March 2022 Astro Update – Pisces Season + Ukraine

Pisces fishSo we are now in Pisces time completing our natural year until March 21st when we open the call to adventure as the Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural cycle.

My heart is very heavy as I greet you this month as the people of Ukraine fight for their freedom.
I have been talking about the whole Venus + Mars + Pluto in Capricorn meeting for the last few months, so here we have the worst of the heavy hard line story unfolding, as the invasion began when Mars hit 22 deg Capricorn triggering the “highly charged” Saturn/Pluto conjunction from January 2020.
But I am inspired by the planets unfolding in March so hang in there folks as the situation is far from over…indeed it may just be beginning as I will highlight as you read on.
And there is an unexpected hero emerging – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I made his chart and low and behold he is an Aquarian Sun opposite Mars in Leo (Moon and Saturn also in Leo) so here is the freedom fighter risking his life for his country. I have included my comments on his chart + Putin + Russia + Ukraine in the main section.
In an astounding contrast to the heavy Capricorn story we have our rare and wondrous New Moon @ 12 degrees Pisces on March 2nd – seen bright and clear in the 2nd zone of the chart above.
Rare because both the rulers of Pisces Jupiter & Neptune are with the Sun & Moon for a once in 164 year meeting!
Read on for more insights about how to use this amazing Pisces period PLUS charts for Russia Ukraine Putin and Zelenskyy