Jupiter into Scorpio for the next year! Time to love & embrace our Dragons!

Jupiter in ScorpioGreetings Friends!! Well the traveler returns after her amazing USA adventure where I met so many wonderful people! It was a very challenging time to be there in the midst of hurricanes & the horrendous Las Vegas shootings, and my heart is with my ‘Merican mates as you manage your feelings & support each other during such adversity…

Thank you to all who came to my events and sessions. I simply hope/trust that my ‘seed planting’ Aquarian ideas and insights were supportive for understanding the BIG process that is unfolding in our world right now. The final Jupiter/Uranus showdown sure brought upheaval to so many – Mexico Cuba Bangladesh Myanmar Somalia – here’s to geo & political tensions easing as we head into Jupiter in Scorpio & many othet shifts into 2018.

Apologies for missing my usual monthly update…but I’ve been a tad busy, and even though I still feel jetlagged big time I really wanted/needed to get my Jupiter in Scorpio & Horoscopes out to you. I’m excited about Jupiter in Scorpio as must admit I have a big investment in this sign of transformation & re-newal. Read on for a short extract…

Poor old Scorpio is definitely one of the most misunderstood of the 12 Zodiac signs, with many a bad rap for tail stinging & obsessive controlling behaviors. If only people really understood the wonderful features of this fixed water sign, where we meet the most intense and sensitive levels of our feeling nature with such a capacity for vulnerable intimate connection both within and outside of our selves.

And this is of course why Scorp types are so very secretive and protective of their true nature, after all it’s dangerous to let ‘them’ see these qualities in our hard nosed world, so I’l just protect myself with distance and control them…lol. And if I let them get close and they betray my trust then watch out!! Scorp is the second of the water signs, the first being Cancer where we meet the instinctive urge for emotional safety & security. So if we are  not ‘emotionally safe’ it’s a tall order to feel safe in our power in Scorpio. Hence the power & control themes that offer such a wide range of territory in our personal & global experience.

So as Jupiter plunges into the deep waters of Scorpio over the next year we have an amazing opportunity for healing & renewal by re-connecting with our feminine source energy that gives birth to inspiration & imagination.

Mother of DragonsI have always loved dragons so I really connected with the ‘Mother of Dragons’ in Game of Thrones, and as dragons are associated with the deepest contents of our unconscious I guess this has lots to do with why I’m so attracted to depth psychology and the processes of death & re-birth…

In the human psyche dragons symbolize a meeting ground in the imaginable world of the unlimited power and possibilities of the Creation Magic of which universes are born, together with the need to overcome, individually and collectively, the lower aspects of our nature while developing high moral character, integrity, honor, and nobility of motive.

Read on for in-depth insights into your ‘transformational process’ AND YOUR HOROSCOPES! Cheers and blessings to you all Maggie!

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Saturday 3rd February 2018   …and we have SO MUCH to talk about my friends with a number of planets changing sign next year as we head into a very different set of energies & possibilities!

  • Jupiter diving into the waters of Scorpio – last time 2006
  • Saturn enters his own sign of Capricorn – first time since 1989
  • Chiron enters Aries – first time in 50 years!
  • Uranus enters Taurus – first time since 1934!

Yes we have a major shift from the dynamic fire and air energies of the past 7 years, as we transition to planets in water & earth combos – a very different signature reflecting major changes in the values that drive our culture. As ever this will be an opportunity for the gathering of our tribe to share mutual insights and lots of laughs as we prepare ourselves to make the most of the healing earthy energies on the way in 2018! Put it in your new diary NOW and reply to this email OR contact me to book in.

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