Planets on the Move – Feb & March Astro Update

Mercury in Pisces

Don’t miss the yummy Full Moon lighting up the Sun’s entrance into Pisces on Tuesday, as with Moon in Virgo it’s totally ‘perfect’ for cleansing your psychic & physical space! Yes crystals washed and ready to be freshly charged ok?

We also have Mars now Taurus for the next 6 weeks bringing a welcome relief from his hard driving run through Aries since the new year. Been very full on hasn’t it but oh so productive as we activated our goals and projects for the year.

So we now move into a calmer less chaotic period courtesy of water & earth focus with Mars energy now directed to consolidating & ‘building form’ with a steady approach before he heads into Gemini in April when it is networking time.

Lots of other news to share including

  • Dr Chiron stepping into Aries opening his new 50 year cycle
  • The epic arrival of Uranus into Taurus on March 6th for the next 7 years
  • New Moon in Pisces also March 6th!
  • Mercury & his first retro for the year…in sensitive intuitive Pisces
  • Sun into Aries March 21st opening our new Natural Year

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Making the most of Sun & Mercury in Pisces…
From Feb 19th our heroic Sun completes his passage through the Zodiac before he initializes our new Natural year on March 21st. So Pisces time is all about completion & gestation as we prepare for fresh beginnings. I have always maintained the whole world should have a ‘holiday’ in this period lol…so we can wind down and rest as much as possible as we tune into our Soul to nurture our hearts and minds.

This year the whole Pisces thing gets a huge extra focus right through until mid April courtesy of:

  • The excellent Full Moon as Sun enters Pisces with Moon in Virgo @ Zero degrees bringing a fantastic opportunity to cleanse and heal body & mind
  • New Moon Pisces on March 6th @ 15 degrees – conjunct Neptune makes this a very visionary inspirational new beginning
  • PLUS Mercury also in Pisces for an extended stay until April 18th as he will go retro here
  • Plus Venus into Pisces on March 27th until April 17th

Pisces associations are: upside – spirituality compassion intuition dreams vision transendence psychology mental health inspiration clarity dreaming art imagination film seclusion retreat and downside brings us victims & rescuers deception lies illusion confusion escapism alcohol & drug abuse…and so much more but that will do for now! Thus guidance here as follows:

DO’s – trust your intuition, dreams & visions then take thoughtful practical steps to bring them into form. Get clear about old limiting beliefs that may be impeding your growth into next phase of life. Be compassionate, non-judgmental & honest. Have faith in yourself and trust the flow of synchronicity in your life to bring you signals on next moves. Remain as objective as possible about people & events. Let go of old toxic people and attachments. Keep your boundaries clear. Be as mellow & adaptable as possible. Practice visualizing the uniting of your left brain with your right brain & your heart in a divine triangle.

DONT’s – rescue victims, over-analyze or criticize yourself or others, worry & fret, believe everything you hear, project your need onto others to be rescued or saved, over-react & do rage, be rigid or hard on yourself or others.

Every time you have a spare few moments close your eyes and say your mantra “I feel clear and inspired about my future. I choose LOVE & COMPASSION to guide my actions”. This is because downside Pisces can bring confusion and invites us to play in ‘victim consciousness’.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Mercury retrogrades (apparently goes backward) three times each year. He’s the guy whose magnetisms affect all forms of communication and our thought processes. These periods are when IT and gizmos don’t work properly and messages/mail gets lost…you get the idea.So don’t buy new appliances, be aware that travel plans may change, avoid signing contracts etc., as details are often incorrect or unclear…especially in Pisces!

2019 Mercury retro periods are in WATER signs so our MENTAL and VERBAL focus is driven by feeling and intuition, so here is to a whole new level of compassion in our global dialogue and personal interactions.This is a refreshing dose of WATER for 2019 after the Mercury in FIRE focus of 2018, which brought us dramatic words and provocative ideas. The retro periods are opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate, re-organize, research, review and plan our activity.

