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  • Extensive overview of the impact & implications of these revolutionary 2017 forces including – Earth Changes – Politics – Global Economy- Technology – Our Personal Energy Systems
  • All the data for 2017 Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde timings
  • 2017 Year of the Rooster insights
  • List of New & Full Moons for 2017 for your diary
  • In-depth coverage of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Uranus/Pluto cycles.

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buy-now-button-300x293When you have placed your order using paypal or your credit card scroll down and click on RETURN TO MERCHANT & you will be taken to the Thank You page with your download link to the eBook. Don’t forget to save your copy to your PC and you will also receive an email with a link to the report.

Dec 2016 Astro Report

december-2016Exciting expanding forces in December give us the heads up for 2017! Well I said Scorpio time in November would be a game changer and it sure was! Whether you see these as the best of times or the worst of times the bottom line is they are changing times! A quick YOUTUBE video below for overview & scroll down for


  • New & Full Moon Sagittarius details
  • Mars & Venus in Aquarius
  • Mercury in Capricorn retrograde dates
  • Capricorn Solstice & New Moon as we bid farewell to 2016 & use our hearts & minds to make 2017 “the best of times”

On that note it’s time to book in for your 2017 year ahead chart

The most important day this month is New Years Eve on December 31st!!
Please spread the word to friends & family to join “The World Healing Meditation” at midnight as MILLIONS of us unite hearts & minds to focus our loving intention toward a safe and sustainable transition into the NEW ONE YEAR that is 2017.
May the light of consciousness guide us as we pass through the unfolding revolution from the past toward a peaceful co-operative future!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th set the stage for the massive change waves that have been building all year to begin to break on our personal & collective beaches!! We are now free to write our new script inspired to believe that our dreams can come true…so visualize riding your surfboard like Mic Fanning…hot fast AND elegant!! Sag is the feature in each of us containing positivity and optimism, and the belief that we are ready to attract luck and good fortune…because we deserve it!!

The numbers are fab here as 29th Nov is 11.11 a double dose of the Aquarian master number, where we tap into ‘the mind of God’ to download our Soul’s purpose for the coming year. BTW 2017 is also a brand new ONE year thus we are in the final month of a NINE year cycle as we release the past and vision the future.

Jupiter in Libra rules the NMoon and he’s in fine connection to Mars in Aquarius enhancing the new beginning/freedom theme BUT also can suggest BIG social unrest. SO it’s essential to send your thoughts & intention to healthy progressive liberating change for you and your loved ones and all of humanity in these tense times.

As Sag rules the media expect major announcements & big stories during December, and as the whole 2016 drama has been all about TRUTH & LIES we are challenged to speak the first and discern the second!! Make like a wise archer and avoid conflict over ideals and ideas and remember the old saying “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you a fool”!!

Sun catches Saturn in Sag on Dec 10th/11th so make the best of this serious few days to work hard and achieve heaps toward your future vision and goals. As both Jupiter & Uranus are lined up with this it’s also very cool for big ideas and important alliances & connections.

Mercury is in Capricorn for the month and turns retrograde on Dec 19th until January 8th. I see this as a great ingredient in the midst of so much other fire and air action, as it anchors our thoughts & words into reality and helps us keep things steady in otherwise turbulent and unchartered territory. Remember the 3 weeks of retrograde time are excellent for re-thinking/organizing/planning/details! Not so good for purchasing IT stuff or signing contracts if you can avoid it, and yes xmas new year travel plans may be a tad challenging so stay cool if you are on the move!

Mars continues through Aquarius until December 19th when he enters Pisces. A reminder of my words from last month’s post … “Mars has a 2-year cycle so last time in Aquarius was late 2014.  He can be very naughty and provocative in Aquarius as he’s free to activate rebel energy to his heart’s content. This is the sign of humanity, society, the collective and all manner of groups & causes that strive to make the world a better place. Aquarius has everything to do with politics so no surprise when weird and totally unexpected events unfold from the day after the election!! The freedom revolution energies will be wild here, thus we must stay in our healthy observer mode  as things unfold! Honestly can it get any more weird? YES!!

Trump appeals to those affected by the global elite corporate systems (despite him having made his money through them) that have brought us globalization, trade agreements and blatant abuse of financial systems. The trouble is that whilst his maverick agenda is to stand against these things, his flawed personality does not represent a safe or healthy expression of this position. But he’s speaking of these things and lots of people are listening. They will excuse him anything for the sake of change. SO it’s him V the Hillary camp who are the very agents of global policy that rewards the corrupt bankers & corporates by promoting oil wars & terrorism that keep the massive munitions and surveillance industries so prosperous. We are seeing the chaos factor writ large over coming months so it will be totally interesting to see what’s next regardless of who wins!!

The key here is the CHANGE urge on every level. People are fed up with the NeoCon system that lies and cheats & corrupts and disenfranchises the rights of individuals and animals and our environment. These are the vital years giving birth to a new world beyond the old paradigm of fear and lack and scarcity. Personally our energies gravitate toward the future as we are energized with our own urge for freedom and change. Aquarius regulates Group Consciousness so use this period to join with like minded others in teams & groups to build energy around 2017 outcomes!

