Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio May 10th + Planets on the move at last!

Taurus Full MoonGreetings friends as we get set for some action at last after recent glacially slow moving times!

Yes Mercury plus Venus retro has been training in patience & preparation but great for holidays…lol

They are both direct now & picking up speed but it’s still wise & cool to wait until after May 21st for major launches & action.

Indeed late May brings exciting connections between Venus + Mars + Saturn  + Uranus! Outcome? Haha sorry you’ll have to scroll down…

And yes it’s Buddha’s birthday on this powerful transforming Full Moon…

Wednesday’s Full Moon @ 20 degrees Taurus/Scorpio brings us an interesting & ambiguous mix of influences, as deep & intense Scorp power themes collide with highly active mental & social goodies! Sounds like a fab night to hang out with stimulating friends & throw around progressive ideas, light a candle & write your ‘invocation’ for what you want to empower in your life from here. And while you’re at it say a prayer for healing & transformation for us all with a big focus on care for our natural world…

The exciting feature here is Mercury & Uranus together in Aries, a combo famous for radical words & ideas. They’ve been coming & going off this connection since late March so now we get the final impulse to be brave enough to act upon our urge for change & re-invention. Downside here can be feeling easily irritated so pick your battles & avoid power plays, as with Pluto holding court on proceedings it’s all about power & control. No doubt we’re also in for another barrage of impulsive words & actions from our esteemed leaders as they continue to distract us from the real issues that are fragmenting our society in so many ways! As Scorpio is all about ‘secrets’ & behind the scenes power systems, I’m also wondering if we’re in for some more whistleblowing with consequences the elite mob can no longer deny? Hope so!

On a positive note Saturn in Sag in positive connection offers supportive structures to underpin the big changes on the way, along with the ‘dissemination’ or spread of the new era innovations & technologies…and this means yours!  This also takes the ‘people power’ movement into greater expression internationally. 2017 is the YEAR OF AWAKENING my friends so jump on board any opportunity you have to speak the TRUTH so we can get past the propaganda & lies they continue to feed us. I’ll have more to say on this in my June Gemini letter.

As we are now in Taurus time which is all about values & wealth this doco is fascinating tracing the story of the rise of the ‘trickle-down economics’ from the Reagan/Thatcher years in the early 1980s to our current point of seriously iniquitous wealth/poverty. Current economists now get that this system DOES NOT work (except for the 1%) and has so badly eroded middle class wealth that capitalism is at risk of destroying itself. And then there’s this classic Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

OK now it’s time to talk about the sacred festival known as Wesak  or Vesak & informally called “Buddha’s Birthday” commemorating the birth, enlightenment (Buddhahood), and death of Gautama Buddha who is universally acclaimed as one of the greatest benefactors of Humanity.

As Taurus is all about the VALUES that underpin our actions I hope his ‘teachings’ may inspire your intention as you bask under the loving rays of this Full Moon – which BTW will be extra beautiful with Jupiter bright & clear.

Enlightenment, Ascension & all that stuff… Enlightenment in Buddhism is associated with the perfection of insight into the Four Noble Truths to bring about the cessation of suffering, stress & dissatisfaction. So here’s the formula my friends & off you go!!

The 1st  is translated as “Life is suffering“  or  “incapable of satisfying”

The 2nd teaches that the cause of suffering is craving. We search for something outside ourselves to make us happy. But no matter how successful we are, we never remain satisfied. We grab one thing after another seeking security about ourselves. We attach not only to physical things, but also to ideas and opinions about ourselves and the world around us. Then we grow frustrated when the world doesn’t behave the way we think it should and our lives don’t conform to our expectations.

The 3rd – Buddha taught that through diligent practice, we can put an end to craving. Ending the hamster-wheel chase after satisfaction is enlightenment (bodhi, “awakened”).

The 4th is the treatment plan – the Eight-fold Path.

Right View is also sometimes called Right Understanding.

Right Intention is sometimes translated as Right Aspiration or Right Thought.

Right Speech is communicating in ways that promote harmony and understanding.

Right Action is action that springs from compassion without selfish attachment.

Right Livelihood is earning a living in a way that does not compromise the Precepts or harm anyone.

Right Effort or Right Diligence is the practice of developing wholesome qualities

Right Mindfulness is a whole body-and-mind awareness of the present moment.

Right Concentration requires meditation to focus the mind & clear.

These goodies come from my “Adventures in Consciousness Life Coaching” Program. Over the next few months I’m about to release my Membership site so you can access my “12 System Alignment” e-program, followed by my “Complete e-Astrology Course”. And then the Adventures Program! Yay I am finally doing it my friends as I also join the e-revolution to spread my work far and wide. Please stay tuned for your inbox on this PLUS my invitation for you to join me in the USA in September.

Mars continues his run through Gemini during May and by late month he dances with Venus & Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sag. Quite the busy combo here that can offer completion & release of projects you’ve been slowing developing over the past 6 months. The trick is to stay clear & objective & patient as these guys can also bring the urge to spit the dummy with authority figures & limiting ‘others’, and with Uranus involved there can be exciting & unexpected ingredients that spin you forward into brand new territory.

The New Moon @ 4 degrees Gemini on May 26th opens Stage 3 of the Natural Year. We’ve had a precursor to the busy Gemini communications & networking energies from Mars in Gem over recent weeks so as we head into June it’s time to upgrade our IT solutions, expand our networks and get out and about physically and mentally…more on this in next letter.

