Feb and she continues her process of reviewing our relationships and core values all month, until she meets Mars & Pluto in early March.

So we have ALL PLANETS DIRECT for Feb, March, April and May, another indicator that we are almost done with the heavy stuck energies since January!
Just a reminder that we still have bountiful Jupiter diving deep in Pisces to inspire fresh dreams & inspiration so check my Podcast on this for insights on how to Up Your Vibration!
A fantastic Full Moon on the 16th with Sun in Aqua & Moon in Leo @ 27 degrees brings an exciting turning point – powerful passionate – glorious lion power for fresh creativity – give the wheel of fortune a spin!

2022 Global Astrology ReportFree 2022 Global Astrology Report
This years global insights cover the main events of 2022 as we head into the year of the Big 2’s & Chinese Year of the Tiger.
We dive deep into Jupiter in Pisces and his once in a lifetime meeting with Neptune, and then Jupiter in Aries – Saturn’s final year in Aquarius – Pluto’s final year in Capricorn before heading into Aquarius in 2023 – Mars in Gemini & his retrograde – the Eclipses and Mercury Retro phases for the year – and the USA Pluto return.

Thank goodness we now have Sun in Aquarius for some fresh sparks to enliven us after dreary Capricorn times in January. Hooray! Mind you we still have to navigate more Capricorn goodies as we head through February, as activator Mars  joins Venus as they head to their crescendo meeting with Pluto in early March.
SO hang in there folks and use this force to stay focused and develop projects in preparation for all systems go when both Mars and Venus head into Aquarius on March 7th and things get way more interesting!
On a more upbeat note Sun + Mercury in Aquarius stimulates our personal and global story with snazzy upgrades & bursts of techno innovation.
Sun in Aquarius drives the essence of humanity and community as an interconnected organism with equal rights for all creatures great and small.
Aquarius brings us the ‘quirky’ eccentric progressive thinkers and inventors who are inspired to improve society, as well as the activists and change agents who dare to confront old guard entrenched systems that have ‘calcified’ and outlived their useful form. We LOVE Aquarius!!!
Aquarius is associated with political systems and the opposite sign Leo with the leaders who are meant to represent the best interests of all.

So both Aquarian New Moon & Leo Full Moon (eyes right) call us to demand our leaders & political systems be accountable and act beyond their loyalties to old guard business interests! We can expect some big news internationally re said leaders & their ‘accountability’.
They also offer a grand opportunity to ‘step outside’ the box as you dare to re-invent your life!!

Aquarian types are quirky and eccentric individuals who need freedom & independence to ‘do their own’ thing. They are the humanitarians of the Zodiac who are ‘agents of change to uplift the human condition’! Progressive thinkers who dare to bring in new ideas, they are often rejected for their trouble, so have to learn to dare to be different regardless of approval from main stream.
They are the ‘outsiders’ – the mad scientists and inventors who create the future – the ‘rebels with a cause’ and activists who buck the system and create new ones!

If you identify with any of this then hello you have a planet in Aquarius! They love people no matter the race or creed, but often have trouble being close to others because of the fear of loss of freedom, so a great mantra here is “I can be close AND be free”! The irony here is they are ‘group conscious’ and embody the ‘interconnectedness of all systems’ but often have trouble being in groups!

The evolutionary gift of Aquarius is OBJECTIVITY where we learn to observe things – to be a witness –  but not get caught up in the emotional reactions to them!
It also allows us to find the middle ground between polarized positions as we seek co-operation and cohesion as we recognize everyone has the right to their view and opinions and yet we can still work together.

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Since Sun zapped into Aquarius a few days ago have been having a fascinating time exploring the whole new world on the way via Blockchain technology & DeFi or ‘Decentralized Finance’ & the whole mind blowing advances kicking in as we leave behind the www and head into the Metaverse.
Yep I have talked about this as a feature of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius in 2021 opening a brand new world of technology, but it is only now I am starting to really get just how awesome this new Blockchain technology is, as it offers the opportunity to create systems beyond old banking rich control everything & data surveillance to a new world of sovereign rights…the true essence of Aquarius!!
If you are interested drop me a line and I’ll send you the link to this very cool doco series that is blowing me out.
Have a great month!

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