Astro Guidance for Nov 2019 – Mercury Goes Retro in Scorpio & Eclipses the Sun!

Scorpio eagleWe are in for a pretty full on Scorpio season folks with the New Moon on Oct 28th – then Mercury begins his retro phase with a major highlight on Nov 11th when he ‘eclipses’ the Sun!

New Moon @ 4 Scorpio exactly opposed by Uranus in Taurus will bring surprises and unexpected developments with a keynote of FREEDOM from old beliefs we hold about prosperity V scarcity. Uranus ‘the awakener’ can trigger seismic shifts both on the earth i.e. quakes and financial markets plus our higher mind!. Upside let’s go for fab new techno advances to heal & protect mother earth!

Mercury retrograde Oct 31st @ 27 Scorpio until Nov 20th – but doesn’t come out of his ‘shadow zone’ until Dec 8th. The usual cautions with ‘the trickster’ in backwards mode apply! Backup data – stay adaptable as plans change or info goes haywire – don’t sign contracts. Great for research and deep transformational conversations & musings with your unconscious mind!

BTW Brexit was always a no go with Merc retro on the day lol. It was also retro last time plus on the day of the vote!! When will they finally check in with Astrology before they make plans haha!

Mercury Eclipse to the Sun in Nov 11th @ 19 degrees Scorpio. Haven’t had one of these since Nov 2006! Historically this Eclipse cycle involves money & resources i.e.Taurus/Scorpio the only signs in which Mercury Eclipses occur & only when Mercury is retrograde.

Here’s my Mercury Eclipse Article

Mars continues his run through Libra squaring Saturn on the New Moon. Downside brings low energy & heavy vibes so don’t buy into the fear machine or depression! Upside is great for directing energy strategically & getting stuff done! Mars then squares Pluto on Nov 5th auguring power struggles & ruthlessness so NOT a day for confrontations folks! Upside brings a powerful creative burst that can transform your world!

Full Moon @ 19 deg Scorp/Taurus on Nov 12th – the day after the Mercury Eclipse! Here’s to some major revelations of info certain people would rather stay buried plus money matters coming to a head. On the other hand, expect a flurry of ‘secret meetings’ & deals.

Venus into Sagittarius on Nov 2nd lightens the intense November load with her bright optimism and positivity joining Jupiter in the sky on Nov 25th as Sun also heads into Sag. Don’t miss this gorgeous celestial event…look up people and be inspired.

Mars heads into Scorpio on Nov 20th for the rest of the year so do your best to keep transforming into your power and stay positive in these intense shifting times my friends.

Coming into our power with the deep regenerative forces of Scorpio…

It is oh so easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily news of endless strife as we witness the breakdown of our society, and feel powerless to do anything as an individual in the face of relentless control and stupidity by the majority of our business and political ‘leaders’!

This is where our personal relationship with the Scorpionic death/rebirth process comes into the unfolding story of our times. We have been conditioned by our system to believe we are powerless, but we are not!!

Scorpio is the power to seed the life we wish to create from deep within us. We’ve been studying to be ‘metaphysicians’ for a while now folks, so we’re meant to have ‘got it’ that our energy creates and magnetizes our outcomes…right?

Once we know that it is only our Ego/Mind keeping us in our fears and confusions, and that our Soul knows the way we open the magical flow known as the ‘stream of consciousness’ and step into our flow. Fabulous!!

Scorpio is the invisible source essence in our nature containing regenerative power, and the secret lies in knowing that we are ‘magnetic’. So, ask yourself what do you want/need to magnetize for the next stage of your life? And what or who do you need to release?

And to get to our safe power we can also use the Scorpio process to just let go…of old shitty feelings…of the belief that we have to control…old defenses we use to protect our true feelings…the belief that softness and vulnerability isn’t safe! Yep it’s re-birth time!

Scorpio is the feature within our humanity that creates deep bonds through intimacy and trust to invite safe support from others. Once we feel ‘safe’ we no longer need to control others and we can release the lower nature features of Scorpio like jealousy and revenge and manipulation…all the bad press items!

As long as there are still people willing to stand in their power for justice & truth, there is still reason to hope that our beautiful world and all of us will emerge through our collective ‘dark night of the Soul’ into the Aquarian Age just around the corner!

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