July Astro Guidance – here comes Mars in Aries

297I took this pic in Glastonbury of ‘Divine Mother’ so here she is to nurture & protect us as we venture through Cancer time during July…the sign of home & family.
This is the first quarter point in our natural year, which opened March 21st when the Sun entered Aries and we waved goodbye to the world as we’ve known it and said hello to a brand new reality…whether we like it or not right?
So now it’s time to ANCHOR our lives, manage our feelings of fear frustration & uncertainty, and stay strong in the knowledge that this massive global crisis offers us the transformation into a more just and equitable world as we head into 2021. It is up to us people!
Both Sun & Mercury in Cancer bring us another changeling month as they meet the ‘Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn global re-set’ forces, so it is wise to be patient and continue to ‘stay at home’ or lie low until mid-August.
The global protests in June for ‘Black Lives Matter’ are both the symbol of, and precursor to an incredible wave of activism against ‘the old guard’ entrenched values that drive corporate profit at the expense of human rights! The 99% is rising up against the old Saturn/Pluto system. A revolution is on the way folks.
As Mars in Aries  now comes into play in the global drama we may expect the next 6 months to bring many areas toward a climax by November when the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto team meet up in Capricorn for the first since 1284…yes that long ago! Perfectly timed for the US Elections! I mean who writes this cosmic script for goodness sake?

OK so let’s check the July planets…
Mercury is also in Cancer with the Sun, and he’s in retro backwards motion so keep revising reworking reorganizing and all the re words until July 12th when he turns direct. But even then he’s low key until early August when he heads into Leo and our thoughts & words are re-energized with a fresh creative hit!
Venus completes her 4 months dance through Gemini and she’s in full swing after her retro time in June. So don’t miss this final blast of ‘versatile adaptable quick clever ideas & connections’ as you co-create your re-invention process. She has also heightened the 2 polarized positions – right/left etc, plus the way the crisis has driven many into great hardship, whilst others have been flourishing in the midst of the chaos.
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 5th – Sun @ 13 Cancer opposite Moon Capricorn (final from the cycle from June). Another rather tense & restrictive period on the way from this one. This is on the Sun of the USA Horoscope so another tough month on the way.
New Moon @ 28 deg Cancer on July 20th brings us our final ‘hard’ hit from Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto opposite in Capricorn = a last blast of major restrictions before some relief arrives with the next
Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus on August 3rd = surprising unexpected fresh shifts financially & politically!

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Read on for for Mars in Aries & your Horoscopes…

Mars in Aries - Retrograde 2020This is a big deal for us all as has not happened since 1988 – 32 years ago! This was the activism lead up to the 1989 Berlin Wall watershed shift. When the Lord of a sign is home in his sign he is EXTRA powerful in his drive to initiate and pioneer new frontiers. At best he is a proactive force who drives us individually and collectively as a brave and confident ingredient for the second half of 2020. And yes, his downside isn’t so great as he unleashes anger and aggression so we can expect a bit of both when he gets involved in the fresh wave of ‘activism’ on the way.
We are challenged to master our Mars by creating ‘healthy assertiveness’ and if you’re still using your anger to control people then give it up! Our whole world is angry right now… justifiably as the system stinks…but allowing anger and thoughtless impulsiveness to drive us is dangerous both psychically and emotionally…and just feeds the negative forces.
He makes three major ‘challenging’ aspects to the Jupiter + Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn team, and these are very significant as they will be trigger points for the major government & business restructures on the way in 2020.

First we have Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Cap twice – in early August, then 18th to 24th October. This is an ‘adventurous explorer’ visionary combo containing loads of successful energetic activity, with an optimistic expansive drive toward future goals.  The caution as ever with Mars and especially in Aries not to act impulsively without taking all factors into consideration. And don’t get infected with unjustified optimism that ‘everything will turn to gold’. Yes this is a ‘lucky’ transit but in Capricorn still requires we keep our feet on the ground and be careful of our ego drive as Mars plus Aries can be a tad selfish, so keep the balance of other people’s needs in consideration, and also the reality that we need others to support our progress.

Next comes Mars in Aries square Saturn in Cap twice – from late August through to late September so a month in total on this one. This Mars/Saturn combo is the exact opposite to the goodies described with Jupiter, as Saturn brings constraint and limitation to our energy and drives, so just chill during September as attempts to strike forward may be met with resistance. The upside can be very productive if you’re willing to work hard says Saturn! This can be an irritating and frustrating period where authority figures block us, or if you are an authority figure resist the urge to be hard and unbending. Fear is a factor here – fear of failure – fear of not being up to task. So just feel the fear and breathe through it until mid-October when Jupiter kicks back in!
Finally, we have Mars in Aries square Pluto three times – mid August,  then 8th to 11th October & finally during Xmas week! At best this is a powerfully transforming force energizing us at a very deep level in our ambitions and desire to get ahead – at worst a time of fierce power struggles and disagreements so can be very destructive. So, tread softly on these timings as underhanded tactics will backfire badly on this one!  Avoid dangerous people and places as you work toward your goals with determination and clean assertiveness! Collectively these will probably be hard-line authority periods.