Stay positive my friends – keep dreaming & believing that these current crazy challenging times are part of the ‘healing crisis’ that is leading us toward  revolution between the old values that run our world and a healthy sustainable future. It’s up to us to make a difference so this can happen. Blessings & love to all Maggie

LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

After a nice few months off to rest & restore I’m all set to teach some Astrology!! Saturday 10th June “The Wonders & Workings of Eclipses” Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are common phenomena within the Cosmic features that regulate natural growth cycles in our world.  So why is it that these visual events more than any other have always held fascination and fear since ancient times?  We will focus on their 19 year cycles in your life, & particularly on the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse in Leo as it hits Mr Trump’s chart and it’s path passes over the USA for the first time since 1642!!

Saturday 8th July The Solar Return or Annual Birthday Chart …is the return of the Sun to its own place marking the start of a new cycle to supply the horoscope with a fresh charge of energy. It provides an ‘overview’ of the themes in play for the year ahead, and yes there is also a cycle to our Solar Returns over 8 year periods! I will provide 8 Return Charts for you once you’ve booked and given me your birth details. Yet another fascinating area to support our conscious activity year by year.

Mail me if you’d like to book in Venus is in Carrara on the Gold Coast $80 from 10am to 4.30pm All Welcome!!

Jan 2017 Astro Highlights

Year of Rooster!

2017 is going to amazing! There is a fresh and audacious wind blowing away the cobwebs of the past taking us in new directions, so stay positive & clear that you CAN use these fabulous startling new ingredients to create the life you want. Here’s my YOUTUBE for quick overview for 2017 influences…

2017 Global Astrology Report & Horoscopes – scroll down to end of this post…
Despite the slow start to our year courtesy of lots of planets in Piscesville AND Mercury retro, things are about to hot up with:

  • Full Moon Capricorn/Cancer Thurs 12th
  • Mercury in Cap – now direct
  • Sun into Aquarius – Fri 20th
  • New Moon Aquarius – Sat 28th!
  • Year of the Rooster – Sat 28th!
  • Mars into Aries – Sat 28th!

Well it sure looks like things will take off with a rush after Jan 28th doesn’t it? With the Aquarian New Moon opening the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster PLUS the entrance of Mars into Aries we have action stations from Jan 28th! The NEW ONE YEAR that energizes 2017 is underpinned by the connection between Revolutionary Uranus and Progressive Jupiter triggering the unfolding liberation from the past toward a peaceful co-operative future!

The Jupiter in Libra/Uranus in Aries opposition – not since 1934 have these guys opposed each other in Libra/Aries so yep this is very significant. Jupiter made his first opposition to Uranus on December 23rd 2016; the next in late Feb/early March; and for the last time in late Sept 17. Big changes in personal & political alliances and partnerships from this one, as well as the sudden urge to expand and break free into new territory. Together they bring us the “heroic explorer” archetype to morph us into new dimensions of social and techno evolution.

The Jupiter/Uranus opposition has great connection with Saturn in Sagittarius offering supportive structures & practical strategies to underpin the big changes on the way, along with the ‘dissemination’ or spread of the new era ideas, innovations & technologies. This also takes the ‘people power’ movement into greater expression internationally. LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…

So this big Full Moon on Thursday 12th sits smack bang on the Jupiter/ Saturn/ Uranus team… as Sun in Cap opposite Moon in Cancer is @ 22 degrees… and so are these revolutionary dudes! The very nature Full Moons are always emotionally charged and never more so than when the Moon is in Cancer (once a year). And as transformer Pluto is in Cap with the Sun we can expect some pretty highly charged feelings due for release on this one. It is definitely a precursor for the deeper implications of the incoming Trump presidency at both social & business levels as Cap rules corporate/govt systems. Stock markets have been riding high since his win on the expectation that he will miraculously re-invent & reinvigorate business, so as they say “we shall see” if this FMoon either bursts the bubble…or offers some weird & wonderful new ingredients in the reality show of 2017!

Personally we need to check in with how we feel about change, because it’s there for us all in some form over the next 10 months. So take a few minutes to stop and close your eyes and say… “I am SAFE – it is safe for me to set amazing new goals that expand & re-invent my life – it’s safe to let go of the past & welcome this exciting new phase of my life”. OK do this every day right through to Saturday February 28th when the… New Moon @ 8 degrees Aquarius opens the Year of the Fire Rooster AND Mars enters Aries…his sign. This coincides with our fresh ONE year in the numerology cycle from ONE to NINE…

A Rooster year is often marked by brilliant success for those who have patiently worked to build a business project, whilst others may wish to change their professional environment. Either way we must manage the stress of this highly creative phase with a commitment to activate and organize our goals.  I love the way the zodiac systems from different cultures reflect the features of each other, as this synchs perfectly with the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn energies doesn’t it? The Aquarian New Moon opens this 11th phase in our Natural Year when we naturally gravitate toward the future and connect with the urge for change and re-invention…the themes of Aquarius.

The NMoon is ruled by both Saturn in Sag & Uranus in Aries – So our urge to re-invent and dare to risk the new is creatively linked with fresh knowledge and new horizons and people. Aquarius ignites new sparks…Saturn says keep it real and stay grounded.

To create the freedom of Aquarius we have to ‘liberate’ people, things, attitudes, ideas, world views and what we used to believe kept us safe. We have to become ‘objective’, which does not mean detached or distant so we can cut off or out…or other nasty hurtful actions. It means stepping up to a very cool place where we ‘observe’ the world and don’t emotionally blow up or out…so we can make conscious choices and decisions. This after all is the whole point of the ‘shift’ from unconscious to conscious…or ‘Unity Consciousness’ where we are ‘free to unite our rational left brain with our intuitive right brain.

So the question becomes do you really trust yourself to be free? Who will you be? Who and what do you need to release? Are you willing to expand your reality with new ideas and technology so you may move forward? Your mantra is “I am now free to be me”. Once we jump on the change machine we invite and attract all kinds of splendid new unexpected developments.

