Astro Insights for April 2020

Saturn in Aquarius

Greetings friends as we journey together through this fundamental and very rapid transformation of our society…and in the blink of a cosmic eye everything we have taken for granted has changed.

Despite knowing that 2020 would bring the most dramatic shifts in 500 years courtesy of Saturn & Pluto meeting in Capricorn, I am just as shocked as everyone as to the magnitude of what has now come to pass since January.
The planes ✈️ have stopped, cars ? have stopped, the world ? as a whole has pretty much stopped and the Co2 levels have dropped!
Regardless of the many theories about how this COVID arrived to play it’s part in the global transition, my simple call is that Gaia has been letting us know she is in trouble for decades and she finally got over waiting for us to do something about it.

In mythology Gaia the Great Earth Mother married Ouranos Sky God and they gave birth to the Gods who would rule over us. Ouranos who we now call Uranus is known as ‘the Father of Archetypes’ and he operates through CHAOS as he seeds the new from the detritus of the old forms.
As the ruler of Aquarius he resides over the evolution of the very consciousness that underpins society. His humanitarian principle drives the reality that ‘WE ARE ALL ONE” as part of the interconnected web of creation. His electrical energies are sudden & disruptive & shocking as he AWAKENS & LIBERATES us from the past toward the future.
As Saturn now ventures into Aquarius we are challenged to begin to take responsibility for our part in our global family as we re-invent the systems that run our world. So in this sense I feel the excitement of this new wave, as I also feel the grief as the old is passing away…
The question becomes are we ready as a collective to make the giant leap that will radically change the redundant value systems once the lights go on again?
Or is this the ‘end game’ containing the opportunity for ‘the powers that be’ to do the one world government cashless society thing? We shall…as they say…see.

2020 is remarkable for bringing together 3 main planet cycle shifts, starting with Saturn/Pluto in Cap in January, then Saturn stepping into Aquarius on the March 23rd New Aries Moon, and now Jupiter meets Pluto in Cap as we head into April. So as old cycles end and new ones begin please remember we are at a DAWN or new beginning, which always offers the promise of hope for the future in the midst of the chaotic painful birth process!

If you’d like to catch up on my Feb & March updates including the C Virus story scroll down past this post

Venus in Gemini - Retrograde 2020

In my 2020 Global Report written back in late 2019 I talked up this 4 month Venus in Gemini time as…
“She heads into Gemini on April 4th and remains there for 4 months until 7th August. Collectively this offers much needed  conversations containing the ideas that will re-invigorate and inspire the global reform from 2020.
She brings another splendid ingredient into our unfolding evolution via her connections with fabulous ideas and people to help grow our story. Venus in Gemini is quick and adaptable and loves movement and travel so take note of those words as this is what we need to be between April and August…clever quick and adaptable.
Gemini is also associated with commerce, and Venus brings us partners and others with whom we can build co-operative projects. The question from Venus in Gemini is “what do you need to say or share and how may you use partnerships plus IT & technology to do this?” Very exciting.
This 4-month window is also fab for teaching or podcasting or generally sharing knowledge, or attending seminars and so on, or just being social. Generally, lots of fun on offer from Venus during this period.”

OK so apart from the ‘physical travel’ bit the rest is still absolutely relevant…indeed even more so now we are all in physical distance as the whole IT social network thing is so vitally important so we can keep in touch with loved ones and tell them we love them and get some virtual hugs!
This also brings an unprecedented shift in business operations as companies scramble to bring in ‘remote’ work place practices, and begin to re-purpose in ingenious new ways!
Also for this fab opportunity to study things you’ve never had time for like my Astrology Course!!!

As Gemini rules ‘the mind and mouth’ and Venus bring gifts, then her sojourn for 4 months here also offers us an amazing opportunity to learn how to manage our minds in these complex and disorientating times. I’ll share some ideas on this in the main section PLUS          I work with lots of this material in the Astrology e-Course as I integrate many therapy models and tools to support our growth as a conscious ‘whole person’!

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Before I head into the April story I’d like to give a huge shout out to my dear friend John Edward who has been so supportive of my work over this past 14 years. He is a truly generous Soul who offers his Evolve on-line Community as a rich source of  tools for conscious evolution. Many thanks to those he has sent my way for your kind donation for my 2020 Global Astrology Report & Horoscopes.