On February 10th he stepped into Pisces where he remains until April 17th bringing us on the upside a beautiful opportunity to commune with our higher nature to work with our intuition and imagination…very artistic with a tendency to escapism from worldly concerns. Downside brings us major confusion and lack of clarity with deception and wonderment about who and what to believe!
He turns retro on 5th March to 27th March @ 29 deg Pisces – then direct on March 28th but not until 17th April for full steam ahead when he enters Aries.
The other big news for Feb & March is a major factor in the ‘Global Re-set’ as both Chiron & Uranus are changing sign for our next major evolutionary upgrade on planet earth! I have included lots of info on both as you scroll down.
Chiron steps into Aries on February 18th – until 2026! TIme to Heal our Rage & Separation.
Chiron is the newest member of our Solar System, discovered in 1977 and cycling between Saturn and Uranus with a 50-year cycle. When a new planet becomes visible to us, it activates a new archetype in our collective psyche that demands recognition as an ingredient in our evolutionary process.

The astronomers named him Chiron (no they don’t ask Astrologers they just use whatever name is next on the list of Gods/esses). Then low and behold, the attributes of the mythological God mysteriously correlate with the unfolding narrative of our Global process. Big time synchronicity here, as with so many other Astro phenomena!

In Greek mythology he was held to be the superlative centaur, as he was called as the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”. His myth contains rising above the pain of his abandonment and rejection to become a wise healer and teacher to many of the great Greek heroes, and mythically the Centaur horse-man symbolically unites our mortal and immortal nature. The horse is considered to be the bridge between the world of form and the world of the unseen.

His position between the ‘known boundaries’ of Saturn and the higher consciousness of Uranus gives rise to his “rainbow bridge” title, and his process that brings crisis forcing us to confront our Saturn fears and limitations that keep us stuck in our lower nature.

So he’s the link between our lower and higher nature, which has been available to us since his sighting in 1977.  Yes the Uranus Neptune & Pluto ingredients have been with us over the last few hundred years paving the way for the incoming Age of Aquarius, but it wasn’t until Chiron brought his shaman healing process into the story that we’ve been confronted with the reality of our disconnect from nature and wholeness of a healthy world.

1977 is the year when our Sun began his 72-year passage to align with the Galactic Plane so yes another fascinating timing correlation! So Chiron connects us to Galactic Consciousness! (BTW the mid-point of this was 21.12.12 the end/beginning date for the Mayan Calendar 26,000 cycle.)

OK so on with Chiron in Aries. He was last here between May 1968 until May 1977, so we haven’t experienced a Chiron in Aries transit since he was discovered, which was in November 1977. Yes, the planets are still there even if we don’t know about them, but we experience their magnetisms intuitively or in a non-rational mode. Once they are in our objective awareness they become a much more active force.

As Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac round…or the ‘World Degree’, our wounded healer enters a pioneering period on February 2019 that completes in May 2068 after his 50 year cycle passage! So when a major player like Chiron triggers this degree it brings about an ‘Initiation’ or new beginning – a psychological re-birth that challenges us to transform our concept of reality!

The Aries process contains our confident ‘healthy will’ so we can be brave and courageous and say yes to new adventures into the future. At best, it is the questing spirit in us that dares to risk letting go of the familiar, even if this familiar isn’t too great!

And as recent times on the third rock from the Sun have shown, we have a major issue with this ‘healthy will’ business, as the ‘damaged will’ brings us aggression and anger and all the defenses and over-compensations that arise when we don’t feel safe or that we have the ‘right to exist’. Thus, Chiron’s job over the next NINE years is to reveal this crisis clearly, so we can sort out this primary component in our human makeup! Goddess knows this is essential if we are to ever build a peaceful world.

Functional Aries (and Mars who rules Aries) brings us “healthy assertiveness” where we feel safe enough to assert ourselves in the world, and communicate to ask for our needs to be met, without fear of retribution or judgement or rejection or being made wrong.  The trouble is that most folks aren’t safe enough to do this and are stuck in the “passive aggressive split”!

They either believe they have no power to act OR are over-reactive and defiant with a determination to defeat apparent opposition and are unable to co-operate to invite support. This can also mean they please and comply and put up with stuff (and seethe) in their attempts to get loved, and safe, and to ‘belong’. Then when this doesn’t work, they get aggressive and angry and destructive, and end up with the very outcomes they are trying to avoid! Classic stuff. So the SAFE outcome here requires we have a good look at our compliance or aggression patterns and make the decision to change them, and let go of our defensive behaviors.

If you’re relating to this or have friends/family members who may benefit, here’s your re-programming message. “It is safe for me to assert myself – to be authentic – to be brave – to belong – to matter”. Just say this to yourself many times a day as you hold your hand over your belly, the seat of our emotions.

