Astro Guidance for Libra time Sept/Oct 2019

Libra 2Equinox Greetings as Sun heads into Libra to join Mercury and Venus, & then Mars from October 4th through to November 20th. Yep lots of Libra for the next 7 weeks!

So we are now half way through the Natural Year from March 23rd when Sun in Aries birthed our activities. Think of this like the ‘full moon for the year’ that lights the way for the next 6 months!

Libra’s highest goal is “right human relations’ so let this be your guide as you negotiate & in some cases renegotiate the people who populate your life. It asks us to co-operate and collaborate and seek balance & harmony both within and without. Essential qualities in these divisive extreme times right?
It’s also the sign of Public Relations so excellent timing for promoting yourself & services, and the whole theme of deals & negotiations will be front line both personally & globally. I’ll cover the US/China trade war + charts in the main section.

So how is the synchronicity of our young heroine Greta Thunberg delivering her passionate speech to the United Nations on the EXACT day of Sun’s arrival into Libra!

Why does a 15 year old girl have to do what our so called leaders will not? To simply speak the truth that our current economic system is literally killing our ecosystems based on greed and enrichment of the few at the expense of the many!!!!!!!!!!

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And let’s not forget globally millions peacefully marching to demand a sustainable future. Yes my friends it’s all coming to a head as we head toward the “global reset” from 2020 when Jupiter joins Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn with Uranus in Taurus…for the first time since 3838BCE…yes 5000 years ago. This was the time when the Gods took over from the ancient Goddesses and patriarchal culture was born & we’ve been driven by the unconscious ARIES warrior programming ever since.
Our destiny is to now birth the next epoch driven by the conscious LIBRA program of peaceful coexistence in harmony with nature and each other.

New Moon in Libra @ 5 degrees occurs on the Sept 28th 
Personally this opens fresh territory for PR & marketing goodies and of course relationship dynamics. As NMoon is opposed by healer Chiron in Aries then co-dependent situations are up for resolution and we need to be brave in our actions to support social justice issues. Think Ghandi and his ‘peaceful civil disobedience’ against stupid oppressive systems…my my we have plenty of these!

This is a big one for the ‘trade war’ drama as sets off both US & China chart big time.

Capture NMoon Libra

Central wheel is USA – middle wheel is China – outer wheel is New Moon @ 5 Libra.
A general mention that Saturn in Capricorn has been stationary opposite USA Sun and in hard aspect square to natal Saturn in Libra (this defines why USA has been such an influence on global ‘relationships’). This began in late Jan 2019 and completes from August thru Sept & October, so a tough period of ‘restraint’ around ‘core needs of people’ and protectionist policies. This is a very tense picture especially as we head into October.

Not an ideal time to calmly strike a deal with China especially with in China’s case Saturn squaring natal Mercury ruling conversations about commerce. Note also China Uranus falls on USA Jupiter in Cancer  – both being hard squared from the New Moon. The battle is about to be amped up another big notch.

I am fascinated by this unfolding story as these two superpowers do battle for dominance as we head into 2020. The reality is that both countries carry hideous debt revealing the knife edge of the global ponzi scheme about to unravel…one way or another. Ah such interesting times in which we live.

Historically October beings us major stock market reversals so eyes open for October 8th and 25th when Saturn and Mars both square off to USA Sun AND China Mercury. These could be precursor hints of the downside stress of the big highs and lows from Jupiter in Sagittarius during 2019. Expect more big highs from Jupiter through to December when he enters Capricorn and then in Jan 2020 Saturn in Cap hits a hard aspect to the New York Stock Exchange Chart Moon in Aries. In response to the fear and uncertainty and ‘irrational exuberance’ the Gold price is starting to head up!

Mind you the Full Moon Libra/Aries on October 14th @ 20 degrees is squared by Pluto in Libra EXACT and does hit the NYSE Moon. This will unleash powerful forces that seek to control…both personally & collectively. At best we can use this to strengthen & empower our individual drive by inviting support from others. As ever we shall see quite how these forces play out!

OK that’s it from me for now my friends please use this information to support your awareness without buying into fear and uncertainty. Just make like an ‘observer’ as we witness the global chess game of our time as you send your intention to be part of the new paradigm based on win win peaceful co-operation beyond the struggle for superiority and power over others.

Blessings and love to you all Maggie