New Moon in Sagittarius Opens the Door to 2019

BrilliantNew Moon in Sagittarius

Seasons Greetings to all as we now complete this crazy momentous year of 2018! Here’s to us all uniting spiritually, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer May PEACE & LOVE fill our hearts & minds.

Happy to say planets are in good form on the 25th with a joyous Moon in Leo full of fun…& please invite ‘orphans’ to share your table!

It is now Sagittarius time until December 22nd when Sun steps into Capricorn for the three-quarter point of our natural year…known as the Equinox…when the seasons begin to turn from deep winter in northern climes and full summer down here in Oz.

Until then we have some very busy extreme energies flying over coming weeks from our once in 12 year New Moon with Jupiter on the 7th @ 15 degrees of Sagittarius triggering new beginnings to expand your world my friends! More insights on this to follow…

To balance this dynamic fire we have beautiful deep sensitive healing energies from Venus as she completes her passage through Scorpio forming sweet connection with Mars in Pisces.

So yes managing extremes both physically & emotionally may take some mindfulness & self care + switching off phones & people whenever possible lol. Great for ‘dreaming up’ & gestating your 2019.

And good old Mercury starts moving forward on the NMoon paving the way for Jan when all planets are direct…hoorah…and we can finally move forward into fresh vibes and exciting new territory fired with optimism & purpose

In case you missed it here’s my Jupiter in Sag Nov 8th 2018 to Dec 2nd 2019

Sagittarius is the sign of all things interesting as far as I am concerned! It bring us ‘opportunity, expansion, growth, generosity, abundance, exploration, seeking, visionary, big picture, higher learning, meaning, purpose, beliefs, truth, ethics, law, morals, wisdom, religions, ideals, truth,  international affairs & trade, gambling & speculation, writing, publishing, teaching, the media, dissemination of knowledge & information, foreign travel and cultures, extreme activity’.

So how are you going to use this magic opportunity to inspire your 2019? Well Jupiter PLUS Sagittarius demands we expand our horizons in the quest for fresh meaning & purpose for our lives. So travel is high on the agenda as is learning & education to either up skill to inspire fresh purpose or share your knowledge. Write a book…teach a course…or study with me!

Check out my new unique Astrology Certificate e-Course where I share my 30+ years of experience blending Astrology and healing!  Even if you just do the first 2 Modules where I cover the ‘basics’ in my in-depth kind of way you will enrich you understanding of not only yourself but the whole human race! And then if you are smitten you can do Modules 3 & 4 and achieve the Certificate!

We have already had lots of action in international affairs leading up to the NMoon with the G20 meeting starring Trump and Xi in a ‘Mexican standoff’, the Brexit drama in high focus, David Attenborough warning of ‘Collapse Of Civilizations’ at U.N. Climate Meeting, violent riots in Paris, striking high school kids protesting for action on climate change in Oz, and a huge fall in the Dow Jones stock index in the US as the market is ‘spooked’ by trade war uncertainty! And this is all in the lead up to the NMoon…which will fire things up even more!

With Mars in Pisces in challenging aspect we get the confusion theme writ large with lots of passive/aggressive words and behaviors and no-one knowing what the hell is really going on. On the upside Mars in Pisces brings us ‘the peaceful warrior’  inspired by compassion!

So make like a sage wise Saggie archer as you say your mantra “I am clear and inspired with fresh meaning & purpose”!

After this year of deep transformation and renewal we are now set for a fabulous exciting fresh adventure in 2019!! This is the final year of the decade & the doorway to the “Great Re-Set” of 2020.

All my love and blessings to you all for a wonderful healthy loving prosperous new year.


LOS ANGELES – Thursday 23.20

NEW YORK – Friday 02.20

LONDON – Friday 07.20

SYDNEY – Friday 18.20


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