Solstice Celebrations as Sun Enters Cancer + free ebook ‘Depression – Finding the Light in the Dark’


Solstice greetings as our Sun heads into Cancer on June 21st marking the longest day for you kids up north and for us down in Southern climes…the shortest! The thing is it doesn’t matter if you are north or south, the principles of the Sign of Cancer apply for us all as the time each year when we must nurture our lives and celebrate the love and joy of family and friends.

Cancer is the sign of feeling and needs and emotional safety. The recent tragic celebrity suicides has opened a new round of conversations into the high incidence of ‘Depression’ in our culture. So I was inspired to create an e-book “Depression – Finding the Light in the Darkness” where I link ideas from Astrology and Psychotherapy. As varying degrees of depression are part of our human condition I trust  you may find this material  insightful. Here is the link to my free gift to you.

We have such a sharp contrast of planetary forces in operation over the next few months as this bizarre year continues to unfold so let’s check what the planets have in store for us in late June and into July.

I’ve been sitting here for ages trying to get this letter started as things are so complex right now it is hard to know where to start! The word fiasco keeps springing to mind as I observe the crazy mechanizations of our broken system in these tumultuous times. So the questions become how do we stay sane and healthy and positive in this complex world and how can we USE these radical change signals to upgrade our own lives? 

Well it helps to know that we are in a ‘dark dream phase’ of personal and global activity and that as life is cyclical this will be followed by a fresh ‘light dream’ new phase in due course. I talk all about this in my free e-book “Depression – Finding the Light in the Darkness”. We must not surrender to ‘victim consciousness’ and use our thoughts and words and actions from our ‘safe power’ and compassion, but also be willing to fight for social justice and not just complain about the actions of our so called political and business ‘leaders’.

So we have the interweaving forces of two main sets of planetary players at work as we head into late June and the July “Eclipse Season”. First there is Jupiter in Scorpio as he continues his dance with Neptune in Pisces offering us deep healing and transformation if we are willing to let go of old insecure feelings and fears. Their process since late 2017 has revealed the abuse and misuse of power via the Harry Weinstein trigger giving rise to movements such as #metoo beginning to empower women & marginalized groups and completely calling out the white male supremacy system.

As this Jupiter/Neptune combo makes us extremely sensitive energetically it becomes imperative to really nurture and protect our ‘personal space’ from negative influences! This is also how we stay sane and well lol. So here’s your checklist – avoid negative people, don’t worry…about people and events, lots of sleep and rest whenever possible, EAT WELL and give up processed foods and sugars, turn off your devices and WIFI at night, research natural remedies to research pharmaceutical drug treatments, be silly and laugh as much as possible!!   

Then we have Mars in Aquarius in his challenging standoff with Uranus in Taurus since mid-May offering us “Impulsive and restless energies with the urge to revolt against restrictive authority…sudden expression of anger…explosive change. On the upside, it awakens fabulous new freedom to take action into brand new directions allowing us to break free of the past and invent marvelous new realities.”

Aquarius rules political systems and the opposite sign Leo brings us the leaders that run this system and we can expect lots of sudden reversals of fortune for these people during the next 5 months. We’ve already seen lots of unexpected Aquarian type events morphing global shifts since mid-May!

The Trump Kim meeting brought together arguably the two most archetypal characters of our time as extreme unconscious capitalist meets and praises extreme unconscious dictator – Trump & Sessions initiating the “Zero Tolerance’ process separating families during deportation creating a massive backlash from all sides – Trump’s trade tariff announcements & insults to their closest neighbor and supposedly closest ally Trudeau, plus accelerating the ‘trade wars’ with China –  The G7 Meeting & “A war of words erupting between the US and its G7 allies, hours after the group had put on an apparent show of unity at the end of a tense summit.” – and today the news of US withdrawal from the U.N. Human Rights Council.

G7 Meeting

Love this pic!! Please remember that during periods of chaotic evolutionary morphs our collective unconscious ‘throws up’ a maverick change agent to disrupt existing systems. So I am quite open to the idea that Trump is calling out the status quo. Trouble is he is driven by such uninformed impulsive words and actions that he alienates rather than includes and his “it’s all about the deal” regardless of outcomes for people and environment make it hard to see him in a positive light.

There was another highly significant meeting over the same 2 days as the G7 as The Bilderberg World Economic Forum convened for their annual summit at Davos Switzerland. This little publicized group actually sets major global policy and yet we hear so little about them, and minutes and policy decisions are not made public. I have included the Horoscope for the group and some links for your interest at the end of this little narrative.

So back to our personal outcomes. You have until June 27th to activate fresh ingredients in your world before Mars begins his retrograde phase in the sign of Aquarius right through until mid-Sept. During this 10 week period things will feel less frantic… which is great. Use this time to work on developing practical steps and systems, and don’t be dismayed if you feel less motivated as this is simply the time between the initial fresh burst of activity and the right time to release fresh projects…after mid-September.