Stay positive and confident to get the best out of Mars over the next 6 months!

Mars spends the rest of 2020 in Aries – he turns retrograde @ 28 degrees on 10th September – he stations at 15 deg November 14th – then full speed ahead through to the end of the year & into Jan 2021.
Here’s quick overview for each sign
Aries                         This is a big deal for Rams as when the Lord of his own sign is home in that sign, he is EXTRA powerful in his drive to initiate and pioneer new frontiers. Good luck trying to hold this one ‘back on the farm’ when he urges you toward your bravest nature until early 2021. Courage and confidence our your best assets, with a caution to look before you leap, stay practical and invite co-operative support…and avoid conflict!
Taurus                    Mars is now in your 12th House, thus behind the scenes for the rest of 2020 offering a period of retreat so you can gestate fresh dreams for your 2021 future. This is the zone of your life that inspires your spiritual and psychological growth through study and reflection in these areas.
Gemini                   Mars in Aries suits Twin people perfectly as he will now stimulate heaps of social connections via your 11th house of ‘community, groups & society’ to widen your horizons and bring you into contact with stimulating people & ideas…your favorite territory. Just remember to be pro-active in your contacts rather than reactive.
Cancer                   As Mars is now in your 10th house of career you’ll feel an escalation in your drive and ambition to achieve in worldly areas, and indeed you can do some major pioneering in the second half of 2020. Just be aware that Mars in Aries likes to ‘do his own thing’ as an independent agent as isn’t very patient with authority or control from others, so the big warning here is to avoid conflict and tread lightly so you don’t arouse opposition from others.
Leo                        Mars in Aries is a fab force for Leos as his fire drive for fresh action is now heading through your 9th house of ‘higher learning writing & teaching’. So this brings an exciting phase to expand your horizons both locally and internationally. The caution here is to avoid preaching or judging others views. We all have the right to free speech!
Virgo                    So how do our earthy Virgos make the most of Mars in Aries for the next 6 months when he is lying low in your 8th house of ‘shared resources’? By investing your energy in lots of research and investigation of subjects close to your heart, as you also take action to re-organize your financial world. Also great for release old models that no longer serve you both physically and emotionally.
Libra                    Mars in Aries will be front and center in your 7th house ‘relationship zone’ for the second half of the year, and will stimulate…to say the least…your need to free up old stale relating patterns…and partners for that matter! At best he offers action for PR & marketing of your goals and projects as he brings confidence and enthusiasm to drive you forward into fresh territory.
Scorpio              Mars in Aries directs your focus and drive into your 6th house of ‘daily work service and health’ for the rest of the year so excellent timing to initiate new territory in these areas. Mars is an independent drive and asks you to be pro-active in your own right rather than waiting for others to implement fresh solutions, models and systems.
Sagittarius       As you are the third fire sign you will love Mars in Aries as he brings a splendid fresh force to your 5th house of ‘creativity, motivation and leadership’! As we are in urgent need of wise teachings and teachers you will spend the rest of 2020 expanding our world in these areas as a positive force for co-operative re-invention.
Capricorn         This Mars period is especially important as he’s in your 4th  House of ‘home and family’ so it’s all about ‘foundations’. At best Mars brings energy & activity so you can get heaps accomplished on the home front or you may be on the move into a new home completely. But as Mars likes to do things his way you may be challenged to manage family members who resist your agenda, or they may have theirs and you aren’t too pleased about it.
Aquarius           Mars in Aries brings a much needed fresh impulse to your 3rd house of ‘communication & networking’ so this is an excellent synergy for the ‘seed planters’ of the Zodiac…yes you! Never has it been more vital for us to embrace the co-operative community essence of Aquarius, and for sharing your progressive inventive ideas!
Pisces                Fish people now have the next 6 months to revitalize and activate your 2nd house of ‘resources, money & values’ and as Mars in Aries requires being a self starter rather than your more natural passive self then ‘fortune favors the brave’ right now. This is also about building & developing the resources you need to grow your life into 2021.

Stay positive dear people and keep your hearts and eyes open and clear!
Blessings and love from Maggie

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