April opens with a bang as activator Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius to kick start an amazing wave of clever inventive ways to not only cope with this new scenario, but also to step right up and begin re-inventing ourselves. Aquarius after all is the sign of the inventor and futurist. Mars now adds another dose of AIR to what has been the darker heavier Capricorn forces AND

  • On April 3rd Venus joins this fresh new team as she heads into Gemini for her 4 month stint AND
  • In early May we also have the North Node (or destiny point) also heading into Gemini for the next 18 months!

I am very excited about all this AIR coming back into the astro-scape as AIR brings us ideas & information & solutions and also offers a chance for us to step up into greater objectivity as we pass through this ‘eye of the needle’ between the past and the future that is 2020.

So at best the combo of Mars with Saturn can trigger community spirit that brings us together in the spirit of we are seriously all in this together and practicing random acts of kindness as never before.  Here’s a great article about how our 2 political parties in Oz are co-operating rather than yelling at each other as usual!

And this essay is the very best I have read over these many weeks about this whole process – well worth a read! I wish I had the skill to bring it all together as well as this gentleman!

Downside here between April 1st and 4th can be pretty heavy as people may lash out in their fear looking for something/one to blame for their feelings of powerlessness. It will also bring things to a head in some way – the ‘eye of the storm’ perhaps as this wave of the virus reaches its peak over the next 2 weeks? The impact of social distancing (Saturn Aquarius) may really kick in as cabin fever strikes and feelings of isolation are intense. So rather than allowing your buttons to be pressed just do your breathing and centering and use your mantra “I am safe – all is well” even if you have to say this 100 times a day lol. This should start passing once Mars moves away from Saturn as April unfolds. Mars leaves Aqua in mid May and then moves into Pisces.

Please remember that if we have the luxury of self-isolation in a home with food we are the lucky ones!!!!!!! Countless billions of people are poor and have no access to medical care and social support so count your blessings if you are like me…a lucky one! Yes I live alone so am used to being a hermit and my beautiful Ziggy cat  is getting and giving so many hugs!! I have also been on the phone heaps and lots of emails and Skype chats with people all over the planet so I am fine and grateful. Ziggy is sending purrs to you from his pic at the end of this little report!

And then we have expansive growth planet Jupiter joining power planet Pluto also in early April for the first of their three meetings this year (the second retrograde pass in late June and final connection in November.) So these are the dudes who are driving the deeper evolutionary growth potential, and as Jupiter often brings his gifts as opportunity disguised as loss it can be very helpful to know that in the midst of all this chaos (Saturn in Aquarius) and destruction (Pluto in Capricorn) that as Jupiter & his brother Pluto join forces they will forge powerful fresh vision and purpose as the year goes by. Scroll down for my little Rave about Pluto after the next bit…

Mercury is still in Pisces ( yes it feels like forever since early Feb with his retrograde here) and joins Neptune also on April 4th, and I see this also as a kind of ‘peak infection’ moment as this falls on the Moon in Pisces of the Millennium Horoscope I discussed back in February. As Mercury is information and Pisces can bring confusion and misinformation try and stay sanguine as rumors or news may feed into insecurities. Once again this passes quite quickly and by April 11th Mercury thankfully finally leaves Pisces and heads into Aries until April 28th and we step out of the Piscean fog. You will find your ‘mind and mouth’ become clearer and more assertive.

The Full Moon on April 8th falls @ 18 degrees  with Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra.  This Full Moon brings the release or full point from the Aries New Moon back on March 24th when the shite really started fitting the fan…so to speak. So once again we may see some kind of maximum expression of the impact on our society here, as both Jupiter and Pluto are in hard aspect. On the upside Mars in Aquarius rules the Full Moon and he is in great aspect with Venus in Gemini to stimulate us with positive ideas and connections.

The New Moon on April 23rd @ 3 degrees Taurus is right on top of change agent Uranus and in hard aspect to the Mars/Saturn combo in Aquarius. So we may expect the unexpected on this one. Taurus rules money systems, food & agriculture & the environment. Uranus brings us sudden and unexpected developments & breakthroughs so our current global situation could change dramatically. Perhaps this is the peak and things level off quite quickly. Here’s to that scenario thank you!