Mercury finally completes his run through Capricorn after his retrograde time from Dec 19th until January 8th. I see this as a great ingredient in the midst of so much other fire and air action, as it anchors our thoughts & words into reality and helps us keep things steady in otherwise turbulent and unchartered territory.

Mars continues through Pisces until Jan 28th when he enters Aries and Venus spends the month in Pisces Water water everywhere as beautiful Venus now joins  Mars Neptune Chiron & South Node in Pisces! Whoosh! SO if you’re wondering why it’s been a slow start to the year this is why, as despite the big Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn energies doing their thing to awaken our world changing 2017, this Pisces gang offer us gestative dreaming time before action kicks in later in January.

You may feel a bit like the Pisces fishies swimming in opposite directions as the pull to the future requires you first complete the past! Tune into your feelings and go with the flow in full trust that your dear Soul has everything in perfect order, and the dreams you hold will begin to form when the time and energies are ready. So don’t push now and tune in to your intuition! Enjoy the PEACE & be aware that all sorts of mis-truths are flying so don’t buy into reacting. T

his all changes big time when first Mars charges into Aries on Feb 28th followed by Venus on Feb 3rd. Aries is the sign of birth and new beginnings, the sign of the pioneer adventurer, entrepreneur and those who “bravely go where no wo/man have been before”! Be aware that Mars is Aries brings the urge for impulsive action & can be a tad selfish, so yes you’ll be impatient to get on with things & not very good at suffering fools gladly!! Thus the obvious caution is to look before you leap but don’t be frightened to leap!!

These are fab energies to initialize new bizz projects or take action in any area you’ve been preparing for but have been feeling that the time hasn’t been quite right…up until now! And with Jupiter in Libra such a prominent underpinning force it’s essential to enlist support & co-operation with the people & resources you need to grow.

Things hot up another notch in late Feb when Mars in Aries connects with Uranus & Jupiter. We’ll look at this in more detail in my Feb newsletter. SO stay chilled over the next few weeks as you use your visualization tools and clear intention to build your energies for the fab new beginnings from Feb 28th my friends. Love to us all in these very exciting tricky times!! Maggie

2016 Horoscopes

Free Horoscope

2016 Horoscopes Maggie Kerr  61 755 945959 www.universalastrology.com.au  www.facebook.com/UniversalAstrology  Follow on twitter @universalmaggie          These insights are for the Sun signs so make sure you also read your Moon and Ascendant signs . If you don’t know these connect with me to organize a session! Cheers

aries-2016Another big year on the way for you guys and gals as revolutionary Uranus continues his passage through your sign in his relentless process of change and re-invention. Even now as you look back at your life since 2011 it’s clear that you ain’t the same Ram you used to be and hopefully you’ve healed old immature impulsiveness and tendencies to ‘it’s all about me’ as the big shifts for you through these years require you to learn co-operation with others! If you’re born between April 10th & 14th it’s now your turn for some pretty major new developments that will potentially spin your life in new directions and in some cases free you up from old home based situations/people/careers…in some cases whether you like it or not. You’ll be attracting clever & inventive people & ideas to feed and stimulate your evolution… indeed the wackier & more original the better as it’s all about the clever new inventions & ingredients that are creating the future over these dynamic years.

You kids are the pioneers of the Zodiac your job is to ‘start up’ the engines of change as the entrepreneurs who are brave enough to take risks and go for it as you love and need a challenge. Just make sure any new person or idea is true to values that offer results to improve our world…not just feather your own nest. Therein lays your major life lesson my friends. The big news for you over 2016 and into 2017 comes in the form of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius triggering your ‘zone of higher learning & international affairs’.

This natural fire link amps up proceedings big time, but as Saturn is known as the taskmaster who helps us build and construct our lives the message is you must also be prepared to do some work and be a pretty responsible Ram. This ingredient also asks you to review and maybe make some changes to your core beliefs if they are too rigid or don’t allow for acceptance and allowing of other peoples view of the world. You must set an example as a conscious pioneer of the shift from the belief in war & conflict being normal…I mean really how bizarre is that…to the reality of a peaceful sustainable world! Saturn in Sag may also offer a study or teaching phase and a general call to seek and open new territory both mentally and physically.  Mustn’t leave out Mars as he’s your ruling dude and he’s also hanging out in Sagittarius for many months between April & October. So all that travel and horizon expanding stuff previously mentioned is major during these months, with a wildcard change in mid-September. Expect the unexpected.

OK so let’s talk about Jupiter and his expansive opportunities during 2016. He’s in Virgo until September doing his once in 12-year visit to teach you how to manage and plan and organize all sorts of things, and growing your daily work systems. This is great for your fire nature as it helps brings patience and attending to details. If you don’t bother then your loss kids as nothing happens without a plan! This is also great for dealing with your health by initiating smart diet & nutrition.  Jupiter then kicks into Libra from Mid-September opening your relationship sector. This is a fab phase bringing cool new partners into play to expand your life, and also a once in 12-year promotions and PR push.

taurus-2016You’ve been enjoying some pretty positive expanding energy from Jupiter since September 2015. He’s the boy with the once in 12-year cycle who opens new dimensions of our potential and he’s been playing in your ‘creativity sector’ bringing very useful and practical options into play. And I do mean ‘play’ as this sector is meant to trigger enjoyment and fun. So you’re meant to be kind of having fun doing practical creativity! Children come into the picture here so make sure to enjoy the journey with them as you encourage their creativity also.

You are the builders and preservers of the Zodiac system with tremendous power at your disposal to be agents of change toward healthy green places and the food we eat so go for it, as 2016 will be a pivotal year when nasty selfish greedy interests must be replaced with healthy sustainable practices. If you work in investment and banking sectors your job is to become part of the new money systems that are arising as positive alternate scenarios, to replace the old broken global banking nonsense that controls and enslaves people. So educate yourself to empower yourself so you don’t get left behind in the chaos of the past! A very positive year ahead for you dear bulls if you step up into ‘sustainable consciousness’.

