Happy 2019!! Free 70 page Astro Report and Horoscopes

The Astrology of 2019Happy 2019 to you!! May it be a prosperous and fulfilling year full of fresh adventures and a fab dose of positivity!! Here is my FREE 2019 Report & Horoscopes I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Officially our year began on January 1st but In terms of setting your intentions for 2019 get set for using the powerful Solar Eclipse on Saturday 6th!

It is @ 15 degrees of Capricorn sandwiched between both Saturn and Pluto so this one pulls no punches when it comes to initializing a powerful new phase in our personal career goals and aspirations. Think back to 2000 for insights & echoes in your life.

Collectively it will ignite a new phase in business and politics as Brexit comes to a head PLUS it opposes the Sun in the USA Horoscope so goodness knows what’s about to unfold there! We have Mars in Aries all month so great for activating your plans especially when he makes cool connections with Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 19th through to 26th. Very positive!!

Perfect timing to release my new Astrology Certificate e-Course! With Jupiter in Sagittarius this year it’s all about expanding your learning horizons so please join me as I share the sum total of my 30+ years of knowledge incorporating Astrology & Soul Centred Emotional Healing Models…with webinars & lots of recordings. Have a fabulous month and year my friends!!