Here’s some insights and tools to mange our Pluto journey through these transformational times…

Pluto is ‘The Lord of the Underworld’ and Jupiter the ‘King of Heaven’ so we have a meeting of the higher and lower worlds right now both externally and internally. Pluto forces us to go DEEP so Jupiter can take us HIGHER. Pluto regulates ‘the transformational process’ that brings death/rebirth and operates below the threshold of consciousness as ‘the alchemist’ who transmutes base metals into gold. Fab stuff straight from the Alchemical Traditions!

One of his metaphors is the descent into the dark cocoon where we must wait patiently for the season to reveal the butterfly waiting to be born. We meet the true mystery of life and death through Pluto’s process! And a term I use in my therapy work is ‘entering the void’ – ‘the place between what we once were and what we are not yet.’ I’ve always found this very supportive in my client work as it really helps to know that ‘the void’ is actually not an empty place but rather a place rich in potential if we can manage our vulnerability and confusion.  It is not a comfortable place, especially for those who are attached to outer world action as their primary driver.   The question becomes “who am I if I am not a human doing?”

So we have this excellent opportunity right now to slow down and reassess what is really important as we also honor and care for our feelings. This is where the ‘7 stages of grief’ can be very helpful to remind us we need to acknowledge our grief as we deal with the devastating losses of jobs and lifestyles and the uncertainty of these times. Just remember this is not just a sequential process. We can jump around between these feelings sometimes several times in a day!

The 7 Stages of Grief
Shock – Initial paralysis at hearing bad news
Denial – Trying to avoid the inevitable
Anger – Frustrated outpouring of bottled up emotion
Bargaining – Seeking in vain for a way out
Depression – Final realization of the inevitable
Testing – Seeking realistic solutions
Acceptance – Finding the way forward

We also need our ‘Spiritual resilience’ right now by using the tools we have been cultivating over many years and decades. At some point each day just tune in to your 7 Chakras and set them spinning and visualize the God force or Quantum source or whatever you call it feeding down through your crown to your third eye –  throat – HEART – FEELINGS in your belly – power in your lower belly and grounding you at the base.

Here is a wonderful overview of the ‘energetic’ forces at work right now and how we may tap into these in the most positive way plus a meditation from my old friend and colleague Phillip Lindsay one of the best Esoteric Astrologers on the planet. You can sign up for his excellent free newsletters

“The individual etheric body is not an isolated and separated human vehicle but is, in a peculiar sense, an integral part of the etheric body of that entity which we have called the human family; this kingdom in nature, through its etheric body, is an integral part of the planetary etheric body; the planetary etheric body is not separated off from the etheric bodies of other planets but all of them in their totality, along with the etheric body of the sun constitute the etheric body of the solar system.” (Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey. p.10.)
Hence, potential greater health that can be generated currently – is through the visualisation of vital prana, circulating dynamically through the planetary etheric body, through its myriad networks of energy lines or nadis. This can be done individually or in group meditation by millions around the world.
Currently the planet is experiencing clean air and clear skies in many of its major cities for the first time in decades. This situation must be capitalized upon through group meditations that have the capacity to flush out many planetary toxins.
As above, so below. This big picture meditation will have personal benefits, but individuals may want to focus on their own etheric health as well. Using various colors, depending upon personal preferences – violet, white or golden sun rays.
See them pouring through the etheric body that envelops the physical, expanding and scintillating your personal energy network. Invoke the energies of your own soul to pour down its vital healing force through all the vehicles of the personality – mental, astral and etheric-physical. There is the virus and general health prophylactic.
Then extend your own personal field to your family, local environment, community, city, nation – eventually encompassing the entire planet, linking up with friends and groups everywhere. Keep visualizing and connecting on a daily basis – this will stimulate a global “100th monkey effect” – that will catch on and be adopted intuitively by others; where the pandemic of fear will be replaced by caring strategies for world health – an inner “world health organization”.
Many groups are already making efforts in these kind of directions. Can we imagine how the collective powerlessness that people are experiencing right now, can flip in a relatively short time – by participating in this daily ritual?
Physical health and immunity will be easily and automatically improved but more importantly, it will have a reflexive effect upon the other planetary mental and astral bodies, infusing them with greater vitality for purification              Phillip Lindsay
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And here is Ziggy.  He is so patient while I sing him silly songs!

Blessings and love to you all