From mid-September Jupiter heads into Libra and your daily work sector, so you can begin to bring the creative stuff you’ve been developing into application…and make some dollars and/or grow your career. Excellent! Libra also means you need others to help things grow so make sure they are in their own power and not feeding off yours! This zone also brings health matters forward for positive shifts into healthy habits and diet, and it will be totally useful to learn how your unconscious psychological patterns affect & create your physical health. You bull people tend to hold onto old ‘stuff’…you know grudges & rigid positions and all that stuff, and this can make you sick! So a great phase for letting go and turning toward the future with clean energy and positive thoughts…got it?

Saturn now moves into your ‘shared resources’ sector for the next 2 years so it’s time to sort out and re-structure investments, and as 2016 will see the global banking & debt crises continue to deepen the message is to get out of the debt machine as much as possible. This is a renovation phase to dig up and clean out old ‘stuff’ both physically and psychologically, so make sure you re-program any old ‘poverty consciousness’ fears still lurking in your unconscious patterns! Your 2016 mantra is “I am safe, secure and prosperous!”

Your ruling planet is dear Venus in her role as creator of the values that drive your creativity and the Goddess of Prosperity. She begins the year in positive optimist Sagittarius so hang onto this as your year progresses! She’s in her most positive connection in early February, May, August and late November so mark your planner for forward motion and progress in these months.

gemini-2016Relationships of all kinds are on the front burner as you enter 2016 as Saturn comes calling for his once in 28 year visit to your opposite sign of Sagittarius. Yep this is a long cycle and Saturn is a pretty serious kind of dude who offers great gifts to us if we’re willing to step up into his maturing vibe and take responsibility for our lives. This is not necessarily such an easy thing for you busy kids as your light & breezy style would often rather leave it to others to deal with the boring bits and really apply yourself to long term plans and results…yes?

Ok so that needs to change this year so you can take advantage of some fab outcomes in your fields of learning & teaching & networking ideas and information. If you’ve been writing then this is the year to publish and with Sagittarius also ruling international activity you may need to travel to distant shores to realize goals. Saturn can also take you into authority positions so maybe it’s time to teach, and for some you may commit to a learning curve to enhance your skills.

It’s also about making some decisions about exactly who you need in your life to take forward from here. Just be aware that sometimes partners & others who appear to block or limit our lives are actually offering us a mirror or excuse for why we’re not getting on with being fabulous. The message here is don’t project your fears onto others and make them the problem, and then you may allow them to help and support you to your goals. Saturn can bring important alliances and long term partners, but if you’re in a seriously not good relationship then it can be goodbye and good luck time.

Another important mention here involves Saturn helping you release any old limiting patterns you may still carry that your ideas and opinions are not valued or that you are not ‘clever or smart enough’. Saturn forces us to face our fears and do the work to use our greatest fears as fuel so they can become our greatest assets. Learning to discipline and train your mind & mouth is a very cool process for you so you learn that that thoughts and words have power so you need to be very careful what you think and say!!  Your mantra is “I am now heard and understood”.

Jupiter is in Virgo until mid-September travelling through your home/family zone bringing growth and new family members, upgrades and moves in residence, especially in March April & May. This only happens once every 12 years so please make the most of this yummy opportunity to enjoy your family and increase your emotional, psychological and physical safety. The safe foundations you create now will bear fruit in 6 years-time when Jupiter travels to the top of your chart to bring career success and outcomes.  In Mid-September Jupiter heads into Libra and your 5th house of creativity and you’re going to love this as he’s in a fellow air sign stimulating fab growth on many levels. This brings your ‘inner child out to play’ and enhances PR and marketing as well as love affairs…yay!

cancer-2016Crab people are in a pretty hard working phase as the year opens and sure this can feel very ho hum on some levels as you’re peddling the bike hard to grow your life. Yes this is Saturn in your daily work and service sector for his once in 28-year visit so please be aware that all your efforts will be totally worthwhile, as you are setting up structures and systems that underpin your outcomes for many years to come. This is a 2 year process so he’ll be here until late 2017, but don’t buy into the belief that this has to be too hard and relentless, as you’ll see improvements as the year goes by that will lighten up your attitude and help you to flow rather than push…go it? This is also an important phase to do some major health reviews and enhance your life with organic food and exercise, and if you are a Crab with eating issues then your mantra is “It’s not safe to let myself be nourished on every level.

Meanwhile expansive Jupiter in Virgo is travelling through your ‘mind & mouth’ sector until mid-September, stimulating excellent new learning curves and enhancing your networks and team building features. This is a great time to enhance the building process of Saturn, as the planning & organizational gig of Virgo is now your best friend! Streamline your systems and attend to details, but go easy on doing the ‘be perfect get it right’ tendencies so you don’t drive yourself and everyone else nuts.

Jupiter enters Libra in mid-September and heads into your home and family sector opening a yummy year of expansion & growth for the things you value most…your tribe! Ultimately this sets up a new 12 year cycle so by building safe foundations both physically and emotionally you can trust that you will achieve major career outcomes in 6 years’ time! Home renovation or down or up scaling are typical here, along with kids flying the coop or welcoming new members to your tribe, so if family members need your support you will be happy to provide it under this influence.