Aries is about our ‘identity in the world’, so it will be no surprise that millions of folks are about to have a little ‘identity crisis’…lol.  Who am I? Why am I here? And this is not just a superficial matter at this time on planet earth as millions of folks spend their day stuck in jobs they don’t like, to earn money to stay on the treadmill existence of our material world construct. And they aren’t happy!  Which isn’t to say this applies to everyone as lots of folks have done the work to become authentic and are living meaningful happy lives. But lots more aren’t!

The outcome once we’ve faced our fear of flying as an independent creative agent is a whole new level of action, so over the next 9 years we’re about to experience some fabulous people doing some fabulously brave edgy things, daring to be catalysts leading the way for the healing and renewal process on our planet.

And a final note on Aries as the WARRIOR archetype. Conscious warriors are not impulsive or driven by knee jerk reaction. They understand the reality that we need discipline to empower and use our will wisely!

Uranus in Taurus for the first time since 1934 – until 2026 – TIme for a New Earth.
When this revolutionary change agent comes calling to each sign every seven years we experience an upgrade in the affairs of the sign, in this case Taurus, with far reaching implications.  His rulership over science and technology, plus human rights movements assures us of radical departures from existing conditions across the board.

As he is the key player in our unfolding revolution, his entrance into Taurus for the first time since 1934 in his 84 year cycle is hugely significant.  Our Sky God is about to come down to earth to revolutionize our ecological systems with a wave of amazing inventions and groups of people who will clean up our world over the next 7 years.  He’s also about to freshen up, to put it mildly, existing financial values and systems.

Taurean associations arise from the core principle of VALUES, hence all things to do with nature and our earth along with money and wealth distribution. Taurus is the ‘builder’ of the Zodiac who uses strength and hard work to create security and safety, which is why Taureans are so famous for their stubborn fixed qualities!

Nature and beauty and pleasure are the fruits of Taurus who revels in the earthly delights of art and wine and music and all things sensual…she is Mother Nature expressed through the Nine ‘Muses’ who have inspired artists since ancient times. So as Uranus comes calling to Taurus over the next seven years he brings his lightning bolt of creative fire to innovate and give birth to great changes in our economic and material world. Here is an interesting link The Third Industrial Revolution & the Radical New Sharing Economy

Taurus bring up our survival issues and our ability to establish foundations by being aware of and using resources effectively. What is needed relative to resources determines what is VALUED. The more self-reliance that exists the more survival is guaranteed.  We’re about to experience lots of ‘survival issues’ over the next seven years as collective population and environmental pressure will force many into new circumstances, and our IT revolution brings the end of old industries and jobs as it also gives birth to lots of new ones.

So how can we use Uranus in Taurus to uplift and liberate our lives?
The freedom and liberation of Uranus allows us to break free from old value systems that restrict or inhibit our true individual expression, so we can begin to use our resources in inventive new ways! As he’s an ‘unexpected’ trigger guy we must stay very flexible when sudden shifts upset our old systems and constructs.

Uranus is a smart i.e. intelligent feature so stay alert for sudden flashes of insight or ideas that spin you into fab new possibilities that may be right out of the box from your old view of your potential. Then use Saturn in Capricorn for a reality check and create a ‘plan’! If we are aware of the need for innovation and change this allows ‘the Universe’ to support our growth, whereas if we resist this our unconscious mind will create it anyway…sometimes in the form of upsetting things whether we like them or not!

A reminder that this is a 7 year process for our whole world, so you’ll notice the seeds of these features this year, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you immediately OK? It’s also about your personal horoscope and where Taurus falls…and Venus…and the whole picture really. So if you’re inquisitive to know more about YOU you can book a session with me.

Here is your Mantra my friends! As Uranus asks us to break free of past conditions our core self-worth needs to be in very good condition, so whenever you get a bit wobbly as things start morphing in your life or the outer world close your eyes and say “I am safe and secure as I grow and change”. “I am prosperous!”

This will be a fantastic period if we are adaptable and allow the nature of our work or source of making a living to become exciting and challenging beyond our old expectations! We all need to feel valued so it’s time to make sure you are!

Well congratulations if you have made it to the end of this little missive!!
Live long and prosper my friends
Much love Maggie