Jan 2017 Astro Highlights

Year of Rooster!

2017 is going to amazing! There is a fresh and audacious wind blowing away the cobwebs of the past taking us in new directions, so stay positive & clear that you CAN use these fabulous startling new ingredients to create the life you want. Here’s my YOUTUBE for quick overview for 2017 influences…

2017 Global Astrology Report & Horoscopes – scroll down to end of this post…
Despite the slow start to our year courtesy of lots of planets in Piscesville AND Mercury retro, things are about to hot up with:

  • Full Moon Capricorn/Cancer Thurs 12th
  • Mercury in Cap – now direct
  • Sun into Aquarius – Fri 20th
  • New Moon Aquarius – Sat 28th!
  • Year of the Rooster – Sat 28th!
  • Mars into Aries – Sat 28th!

Well it sure looks like things will take off with a rush after Jan 28th doesn’t it? With the Aquarian New Moon opening the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster PLUS the entrance of Mars into Aries we have action stations from Jan 28th! The NEW ONE YEAR that energizes 2017 is underpinned by the connection between Revolutionary Uranus and Progressive Jupiter triggering the unfolding liberation from the past toward a peaceful co-operative future!

The Jupiter in Libra/Uranus in Aries opposition – not since 1934 have these guys opposed each other in Libra/Aries so yep this is very significant. Jupiter made his first opposition to Uranus on December 23rd 2016; the next in late Feb/early March; and for the last time in late Sept 17. Big changes in personal & political alliances and partnerships from this one, as well as the sudden urge to expand and break free into new territory. Together they bring us the “heroic explorer” archetype to morph us into new dimensions of social and techno evolution.

The Jupiter/Uranus opposition has great connection with Saturn in Sagittarius offering supportive structures & practical strategies to underpin the big changes on the way, along with the ‘dissemination’ or spread of the new era ideas, innovations & technologies. This also takes the ‘people power’ movement into greater expression internationally. LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…

So this big Full Moon on Thursday 12th sits smack bang on the Jupiter/ Saturn/ Uranus team… as Sun in Cap opposite Moon in Cancer is @ 22 degrees… and so are these revolutionary dudes! The very nature Full Moons are always emotionally charged and never more so than when the Moon is in Cancer (once a year). And as transformer Pluto is in Cap with the Sun we can expect some pretty highly charged feelings due for release on this one. It is definitely a precursor for the deeper implications of the incoming Trump presidency at both social & business levels as Cap rules corporate/govt systems. Stock markets have been riding high since his win on the expectation that he will miraculously re-invent & reinvigorate business, so as they say “we shall see” if this FMoon either bursts the bubble…or offers some weird & wonderful new ingredients in the reality show of 2017!

Personally we need to check in with how we feel about change, because it’s there for us all in some form over the next 10 months. So take a few minutes to stop and close your eyes and say… “I am SAFE – it is safe for me to set amazing new goals that expand & re-invent my life – it’s safe to let go of the past & welcome this exciting new phase of my life”. OK do this every day right through to Saturday February 28th when the… New Moon @ 8 degrees Aquarius opens the Year of the Fire Rooster AND Mars enters Aries…his sign. This coincides with our fresh ONE year in the numerology cycle from ONE to NINE…

A Rooster year is often marked by brilliant success for those who have patiently worked to build a business project, whilst others may wish to change their professional environment. Either way we must manage the stress of this highly creative phase with a commitment to activate and organize our goals.  I love the way the zodiac systems from different cultures reflect the features of each other, as this synchs perfectly with the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn energies doesn’t it? The Aquarian New Moon opens this 11th phase in our Natural Year when we naturally gravitate toward the future and connect with the urge for change and re-invention…the themes of Aquarius.

The NMoon is ruled by both Saturn in Sag & Uranus in Aries – So our urge to re-invent and dare to risk the new is creatively linked with fresh knowledge and new horizons and people. Aquarius ignites new sparks…Saturn says keep it real and stay grounded.

To create the freedom of Aquarius we have to ‘liberate’ people, things, attitudes, ideas, world views and what we used to believe kept us safe. We have to become ‘objective’, which does not mean detached or distant so we can cut off or out…or other nasty hurtful actions. It means stepping up to a very cool place where we ‘observe’ the world and don’t emotionally blow up or out…so we can make conscious choices and decisions. This after all is the whole point of the ‘shift’ from unconscious to conscious…or ‘Unity Consciousness’ where we are ‘free to unite our rational left brain with our intuitive right brain.

So the question becomes do you really trust yourself to be free? Who will you be? Who and what do you need to release? Are you willing to expand your reality with new ideas and technology so you may move forward? Your mantra is “I am now free to be me”. Once we jump on the change machine we invite and attract all kinds of splendid new unexpected developments.

Mercury finally completes his run through Capricorn after his retrograde time from Dec 19th until January 8th. I see this as a great ingredient in the midst of so much other fire and air action, as it anchors our thoughts & words into reality and helps us keep things steady in otherwise turbulent and unchartered territory.

Mars continues through Pisces until Jan 28th when he enters Aries and Venus spends the month in Pisces Water water everywhere as beautiful Venus now joins  Mars Neptune Chiron & South Node in Pisces! Whoosh! SO if you’re wondering why it’s been a slow start to the year this is why, as despite the big Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn energies doing their thing to awaken our world changing 2017, this Pisces gang offer us gestative dreaming time before action kicks in later in January.

You may feel a bit like the Pisces fishies swimming in opposite directions as the pull to the future requires you first complete the past! Tune into your feelings and go with the flow in full trust that your dear Soul has everything in perfect order, and the dreams you hold will begin to form when the time and energies are ready. So don’t push now and tune in to your intuition! Enjoy the PEACE & be aware that all sorts of mis-truths are flying so don’t buy into reacting. T

his all changes big time when first Mars charges into Aries on Feb 28th followed by Venus on Feb 3rd. Aries is the sign of birth and new beginnings, the sign of the pioneer adventurer, entrepreneur and those who “bravely go where no wo/man have been before”! Be aware that Mars is Aries brings the urge for impulsive action & can be a tad selfish, so yes you’ll be impatient to get on with things & not very good at suffering fools gladly!! Thus the obvious caution is to look before you leap but don’t be frightened to leap!!

These are fab energies to initialize new bizz projects or take action in any area you’ve been preparing for but have been feeling that the time hasn’t been quite right…up until now! And with Jupiter in Libra such a prominent underpinning force it’s essential to enlist support & co-operation with the people & resources you need to grow.

Things hot up another notch in late Feb when Mars in Aries connects with Uranus & Jupiter. We’ll look at this in more detail in my Feb newsletter. SO stay chilled over the next few weeks as you use your visualization tools and clear intention to build your energies for the fab new beginnings from Feb 28th my friends. Love to us all in these very exciting tricky times!! Maggie