If you’re born 13th-17th July it is now your turn to pass through the ‘zap zone’ of the revolutionary re-invention of Uranus & transformer Pluto. Now this ain’t the easiest of energies to manage as these big evolutionary boys require that we release old unconscious limiting emotional patterns, and in some cases people. This is a death/rebirth process that will transform your life so you can move ahead from here in your true power.  Lots of old stored feelings can pop up on this one so you can let go of them…this is an empty the old glass of toxic stuff so you can begin to fill the glass with nice fresh water. You folks are meant to be nurturing souls who use their feelings positively to tune into your world through sensitivity and intuition. This is the goal dear crabs…for all of you!

leo-2016The brave heart of Leo is in top form during 2016 as you are one of the signs who benefit enormously from the current Saturn in Sagittarius timings. Saturn is the guy who helps us build form around our creative projects and this is a whole lot easier to do when he is in a sign that resonates easily with your natural fire drives. That said he still demands that we make sure our goals are grounded in reality and not just pie in the sky fantasies. He’s now travelling through your  ‘creativity zone’, and as Sag involves writing, teaching, publishing and expanding your horizons he can bring huge growth if you’re willing to step beyond your comfort zone and face any old fears you have of daring to fly big!

Saturn in Sag brings us the major theme of 2016 being all about ‘beliefs’ and how these drive us personally and collectively, and Leo is all about leadership. As leaders are actually meant to be both a model for…and a motivator of others, so your job is to now embrace the wisdom of Sagittarius by telling the truth and giving up extreme positions by practicing moderation, tolerance and objectivity.

Meanwhile there’s some very positive shifts on offer from Jupiter, now travelling through your values sector for his once in 12-year visit to grow your prosperity and wealth. If you still hold any old beliefs that limit this then it’s time to hit delete on your old operating system on this one, and begin to really value yourself so you can magnetize a whole new phase of big time prosperity in your life. This also requires some practical stuff like financial planning and getting smart about money, which does not have to curb the natural generosity of Leo but rather help you curb the spendthrift tendencies…got it? Best timings for expanding your financial and work areas are March and late June when you should definitely say yes to opportunities.

From mid-September Jupiter moves into Libra and your ‘mind & mouth sector’ and this is great news as it supports the Saturn stuff already covered. This ushers in a very successful phase involving partnerships, PR and marketing your products and services.  This can also have you booking airplane tickets to places near and far to teach and share your material or simply to have some much needed fun in the midst of a year of high achievement!

virgo-2016Well you kids are in a terrific growth era courtesy of Jupiter in your sign since September 2015. He’s the guy who brings positive opportunities and expands our life every 12 years when he visits our sign. This brings the birth of a new era out in the world after a period of preparation…it’s like the baby just arrived out of the womb who is ready to live life to the full. A positive optimistic attitude is the only way to go now if you want to really get the best of this fab energy, as this will also attract people to you in a positive feedback loop.

Virgo is not a naturally courageous or confident sign as you are usually content with supporting others and staying behind the scenes, but the news is it is time to nurture your courage and confidence so you can step out and up to new levels of your potential. The times are changing my friends and you kids are the team who are the health and healing leaders, and yes it’s finally beginning to hit home into general awareness that food is the key to health and wellbeing. It’s also your job to bring the new ‘energy technologies into main stream practice as people finally begin to realize that we have the power to heal ourselves through correct alignment of our mind & body.

As Jupiter then heads into Libra and your ‘values & money’ sector from mid-September so you can reap the benefits of your expanding creativity over the next 9 months. This brings a great earning phase and can also require you to invest funds into your projects toward longer term goals. It also means you must let go of any old beliefs that you aren’t valuable or deserve prosperity…ok?

Ok the other major player for the year is Saturn in Sagittarius doing his once in 28 year cycle, which for you falls in your home/family sector. He will be here for 2 years and during this time you’ll be creating new foundations on all sorts of levels. Saturn highlights responsibility themes so this may have you having to go the extra yards to support family members, so if things get a bit heavy or tedious just remember ‘this to will pass grasshopper’ and be a steady force for your family group.

Re-structuring both your physical & emotional foundations is the key here, so there’s the obvious possibility of changes of residence, but more importantly this is your chance to build new safe inner foundations so you can build your life over the next 14 years! Part of the family re-structuring may also involve allowing others to take responsibility for their own lives when they need to…i.e. beyond the age of 24! And finally…it will help you enormously to re-program any old issues you may have that you don’t deserve support from others! So your mantra is “It is safe for me to now find the balance between support and being supported”.

libra-2016Think of your life now as a big learning curve where you are bringing all kinds of new knowledge & skills into your repertoire to grow your life into the future. As Saturn now travels through your ‘mind & mouth’ sector until late 2017 you have a marvelous opportunity to refine both of these strategic bits of who you are! You must learn some cool new tools for understanding how to use the power of your mind & mouth to create your reality. Start with giving up old negative self-talk and repetitive unhelpful thoughts & words …I mean it’s obvious that if we say the word ‘worry’ a lot we’re going to be anxious…right? Next comes using our mind to receive insights via our imagination and visualizing our goals every day, and only using positive words about ourselves and others. It’s easy really… it just takes daily ‘mindfulness’ for life changing outcomes.

You may also commit to new study in either a school setting or through self- learning. Be very patient with yourself if you feel a tad overwhelmed at times by any or all of this, and curb the urge to get too serious about everything or buy into believing that others may be sending you critical messages, as this is just be your own’ inner critic’ projecting her fears of being not good enough! Your local neighborhood also comes into focus during this period so welcome the opportunity to get involved in community activities where you can help make a difference.

Meanwhile Jupiter in Virgo is doing a run through the part of your chart traditionally called the ‘house of seclusion’. He only returns to any sector once every 12-years and his job is to open and expand this area for growth and development. This can be a lovely period where we are happy to explore our inner psychic and spiritual nature to enhance our relationship to ‘the divine’ or higher energies that inspire us. This is also a gestative phase so you can prepare for your new life re-birth after mid-September when Jupiter enters your sign for the first time in 12 years!  So until then be patient and gentle with yourself and others so the true spiritual gift of compassion can develop for you to take with you into the exciting phase on offer from late 2016 until late 2017!

