March 2021 Astro Update – Pisces Time Completes our Natural Year

Pisces fishI love this image of the 2 Pisces fish doing their yin/yang thing uniting heaven & earth both within and outside of our nature.
As the beautifying force of Venus now joins our Sun in Pisces, we begin to feel a softening in the ‘collective’ energy…a welcome relief after the intense electrical chaotic charge of so many planets in Aquarius in February!

Yes we are now in a new world era with huge shifts in the fabric of our sociopolitical & economic world and these will continue to unfold as Jupiter & Saturn make their way through Aquarius.
And this is so exciting as the fab advances linking ideas & technology are creating new sustainable solutions for environmental & humanitarian issues! This is the upside of the ongoing square between Saturn & Uranus this year as grassroots movements & awoke businesses lead the way.

But right now it is so important to take a break from the intensity and enjoy the gifts of Pisces as we complete our ‘natural year’, wind down, rest, reflect and gestate the seeds of our next creative journey once Sun enters Aries on March 21st. Eyes left for a more detailed explanation of the “12 Stages of a Year”.

And eyes up on Saturday night to enjoy the most beautiful & spiritual Full Moons of the year as Sun in Pisces reflects Moon in Virgo @ 8 degrees.
Pisces is the last of the 3 water signs and contains the highest level of the feeling realm as our capacity for flowing in ‘the stream of consciousness’ in a state of trust and faith that our Soul will guide us forward even if our ego/mind is foggy & unclear about what’s next!
Pisces rules our ‘higher or spiritual nature’ – our ephemeral intuitive essence that connects us to quantum or source consciousness so we can ‘download’ fresh inspiration & guidance.
Downside Pisces issues involve ‘victim consciousness’, confusion, deception & illusion so be make sure to fact check incoming info and don’t play the victim card yourself!

Action planet Mars enters Gemini on March 5th to add some more AIR to the story again! Busy Gemini rules information, communication, and networks so great for sharing & connecting and the media wars will amp up on this one.  In this ‘post truth era’ the challenge is to discern what’s real, what’s true, and what’s not. The Pisces connection asks us to use our intuition as we filter incoming data!

The Pisces New Moon on March 13th @ 23 degrees is extra magical as both Venus and Neptune join Sun & Moon to bring us a potent opportunity to release the power of loving compassion in our lives and via us out into the world. 
12 Stages of YearOne of the many awesome uses for Astrology is by using the ‘natural timing sequence’ of the 12 signs each year!

We initiate new projects on March 21st when our natural year begins with Aries

Then each month when the Sun moves to the next sign we sequentially develop our lives…and our projects

This empowers the correct use of our time and energy…we accept challenges to help things grow, and learn to  flow in due order…as follows:

  1. Aries – initiate new projects – be brave & confident
    2.   Taurus – add practical resources – deal with $
    3.   Gemini – networking & ideas to support growth
    4.  Cancer – anchor & nurture project & family
    5.  Leo – be creative have fun & enjoy kids
    6.  Virgo – organize & deal with details
    7.  Libra – time for Marketing & PR & alliances
    8.  Scorpio – empower with shared resources
    9.  Sagittarius – release projects & vision into world
    10. Capricorn – reap results & rewards
    11.  Aquarius  – ideas for next cycle
    12.  Pisces – release cycle and gestate for next

So as we are now in Pisces time we are completing our natural year until March 21st when we open the call to adventure as the Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural round.

  • Opposite to Virgo– “Inner” daily life practices to connect synergy of mind, body health
  • Own my “right to be kind to myself and others”
  • Release of current cycle keeping good seeds to take forward to next spiral…i.e. 12 month cycle
  • Quiet reflective time allows psyche to rest and create space for setting intention
  • Gestation of new ideas and intention – ideal time for holidays and down time

Pisces takes us into the void or ‘gap’ –  the ‘place between’ periods of activity so we need to give ourselves permission to ‘not know’ and be empty for a while…and not freak out about this OK?!! I have always said the whole world should have a holiday in Pisces time!

And watery Pisces brings us the best of our human nature as the capacity for kindness & compassion for the pain & suffering of the human condition as we struggle to evolve beyond fear & insecurity toward love. The great human process we take on when we incarnate in these mortal bodies!

So on Sunday March 21st as Sun enters Aries it is time for our next re-birth as we start our new natural year with courage and bravery.

This is a brief extract from my life changing ’12 System Toolkit’ Seminar Series where I also offer cool insight for our psychological health & healing and how to empower our lives during these evolving times!

May love & faith guide your lives in March my friends.

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