As we have seen Mr. Mars can arouse anger and conflict on the downside and in his positive expression offers great courage and the confidence to do our own thing in the inventive sign of Aquarius. So be very aware of the tendency for ruptures between polarized positions and pick your battles wisely right through into November when he leaves Aquarius and heads into Pisces. Staying objective and non-reactive is essential as we focus on our own need to adapt to change and re-invent our lives.

I have christened this Mars Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus period “freedom from attachment” as it opens a major process essential to the liberation and freedom beyond our current material world paradigm where so many people remain debt slaves to our commercial system. It asks us to begin to question our ‘values’ and need to possess and control objects and people so we can feel safe. I will talk more about this over coming months so for now just ponder this idea ok?

OK so let’s explore the deeper implications of this rare Mars in Aquarius retrograde phase. The last time he was here and in this connection with Uranus in Taurus was 1939. Any bells and whistles going off yet? Here’s where I encourage you to stay very objective as I share this information as I state yet again that my politics is “peace” and I am merely an Astrologer who uses historical cycles for insight into current cycles and their potential. In other words “don’t shoot the messenger” lol.

Here is the 1939 timeline of Mars retro in Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus.

  • May  Jupiter into Aries (where Chiron now) – Mars entered Aquarius – Rome-Berlin Axis – Hitler proclaims he wants to move into Poland
  • June   Pluto into Leo – Test flight of 1st rocket – Jewish refugees denied entry into USA – 1st African American female judge
  • July  Saturn into Taurus (where Uranus now) NB. Hitler’s Sun is O deg Taurus  – Mars retro into Cap
  • Aug  Sat square Pluto – NNode 0 Scorp – Hitler “T4 Euthanasia Program” – Holland & Poland mobilize
  • Sept  Mars in Cap Retrograde– Hitler invades Poland & 1st WWII begins – Soviet Union invades Eastern Poland –  Mars re-enters Aquarius
  • Oct  Mars Aquarius opposition Pluto Leo –  Hitler deports Jews –  Einstein informs FDR of potential of atomic bomb – First animal conceived by artificial insemination
  • Nov    Exact square to Uranus Taurus 20 degrees Nov 4th and 5th – Nazis begin mass murder of Warsaw Jews –

I know this is heavy stuff and I’m certainly not calling that this current phase will open another major war although the Iran situation is a concern…but some of the echoes are rather chilling. We are now in the midst of cyber wars, currency wars and the crypto currency revolution, massive control of populations via data mining, biological wars. Yep it’s all happening. But to what end? When are we finally going to transcend the ages old paradigm of control through polarization and the belief that war is normal? Well it is up to us to heal this within our own nature so we can accelerate the global Aquarian shift that honors co-operation and unity to use our global resources consciously for the benefit of all…not just the global elite.

Astrological cycles are so rich in insight. If only our human species would learn from the mistakes of the past and get on with evolving into ‘conscious co-operation’. We see both the powerful political events of 1939 that would eventually lead to a complete re-organization of the global power structures at the end of WWII. Also the genesis of the technologies that would give rise to atomic power, radar, sonar, first generation computers and rockets. I’ve included another link about the ‘new experiment’ happening right now in the Middle-East to create the first e-hub and in Estonia to create the first e-country. Yikes!

OK so moving right along. Two days after Mars turns retrograde we have our Full Moon with Sun @ 6 degrees Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn on June 28th. Wish I could say this is a fun story but with Saturn joining the Moon in Capricorn it’s very business like and a tad serious…sorry! But it’s also very productive and great for dealing with family situations that need to be reviewed or released. There is a yummy connection with Jupiter in Scorpio offering excellent support from other people’s resources to empower your current re-invention goals.

This Full Moon is the preparation for the dramatic eclipses, three of them, in July and August. We have two “Eclipse Seasons” each year six months apart  and if a particular eclipse triggers one of your natal planets then major evolutionary shifts are on offer. Time to check in for a session with me?

The first in this series is a Solar Eclipse on July 13th @ 20 degrees Cancer.  So this is a New Moon with Sun and Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Powerful stuff with deep transformational outcomes within family systems and your own emotional world. This doesn’t have to be awful if you accept that situations are morphing into new phases and it will all be OK for all concerned! The potential here involves really empowering and nurturing your goals and outcomes!

This 19 year cycle takes us back to July/August 1999 that brought us the ‘Grand Fixed Cross Eclipse’ as we headed toward the Millennium 2000 and the Nostradamus end of world predictions were in full swing, and the ‘Millennium Bug’ was going to take down computer networks…remember? What was happening in your life then as here lie clues for current possibilities.

This one has a big history in Mr. Trump’s life with previous 19 year cycles bringing him great loss and also great gains. It’s always tricky to ‘predict’ outcomes, all we can say is that major shifts are on the way for his worldly outcomes and his family.

I will explore the next Lunar Eclipse of July 27th and an extra Solar Eclipse on August 11th in my next letter. I am pooped for now as this has all taken lots of research and putting it all together!!

My warmest wishes to you all. Stay inspired and positive. All is well within the greater scheme of creation!

Here is the link to the Bilderberg Meeting guest list and the Horoscope below for those who enjoy this tool.

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