If you are born between 14th-18th October it is now your turn to pass through the ‘zap zone’ of the revolutionary re-invention of Uranus & transformer Pluto. Now this ain’t the easiest of energies to manage as these big evolutionary boys require that we release old unconscious limiting emotional patterns, and in some cases people. This is a death/rebirth process that will transform your life so you can move ahead from here in your true power.  Lots of old stored feelings can pop up on this one so you can let go of them…this is an empty the old glass of toxic stuff so you can begin to fill the glass with nice fresh water.

scorpio-2016You kids are in a very positive social phase as 2016 opens courtesy of expansive Jupiter in Virgo travelling through your ‘groups & community sector’. It’s important to understand how Jupiter’s cycle operates as he spends a year in each area of our lives opening and expanding the territory, so last year he grew your career sector and now it’s time to open new connections into the community and society. You guys are ‘the transformers’ of the Zodiac whose job it is to regenerate and empower the world, so now it’s time to say yes to doing your thing to make a difference beyond your own personal goals and needs. Another feature of this timing is about tapping into new ideas and people who are inventive and progressive so you can stimulate your life’s possibilities into the future. By nature you are deep thinking kids who love to explore the hidden mysteries of life, so make the most of this phase of quantum leaps of discovery about new energy systems both internally and in the world, as this holds the key to the future from here.

From mid-September Jupiter heads into Libra and enters the part of your chart traditionally called the ‘house of seclusion’. This can be a lovely period where we are happy to explore our inner psychic and spiritual nature to enhance your relationship to ‘the divine’ or higher energies that feed & inspire you. This is also a gestative phase so you can prepare for your new life re-birth in late 2017 enters your sign for the first time in 12 years!

Meanwhile back to our old friend Saturn who is now in Sagittarius for the next few years, opening your ‘worth and value’ zone…so we need to talk about money! Traditionally Saturn here is considered a restrictive force purely in the sense that he makes us very pragmatic and brings reality checks as to how prosperous we believe we have the right to be. This process is meant to offer us a chance to re-fine and re-structure existing earning sources, clean up debt and live within our means. This is actually a general call for our whole global financial system which is tenuous to say the least. The other feature is pragmatic investment of resources toward the development of your goals so if you need to invest in equipment then do so. The caution is not to buy into risky speculative get rich quick schemes…because you won’t. So make like a clever eagle in the year ahead and you’ll be sitting pretty!

A quick mention of Mars who is one of your ruing planets so an important guy in your story. He is in Scorpio as 2016 begins which will tend to ‘ignite’ your passions and confidence…love it. He then heads into Sagittarius and your money and values sector in March which will fire up this stuff, then he turns retrograde and back into Scorpio through June & July…then back into Sag. for August and September. So most of this year is all about increasing your confidence and prosperity consciousness!

sagittarius-2016You guys had your first taste of Saturn in your sign briefly last year and now he’s here to stay for the next 2 years, so it’s time to really start applying yourself to your goals or for some of you getting clear about them. He’s only in any sign once every 28 years so this is an opportunity not to be missed! As you guys are the writers, journalists, teachers and philosophers of the Zodiac hopefully you have been laying foundations for this next phase in your life, where you are meant to step into your authority in your chosen field. We all know that knowledge is power and if you want to keep people under control then deprive them of a good education and limit their free media. This is what the old guard model will attempt to do in ever greater measure over the next few years, so Saturn says your job is to commit to your involvement in spreading healthy new ideas and information to enable the awakening and revolution of Uranus.

Sag. is also the sign of ‘belief’ thus religions and preaching fall into your domain. Saturn here will also amp up the holy war of our time as terrorism continues to be ‘sponsored’ by the powers that be, as a great excuse for the wars they love to have. You are now called to really walk your talk as a tolerant dude/gal who honors all races and creeds and practices what you preach, and under no circumstances are you to ram your beliefs down anybody’s throats. Saturn will help you learn to speak when appropriate and only if you know what you’re talking about, and to not promise more than you can deliver or do your pattern of ‘all or nothing’…i.e. extremes! If you have any fears and insecurities about your ‘right to be a visionary teacher’ then it’s time to re-program your old ‘hard drive’.

Ah must not forget to mention Sag. also rules athletes and sporty peeps and those who strive on the big stages of life so if this is you then Saturn can take you to lofty heights if you’re willing to do the work. Saturn in your sign offers you a major phase of evolution where you must grow up and stand up for what you really believe in. He urges us to accept responsibility and apply ourselves as never before to build our life and not blame anyone else for bits of us that aren’t functional. Your natural state is to wander the world in search of fabulous possibilities but not necessarily to apply yourself to anything for too long…not all of you but many of you! His gift will be your realization that you like ‘making it’ and realizing outcomes from your goals and ambitions, and that the very freedom you seek lies in your commitment.

Such a big life for you this year as your ruling planet is lucky prosperous Jupiter, who is now in Virgo and heading through your ‘career and worldly outcomes’ zone! This is your once in 12-year opportunity to make major advances and expand your horizons into bold new frontiers! Think back to 2004 and you’ll see this was a time of similar growth. It’s interesting that your career involves the Virgo theme of ‘service’ as this can seem an unusual association with free spirited adventurous Sag. So the question becomes how do you use your innate need to quest for meaning and truth to serve others via your world work? If you don’t yet know, then use this as the basis to grow your ‘lucky career’ phase, and if you already do then it’s time to get on with it!  In mid-September Jupiter enters Libra triggering splendid new opportunities to join with others in team and community building, and to invite cool new people and ideas to trigger your growth into the future!

capricorn-2016You have been under the influence of powerful transformer Pluto in your sign since 2008 and the global meltdown began, so this has been a difficult 6 years both personally and collectively and no doubt you’ve felt the tension of the times more than many. Someone wrote the word responsibility on your birth certificate when you signed up as a Cap. and this sure has its place in your natural tendencies BUT there comes a time when stepping away from ‘I’m responsible for every bloody thing/person’ must be replaced with ‘Let them sink or swim it’s not my business’. Which is not to say you don’t keep being the practical builder who you are, but it’s time to let go of ‘Life is hard and I have to be a rigid control freak’…ha!

