July 2019 – Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde

Solar EclipseLove this fab Solar Eclipse image from NASA looks like an iris doesn’t it!?
Indeed the ancient astronomer priests believed they are a periodic ‘pathway to the Gods’ or portals whereby we receive important information or open new karmic pathways!
So open that third eye of yours on July 2nd in US & UK and 3rd here in Oz and connect to Universal Source guidance!

It falls at 10 degrees Cancer & is followed 2 weeks later by the Lunar Eclipse @ 24 degrees Cancer/Capricorn highlighting home/family & business areas, & with Venus also hanging out in the watery realms of Cancer in July our focus requires nurturing the home fires & business areas both psychically and emotionally.

The 18.5 year eclipse cycle brings us 2001 for echoes on this one, so cast your mind back & see if this was a significant shifting time for you? This series brings ‘news that transforms a situation but avoid worry or obsessiveness, as well as forming plans or activities that can be very positive as long as we don’t get carried away’!

SO if you have planets around 10 deg or 24 deg of Cancer/Capricorn or Aries/Libra the wheel of destiny is about to turn as eclipses bring new beginnings that accelerate growth and development. If you don’t know then check in with me for a session so you can work WITH your evolutionary process!

Next cab of the rank brings us our 2nd Mercury retro season for the year from July 7th for the rest of the month…also in Cancer. As our little mate Mercury rules our ‘mind & mouth’ we’ll be thinking & talking ’emotionally’, which can be fab for honest conversations about how we are feeling and asking cleanly for our needs to be met got it? Downside can be emotionally reacting so best to sleep on it if you’re running a charge about someone or thing!

Always best to use Merc Retro for the ‘re’ things – re-think re-organize revise & in general not a time to make our impression felt & as always stay fluid as plans change or messages & IT stuff goes into melt down. Stay cool my friends.

I’ve saved the best till last as we have action planet Mars trending through Leo till mid-September bringing much needed fun & passion & courage to stimulate those Cancer home fires!     July keynote – BE KIND – AVOID DRAMA & have some fun wherever possible…
Blessings to you all my friends

Planets in AspectMy next Seminar
2 day Program
Sat August 10th AND
Sat September 7th

Planets in Aspect – The Soul’s Code Revealed

Our Soul moves through lifetimes in an evolutionary process and brings in old unresolved issues, or our ‘stuff’ contained in our DNA programming.

Our Soul then ‘downloads’ it’s ‘program’ into our psyche to set up our life’s journey, so we may heal old soul issues and ultimately release the healthy expression of our true purpose. This occurs via the ‘aspects’ or relationships between the planets in the horoscope providing the key information that links our soul & our psyche.

Please join me for both a practical and mystical 2 days together in as we explore:

  • The Aspects – Divine Geometry!
  • How the planets create the many different ‘voices’ that comprise our psychological makeup… or ‘our inner voices’!
  • Core themes and issues for each planet
  • Aspecting the chart – step by step approach to reveal how the relationship of the planets or ‘voices’ sets the tone for the many divergent energies alive and operating in a person’s psyche.  Some of these relationships are easy and positive, and some are difficult and challenging.
  • How the aspects reveal the programming that sets up our unconscious emotional patterns & links to our soul growth agenda
  • How to re-program limiting patterns so they become functional and thus heal old Soul issues
  • How we can ‘synthesize’ the many divergent components of our makeup to become a conscious individual
  • Fun techniques for working with our ‘voices’

All welcome at any level of Astrology. You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.
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Astro Insights & Guidance for June 2019


A dynamic New Moon @ 12 degrees Gemini on June 3rd triggers a busy stimulating 3 weeks until Sun enters Cancer on June 21st on ‘the solstice’.

So we are set for one of the funnest most exciting periods of 2019 as this Gemini New Moon is amplified with expansive Jupiter in the opposite sign of Sagittarius expanding our horizons intellectually so great for seminars & training AND journeys out and about in the world.

We must be open and in gratitude to attract and allow beautiful energies to flow into our lives as a whole new array of important connections and profound openings are writ large in these ‘stars’.

You may also have a BFO or a ‘blinding flash of the obvious’ as an idea or insight awakens you to a whole new way of freshening up your projects and plans so the signal is do it!!

Gemini is the busy, bright, curious and inquisitive feature of our nature who loves to chat and connect socially for fun & to explore ideas so we love all of this! But as with all signs there is a downside, and in Gemini we meet the superficial gossip spreading rumors & distraction to avoid deeper issues…like the many elephants in the room in our global story.

Thus we can expect lots of both Gemini dual goodies over coming weeks as we personally stay nimble and adaptable as situations can change quickly and unexpectedly!

I’m endlessly fascinated how external events reflect the theme of each sign, as since Gemini time began on May 21st the whole business of information & technology have been front and center as we grapple with the impact of big data gathering & surveillance and the continuing erosion of personal privacy. I’ve seen many reports about this in recent weeks, which is great as at least we are ‘having the conversation’ as they say, so now it’s time for us to demand that our governments & Google & Facebook et al are not free to ‘mine our data’!!!

It appears that we in the west are heading toward the Chinese Model ‘Social Credit System’ where citizens are ‘watched’ & rewarded or punished in every aspect of their lives. George Orwell prophetically gave us the term ‘big brother’ back in the early 1930s and indeed since 1984 we have been heading toward what is now unfolding!

This dovetails with the other unfolding narrative of great interest in the Gemini/Sag theme of freedom of speech…the Julian Assange prosecution. “The war on Julian Assange is now a war on all. Eighteen absurd charges including espionage send a burning message to every journalist, every publisher. The target today is Assange. Tomorrow it will be you on the New York Times, you on the BBC. Modern fascism is breaking cover. ” says respected journalist John Pilger.