Venus also steps into Aquarius on 7th Dec for the rest of the month stimulating the freedom urge yet again…this time in the relationship department! Boring dreary people & situations will be way too hard to tolerate as we want original thinking cool new chemistry to stimulate us. Yep no clingy needy stuff on this one and if you’ve been putting up with limiting old situations for too long Venus in Aqua will move things along!

December 14th Full Moon @ 22degrees Sag with Moon in Gemini brings the next step in the unfolding personal and global shifts, and as full moons heighten polarized tensions there will be all kinds of words flying on this one! This FMoon is exactly on both Trump’s Gemini Sun AND Saggie Moon so no doubt there will be stories and words flying about and from The Donald. Personally you may feel pulled between two directions and extremes and be jumping from one to the other every 5 minutes, so it’s best to wait a week until Sun enters Capricorn and use the FMoon energies to gather data and info so you can make informed decisions…PLUS your own meditation time to ask for guidance for wise choices! Upside is a great few weeks to set up connections and alliances with people & groups who can advance your life into 2017, especially to do with writing/teaching/publishing & international travel.

Jupiter in Libra (since September until Oct 2017) picks up speed throughout the month and steps into the fray of the Uranus/Pluto Zap Zone as he opposes Uranus from the 23rd Dec till the end of the year. This is the first of 3 passes of this major alignment and they remain in tight connection right through Jan Feb & March 2017 with a final pass in late September. This is the half way or full point in their 12 year cycle which began in 2011. This combo ups the urge for freedom and innovation big time and can bring sudden bolts of change either from you toward current people & situations OR at you from work situations & partners who have outlived their role in your life. The big caution here is to make sure you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water as you seek to revolutionize your life and create space for exciting new people and adventures to unfold in 2017.

Ambitious Saturn also gets in the act with Jupiter and Uranus for the first of three (also) connections by month end, setting the stage for the opening salvos of personal & global upgrades during 2017. Lots more on this in my 2017 Global Report which will be ready asap!

Sun moves into Capricorn on Dec 21st opening the 10th Stage of our Natural Year as he reaches the 3/4 phase known as the SOLSTICE – midwinter & summer in the south. The traditions associated with the solstice arise from the northern hemisphere where their mid winter time was a period of ‘darkness’ before the Sun begins it’s journey back toward the ‘light’ in Springtime on March 21st at the Equinox when day and night are of equal length. Hence ancient people and pagan groups had their various ‘rites of passage’ to invoke the light to return and life to re-new itself once more.

The Roman festival of ‘Saturnalia’ honored Saturn, who was an agricultural deity (planet that rules Capricorn) and was held on the 17th of December of the Julian calendar followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves. The poet Catullus called it “the best of days.” With the rise of Christianity this festival was absorbed into their tradition as the birth of Christ (even though nobody knows when he was born), symbolizing the re-birth of life after darkness once again. They celebrated ‘Christ’s Mass’ and this has of course become Christmas. Then along comes a kind Saint by the name of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop who was famous for his generous gifts to the poor. Eh viola we have an amalgamation of these traditions all rapt up in our current festive season. Islam also has a ‘Festival’ or ‘Celebration’ known as ‘Eid’ which is celebrated throughout the world by all Muslims. It is equivalent to Christians celebrating Christmas.  The Jewish festival that also coincides with this time is known as Hanukkah (also romanized as Chanukah) known as the Festival of Lights, Feast of Dedication and is an eight-day Jewish holiday.

The next New Moon is @ 8 degrees Capricorn on December 29th It’s a peculiar situation when our final new moon for the calendar year is in Capricorn, which in terms of our natural year beginning on March 21st actually means we are three quarters of the way through the true year! Yes they mucked that up back in 1592 when Pope Gregory decided Jan 1st would begin the ‘Christian Calendar! This actually explains why our world has been out of synch with nature ever since!! So keep this in mind as you wind down your working year as the month that opens on this next new moon in Cap is actually a very powerful and productive period if you are inclined! This is because Cap represents the peak of activity…the top of the mountain when all our efforts since March are actually due to reach fulfillment, and I guess in many ways this does hold true, as we all are working hard to complete projects so we can have the festive break and a little rest before we head into what will be another amazing year of growth and change in 2017.

My best wishes to you for a warm and generous festive season as we are united in our re-birth process beyond religion or beliefs! Have a fabulous month!!!!

Your December mantra is “I now expand my reality with vision, purpose and optimism” !” 

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Wrapping Up 2017 What have we learnt & where are we going?

Saturday December 3rd Our last gathering for the year my friends so no need for fresh topics, as it’s time to have some fun and shoot the breeze for the day with your questions & a quick look at YOUR transits for 2017.

2 day Summer School

‘The Astrology of Relationships’ Saturday 14th AND 21st January With Jupiter in Libra now it’s time to focus on creating conscious relationships!   Details on this flier You are all welcome to join our fabulous group or purchase recordings!  Nerang G COAST  Bookings 07 55945959 OR mail me