Your ruling planet is dear old ‘Saturn the Lord of Karma and Time’ which makes sense of why you do take life/things rather seriously. He is now in Sagittarius for the next few years and this is a very interesting zone for you as it resides in your 12th House of inner psychic spaces and spiritual life. Thus your journey now involves coming off the boil from major worldly desired outcomes and entering into communion with your psyche and intuition. As a practical soul you may think this sounds a bit airy fairy but believe me it is not. Without a proper relationship with our intuitive guidance systems, meditative practices and mind management we are not a whole person.  So make like a guru and start reading up on ‘energy psychology’ so you can empower yourself through greater self-awareness and mindfulness. Learn how to master your mind and anxieties and generally become a calmer more useful person to yourself and others. This phase is also for receiving inspiration and gestating and preparation for the major life re-launch that comes in when Saturn enters your sign in 2018.

If you are born between 14th-18th January it is now your turn to pass through the ‘zap zone’ of the revolutionary re-invention of Uranus & transformer Pluto. Now this ain’t the easiest of energies to manage as these big evolutionary boys require that we release old unconscious limiting emotional patterns, and in some cases people. This is a death/rebirth process that will transform your life so you can move ahead from here in your true power.  Lots of old stored feelings can pop up on this one so you can let go of them…this is an empty the old glass of toxic stuff so you can begin to fill the glass with nice fresh water.

This ‘make like a guru’ feature mentioned previously is further highlighted as Jupiter in Virgo is now opening your ‘higher learning and knowledge’ sector to expand your perspective of life. This once in 12-year phase is a real life changer in so many ways as it opens you to literally expand your horizons via travel to learn or teach, write or publish. By practicing tolerance in the midst of these intolerant times you can be the strong center for others in these testing times.  In mid-September Jupiter opens your career zone for the best advances in 12 years! This can bring recognition and promotion and in some cases major re-orientation of your goals…job changes etc…but all good as whatever comes into play will be for your highest good.

aquarius-2016Our Zodiac’s ‘agents of revolution and change’…yes that’s you… can expect some truly excellent progress during 2016! If you had a $ for every time in your life you’ve been called strange and ‘a bit out there’ you’d be rich right? You’ve always marched to that beat of the different drum as you are the innovators who are instinctively different, anti-establishment and tap into the ‘great mind’ to bring in the new ideas that move society forward. Have you noticed that strange and different is now becoming the new norm?

Yes kids the world is in the midst of the greatest revolutionary phase in eons. Never have the opportunities been greater for your special brand of unique ideas and techno inventions. You are the ones who understand that we are part of a ‘Universal Interconnectedness’…or group consciousness…the essence of the new Aquarian Age to come. But finding your like-minded group and a sense of inclusiveness often eludes you personally as you are such an independent thinker and lone wolf. So it’s pretty significant that Saturn is now opening up this territory over this next 2 years so you can confront your fears and clear up your ‘rejection’ stuff!

It’s time to take responsibility for your role in society as a serious player in group dynamics by stepping into your power at a very practical level. Your energy can magnetize people to work together for the revolutionary changes currently unfolding. Just hang in there for this next couple of years and focalize your energy to teach and lead groups for the awakening into new levels of conscious energy manifestation! Your mantra is “I am free to be an individual and make y meaningful contribution in the world.”

So how does lucky Jupiter weave his expansion & growth with this over the coming year? As he moves through your 8th house he opens a period of very fortunate benefit from ‘other people’s resources’ hence great business & financial alliances to grow your outcomes over the next few years. Traditional astrology speaks of  ‘inheritances & legacies’ so sometimes money comes to you in this way, and generally this is a regenerative period as you have access to deeper understanding of your own psyche so much healing is available now.  Jupiter heads into Libra in mid-September opening a very exciting phase of adventure to far places to teach and share your revolutionary knowledge.  A year of major progress and restoration is on the way!

pisces-2016So what’s in store for our visionary dreamers in 2016? How about some of these dreams coming true people if you’re willing to practice a bit of good old fashioned commitment and a bit of hard work. Saturn heading through your career zone will certainly help you to achieve this as he is the Lord of structure & form who produces results. Saturn is the dude who brings the reality that we must strive and apply ourselves to our ambitions and goals to really achieve anything, and as he reaches ‘the top’ of the mountain (or the mid heaven of your chart) you are at a threshold between the past and the future. On the one hand you will reap what you have sown over the past 14 years so this is an achievement period, whilst it is also a ‘crisis of re-orientation’ as you must also start dreaming up your future.

If you’re a smart fish you will work hard to expand your options and re-organize and re-structure your career over the next two years. By the way he hasn’t been in Sag. since 1986/7/8 so if you were out and about back then hark back to your memories of how your career options changed then for clues. Fishy careers usually involve Sagittarian options woven in with your natural artistic and mystical tendencies. You are the kids who intuitively tap into the ‘zeitgeist’ to bring in the collective themes of the spirit of the times. This is why photography and the film and visual arts industries are the domain of Pisces. What messages do you have to share? It’s time to start doing the hard work necessary to bring them into the world.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces so he’s a very important energy for you as wherever he is travelling is especially potent for your growth at any time.  He’s now in Virgo opening a major 12 year cycle to improve all manner of partnerships in your life and he’s here until September 2016. You’ll be in ‘attractor’ mode magnetizing the people and alliances you need to grow your life from here so make sure your own magnetic field is clear and clean so you ‘attract’ the right ones! Traditionally this is an excellent phase for marriage and/or existing setups grow more positive, but sometimes there’s the need to expand your life by letting go of situations that have done their time as Jupiter can bring opportunity disguised as loss. Public Relations and promotion action is the other major feature here to sell your brand or promote your message, so don’t miss this opportunity, and it’s worth bringing in professional support if you don’t have these skills yourself.