“Knowledge has always flowed upwards, to bishops and kings, not down to serfs and slaves. The principle remains the same in the present era…governments dare to aspire, through their intelligence agencies, to a god-like knowledge of every one of us”.  Julian Assange

As Gemini rules ‘the mind & mouth’ we can expect high drama and extreme words spewing forth over coming weeks, as big talking Jupiter is highlighting the ‘separation’ of our times between polarized world views. And let’s not forget Neptune’s role in the New Moon mix as we are set for the 2nd pass of his challenging dance with Jupiter this month highlighting the sense of confusion & disillusionment being felt by so many in this weird & wonderful year as we seek to distinguish truth from fiction!

At best we can use this heightened Gemini period to master our own ‘mind & mouth’ to think & speak with wisdom & tolerance & compassion, as this is the gift in all the hyperflux of these evolutionary times!

So yet again I make the point that we are all releasing the past during 2019 in preparation for the beginning of a grand new EPOCH kicking in from Jan 2020! Check my 2019 Report for the heads up on just how big this is!

Mid-June things fire up another notch courtesy of Our Full Moon in Gemini and Mars in Cancer gets in on the act…more on this below for now let’s cover the Full Moon.

Monday 17th Full Moon @ 26 deg Gemini/Sag heightens the extreme themes of 2019 as words & info & fake news will go nuts, & with Neptune in hard aspect be careful what you believe! Escapism, delusion & confusion are also Neptune features so maybe we all deserve to switch off the news/social media for a few weeks and do a little escapism!

So be very selective about incoming data, verify and check facts. There’s a cool upside here as Gemini aligns our rational left brain mind/mouth with our Neptune visionary right brain, so take time to consciously align your TWO brains. Just close your eyes and do a simple exercise – visualize a bright white light in your left brain and then the same in your right brain. Then connect these with a bright white line and breathe as you say “I now link my intuition & imagination to inspire my ideas and words”.

With our King of the Solar System Jupiter conjunct the Moon the extreme theme is writ large so it’s incredibly important not to let your emotions cloud your judgement or reactions ok?! The Jupiter in Sag story brings us echoes of 2007 during his last visit here 12 years ago when stock markets were riding high…as they are now… and then boom along came the GFC of 2008. With the continuing Trade War drama between the US & China “Stock markets reacted negatively to the sudden change in the trade negotiations, to the realization that what was expected to be a huge trade deal leading to a huge increase in world trade, has now morphed into a major disappointment that could lead to a contraction –not an expansion –of the world economy.

We have twin cosmic challenges right now: the Jupiter/Neptune square and the Saturn/Pluto/Moon’s South Node conjunction in Capricorn. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the wish to expand and grow. It believes things are good and getting better.Saturn and Capricorn are the opposite: the tendency is to contract and pullback. It is not operating on a “belief,” but rather on the “reality” of what is actually happening. Each of these dynamics is reaching one of their climax points in June, particularly June 9-24. Hold on. This ride is just beginning.” Ray Merriman

At best Jupiter and Neptune are birthing the spiritual awakening necessary to inspire visionary goals for re-enchanting our world view as we head into the “global reset” from 2020! Jupiter can enhance our feeling of optimism and exuberance, which is great as we need to stay positive as we create fresh meaning & purpose for our lives. But also that nothing can go wrong and get sucked into quick get rich schemes and false information, and with Neptune spinning his web of illusion there is the chance of being misled & set up for disappointment. So we must use upside Saturn in Capricorn to stay steady and focused on longer term plans and use the Jupiter feature as fab opportunities to grow our lives with fresh knowledge and training…or to share ours!

So on to action planet Mars now in the feeling based sign of Cancer until July 1st! This brings the home and family and emotional safety territory front and center, so use this time to nurture all you hold dear and do some renovations to both physical and emotional homes. Just be careful of your ’emotional reactions’!! Great opportunity to notice your ‘defense systems’ when feeling unsafe or vulnerable. Ask for hugs and give them.

Heads up for the period between June 14th & 22nd as highly tense and volatile as Mercury joins Mars in Cancer coming up against both Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn bringing a fiery clash of wills and words. So we may expect both individuals & nations to make major power plays and “go to battle” to protect their home turf.

Needless to say it’s wise to avoid control freaks and resist the urge to control others! At best this is a powerful force for deep regeneration & transformation of existing power structures both personally & collectively!

Sun steps into Cancer on June 21st marking the 1/4 point in our natural year known as the Solstice. This is longest day for my northern hemisphere friends and shortest day down here in southern climes.  Thus late June into July is time to nurture and LOVE ourselves…and everyone really!!

Live long and prosper my friends
Much love Maggie

Moon Healing

My next Seminar
July 13th
The Moon & The Soul’s Code

After 30+ years studying and applying the many teachings from Astrology & other traditions concerning our beauteous Moon, I believe that SHE is the key to unlocking the Horoscope.

If SHE is not in ‘good condition’ and free to bestow her safe nurture then our Sun can never shine in his power, and we miss the opportunity to unlock our Soul’s code contained in our DNA.
The ‘psychological Moon’ contains our “right to have feelings & needs” & the ‘spiritual Moon’ contains the Soul’s memories including the issues we have from previous lives to heal and clear.

So, the 64 million $ question is how does the Soul program the psyche to set up the link?
The goal is to make sense of how we ‘set up’ our Soul’s growth areas and then resolve them!
All welcome at any level of Astrology. You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.
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Mid-year is perfect for checking in with your chart so you can USE & align with these powerful forces!
I look forward to being or service.