Busy Gemini June Astro update…


June is going to be a busy month with Mercury zinging into Gemini to join the Sun on the 6th, followed by  the Full Moon in Gemini/Sag on the 9th.  So if you’re feeling wanderlust or restless & general need for fresh stimulus go for it!! Spontaneous trips & meetings with remarkable minds is just what we need right now, with a good dose of some fun thrown in as goodness knows we’ve had way too much serious stuff lately! Gemini keynote is DISTRIBUTION of ideas & knowledge so if you’ve got something to say or teach get it out there before June 21st ok? And remember to stay adaptable as the wind changes…frequently over coming weeks!!

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have-faithOMG it’s all so Gemini on steroids right now isn’t it? Too much complex info & bad news demanding our attention so it’s essential to not buy into letting it all make us anxious, hence this pic! Stay positive my friends and use the best of the Gemini goodies for excellent multi-tasking & being open for brilliant ideas to take you ‘out of the box’!

Friday 9th’s Full Moon @ 18 deg Gemini/Sag heightens the extreme themes of 2017 as words & info & fake news will go nuts, & with Neptune in hard aspect be careful what you believe! Escapism, delusion & confusion are also Neptune features, & as I’m writing this it feels like maybe we all deserve to switch off the news/social media for these few days and do a little escapism!

So be very selective about incoming data & verify and check facts. There’s a cool upside here as Gemini aligns our rational left brain mind/mouth with our Neptune visionary right brain, so take time to consciously align your TWO brains. Just close your eyes and do a simple exercise – visualize a bright white light in your left brain and then the same in your right brain. Then connect these with a bright white line and breathe as you say ” I now trust my intuition to inspire my ideas and words”.

As we reach the mid-way point in this tumultuous year be aware that these extreme times will start to level off once we head into October. Yes folks 2017 is a game changer on so many levels as The Gods of Change are upsetting every conventional form we’ve had in place since the late 1980s! Remember ‘revolutions’ upset the status quo and bring mayhem & confusion, but when we’re on to this it’s much easier to remain ‘objective’ and not buy into our emotional overload from events and the many people around us who are having meltdowns.

The maverick see-saw features of this bizarre year contain the essence of Gemini actually…namely the TWINs representing our DUAL nature in a myriad of forms. We are all polarized and contain both light and dark – pleasure and pain- devil and angel – fear and trust. So sometimes a little meltdown is just fine as we need to allow the release valve holding the pressure of managing everything… to just let go. Sometimes a good cry and honoring our vulnerable shadow side is the best medicine! Once again all very Gemini.

And yes this Gem/Sag Full Moon is all over Mr Trump with his Sun/Uranus in Gemini opposite Moon in Sag. I mean you couldn’t make this astrology stuff up! He’s the archetypal maverick right?  Is he mad? Is he being manipulated by the global elite? Is he in some convoluted way actually calling them out? Is he an innocent fool driven by his own narcissism?  It’s a mystery!! So stay tuned for the next round of ‘Trumpeets’ issuing forth into mid June!!

Conscious evolution means we manage the see-saw features in our own nature as we also cope with the terribly sad and totally pointless pain happening in our world. My heart goes out to those who are affected by this ‘healing crisis’ of our time. Use this Gemini time to speak words of compassion & understanding to the many folks who are in “shell shock” and struggling to cope with these challenging times.

It reminds me that the big picture issue of Saturn in Sagittarius has brought us the extreme BELIEFS that are fueling the SEPARATION between east/west Christian/Muslim, and that our collective evolution demands that we UNITE and CO-OPERATE to take the next great step in human affairs!

So as we’re all in info overload I’ll just complete this little letter with a mention that:
Relating planet Venus steps into sensuous Taurus also on June 6th until July 5th. Go the pleasure and beauty principle people!! Make art and gardens – stimulate your senses with healing oils and massages and all things yummy – cook nourishing food – think and invite prosperity – make love not war!!

AND action planet Mars  stepped into the feeling based sign of Cancer on June 4th! This brings the home and family and emotional safety territory front and center. He’s in Cancer right through until July 21st so use this time to nurture all you hold dear and do some renovations to both physical and emotional homes. Just be careful of your ’emotional reactions’!! Great opportunity to notice your ‘defense systems’ when feeling unsafe or vulnerable. Ask for hugs and give them.

This is a pre-curser to Sun also entering Cancer on June 21st marking the 1/4 point in our natural year known as the Solstice. This is longest day for my northern hemisphere friends and shortest day down here in southern climes.  Thus late June into July is time to nurture and LOVE ourselves…and everyone really!!
Blessings & love to all Maggie

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