Nov 2017 Brings Us Generous Planets in Scorpio


Greetings friends as we now venture through November with Scorpio action front & center! We have some yummy alignments this month & I trust you’re already feeling the positive vibes after way too long!

And yes as I mentioned in my Jupiter in Scorpio article “With a bit of luck good old Jupiter will have a fine time digging up all manner of secrets and lies” and so it is coming to pass as the Sun joined the big guy in late October, with plenty more on the way over coming weeks. Yes karma has a funny way of coming to bight those who have things to hide, but can bring wonderful gifts to those who’ve been in integrity!!

Get your diary and note these dates!!

  • Taurus Full Supermoon on 4th @ 11 degrees Scorpio/Taurus – magickal
  • Mercury into Sagittarius on 6th – positive thoughts & words
  • Saturn trine Uranus 6th to 13th  – stable change
  • Venus joins Jupiter on 13th – lucky & positive
  • Venus sextile Pluto on 21st – fab for $
  • Venus trine Neptune 17th – inspiration
  • Scorpio New Moon on 18th @ 25 degrees Scorpio – empowering
  • Mars square Pluto 19th – release
  • Sun enters Sagittarius 23rd  – goodie!
  • Jupiter trine Neptune late Nov – unfoldment!
  • Saturn joins Galactic Center @ 27 deg Sagittarius

The Magic of Scorpio is completely amplified under November’s alignments with a very yummy Full Moon on the 4th lighting up a splendid Venus/Jupiter alignment on the 13th! Together these bountiful forces bring a surge of optimism and the desire to enhance all things beautiful in our lives.

Taurus Moon highlights our values & prosperity consciousness so good for fresh ideas re $ and investments, and generally a very earthy time to stabilize your energies after recent stressful times! Spend some time in the garden or walking in the bush or cruising an art gallery.

Then on the 13th please join me just before dawn to witness a celestial light show as the 2 brightest most benefic planets Venus & Jupiter join forces to illuminate the dawn with a fresh era in our lives. It’s a powerful thing to bask under the rays of these ‘stars’ & their effect is felt for many days!! Paint a picture or get some new cushions or pamper yourself with good food & company…there’s intense sensual goodies here too!!

Using our power with Scorpio… Scorpio is the power to seed the life we wish to create from deep within us. We’ve been studying to be ‘metaphysicians’ for a while now folks, so we’re meant to have ‘got it’ that our energy creates & magnetizes our outcomes…right? Once we know that it is only our Ego/Mind keeping us in our fears and confusions, and that our Soul knows the way we open the magical flow known as the ‘stream of consciousness’ and step into our flow. Fabulous!!

Butterfly from Heidi

Scorpio is the invisible source essence in our nature containing generative power, and the secret lies in knowing that we are ‘magnetic’. SO what do we want/need to magnetize becomes the question! We can then feed the stream by setting our intention for what kind of butterfly we want to be once we hatch from our cocoon…in late November.

Jupiter is enhancing these forces now…this is a once in 12 year opportunity my friends so we’re talking major league energetic creative power! And to get to our safe power we can also use the Scorpio process to just let go…of old shitty feelings and whatevers…of the belief that we have to control…old defenses we use to protect our true feelings…the belief that softness and vulnerability isn’t safe! Yep it’s re-birth time!

I’ve been feeling a real sense of purposeful unfoldment and flow over the past few days and I’m loving the incoming connection between Sun/Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces. Mind you I still have to my manage the daily inner dialogue with my other ‘voices’ who keep doing their thing with bits of old insecurities and rejection tapes and all that!! Yes I practice what I preach with my work supporting people to ‘manage’ their daily stuff!

But right now my ‘positive voices’ are in good form even though I don’t have large scale plans in place for 2018 or a major goal. I just know that I’ll keep attracting the people and opportunities my Soul needs to keep my life in purpose and prosperity. It’s taken a lot of therapy and surrender to Soul to get here so please join me in this wonderful spirit of safe creative growth and opportunities on offer this month!

Here’s an extract from my Jupiter in Scorpio article of great relevance… Jupiter makes very few major aspects with other planets over the next year, so his positive trine connection with Neptune in Pisces is very important me thinks! Neptune as God of the Seas rules over the sign of Pisces where he has been travelling since 2012 through to 2026, heightening the spiritualizing process at work in our Zeitgeist over these years, as we struggle toward a more enlightened world view beyond the greed and insecurities that run our material world.

Jupiter trine Neptune offers a sublime mystical and spiritual alignment to open our quest toward higher and more idealistic expression of the best of our human nature. After the intense events of recent times we may feel overwhelmed by the negativity and lack of inspiration and optimism, so please use this excellent opportunity to chillax a little and go within to seek fresh inspiration and re-engage your imaginations and ideals.

You see we are in a hiatus period in the 12 fold process, containing the seeds of re-birth just around the corner from late 2018 when Jupiter re-emerges from the underworld and strides into Sagittarius. Then we can jump on our trusty horse and head forward into our Heroic journey freshly empowered after releasing all our old unwanted emotional baggage!! This doesn’t mean that we do nothing until then…just that our doing is about learning how to be a being!!

This highly idealistic combo of Jupiter with Neptune may prompt us to study spiritual and hidden matters, find our inner poet and artist and muse, heighten our intuition and compassion and to enjoy our erotic and sensual pleasure nature.  As Scorpio and Pisces are both healing signs we will experience a fresh phase in the healing arts and sciences that synthesize the scientific and the metaphysical, as the reality that our psychological health has everything to do with our physical health, finally comes through into wider recognition during 2018.

We are in the realm of the Sacred Feminine mysteries in Scorpio where we have access to powers beyond our rational capacities. Here we learn that we are not just our psychical bodies and how to use the untapped power of the mind to heal it-self!  When we become metaphysicians we penetrate the mystery of energy systems to allow tapping into our own power to heal once we learn how to move energy! Fabulous stuff and your mission is to enroll in a Metaphysics or Shaman course or whatever takes your fancy in this territory. I may have just the thing for you! My ‘12System Toolkit’ covers all of this! 

Have a magic month with lots of hugs and warm times! Blessings to all Maggie

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Please join me for my Annual one day overview of the year ahead 2018   Saturday 3rd February 2018   …and we have SO MUCH to talk about my friends with a number of planets changing sign next year as we head into a very different set of energies & possibilities!

  • Jupiter diving into the waters of Scorpio – last time 2006
  • Saturn enters his own sign of Capricorn – first time since 1989
  • Chiron enters Aries – first time in 50 years!
  • Uranus enters Taurus – first time since 1934!

Yes we have a major shift from the dynamic fire and air energies of the past 7 years, as we transition to planets in water & earth combos – a very different signature reflecting major changes in the values that drive our culture. As ever this will be an opportunity for the gathering of our tribe to share mutual insights and lots of laughs as we prepare ourselves to make the most of the healing earthy energies on the way in 2018!

Put it in your new diary NOW and reply to this email OR contact me to book in.

120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211 10am-4pm  

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