Jupiter then ventures into a powerful phase from mid-September as he brings excellent growth to your financial affairs through alliances with people who will support your life purpose and emotional safety. Evolution here also requires you enhance your power by understanding the psychological patterns that run your life and changing any that are blocking your freedom to be the ‘shape shifter’ who enlightens the ideals that run our world.

Mercury RetrogradeA general note to us all re Mercury and his retrograde periods in 2016. Mercury retrogrades (apparently goes backward) three times each year. As this is the planet whose magnetisms affect all forms of communication these periods are when IT and gizmos don’t work properly and messages/mail gets lost…you get the idea. So don’t buy new appliances, be aware that travel plans may change, avoid signing contracts etc. as details are often incorrect. Mind you some folks don’t experience these problems because of their horoscope makeup, so check your chart with me to support planning your year on all levels…saves so much time and mess! 2016 Mercury retro periods are in EARTH signs highlighting opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate and re-organize the systems that run your life.

Capricorn             5th to 25th January – but not till 14th Feb for full steam ahead

Taurus                  28th April to 22nd May – but not till 8th June for full steam ahead

Virgo                     30th Aug to 22nd Sept – but not till 6th Oct for full steam ahead

IMG_1978I extend my warmest good wishes to you all for a happy festive season no matter what your ‘belief system’ as we know that we are all one in the community of humanity and ultimately we all laugh & cry and love our kids and want the world to be a peaceful place! Thanks a million to all my faithful friends who have been part of my own journey through my monthly newsletters. I would not bother keepin on keepin on if it wasn’t for your messages of thanks and support as I am just a little lady doing my small part to help awaken us to the marvelous opportunity for evolution currently unfolding. If you would like to make a contribution to my unpaid work behind the scenes here’s a paypal link You can donate here if you’d like



Game Changing December on the Way!

SagittariusSagittarius offers us one of life’s greatest lessons as the wisdom to give up EXTREME positions by practicing moderation, tolerance and objectivity. Unconsciously Sag brings us the polarization between the beliefs & ideals that drive our society with current terrorism events and the ‘we are at war’ reaction from the ‘victims’. We must stay positive, optimistic & wise over the coming month as we keep believing in our dreams and the power of the new consciousness beyond conflict & separation!! December is a ‘game changer’ both personally & collectively my friends. So face your fears, trust your higher guidance, stay open to exciting new opportunities, be accountable and off we go into a new 30 year cycle…yay!  Very exciting!!!!

A Quick Scorpio Re-cap… Well I for one am more than happy to see the backside of Scorpio with the deep and intense transformational process it brings to us whether we like it or not!! One of the outcomes from 7 days ‘under the ash cloud in Bali’ was my inability to access my e-tools to write the November newsletter – sorry about that but hey maybe I needed a break.  So I wonder why I took myself off to Bali for a little holiday with the volcanoes? After all Pluto ‘God of destruction’ not only rules Scorpio but also volcanoes, as these eruptive pimples on our planet are the release valves for all that stored up ‘collective’ molten force. Ah yes maybe I needed a bit of a ‘release’ myself after a challenging year including my beautiful pussycat going home to god just before I left for Bali. His passing ‘cracked me open’ into a very vulnerable place so I could access all the stored emotions I have been unconsciously burying, as I keep myself pretty centered most of the time in my role as astro-counselor-therapist. Death or betrayal are the common tools of Pluto to open us to our feelings!

Anyone relating to any of this over the last month? Hopefully my universal friends your November process has not been too dark, but whatever the ‘vehicle’ of your transformational process has been for you, it is now time to step back out of the underworld and into some fresh light in your life. The other theme of Scorpio is power or the lack of it, thus another little feature of my inability to just come home when I wanted was my feelings of powerlessness. Once again this resonates with global activity of recent weeks as extreme weather events and the mid-east, Paris & Mali terror attacks bring up this feeling globally. The question becomes how do we feel empowered in a world of economic and political chaos? The answer is simply to not buy into FEAR, practice the art of objective awareness of your thoughts & feelings, and let LOVE guide your actions.

December brings us… Sun joining Saturn in Sagittarius in a ‘hard’ aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Saturn square Neptune now becomes a central theme for 2016, and December brings us the first of 3 passes of this challenging dance between restrictive Saturn & idealistic Neptune. I’m working on an in-depth look at this for my 2016 article as this is a fascinating cycle that began in 1989 & completes in 2025…a total of 36 years.

Briefly this is the socio/economic cycle containing the ideologies & beliefs that drive our society. It is now at its ¾ point bringing maximum stress as the process of ‘converting ideals into practice’ or ‘preventing ideals from becoming reality’ is played out. As the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 a new era was born with the rise of a major new phase in capitalist globalization and the communist systems in Russia & China also morphed into new phases. The thing is that if the old ‘enemy’ of USSR was no longer a threat then the west needed a new enemy to keep the war machine rolling along, and our new era of terrorism was born. Anyway enough of all that for now.

In your daily life just stay loose when it comes to righteous ideas and positions over coming weeks and confusing messages or interactions. Don’t take things personally or be rigid…it’s not worth the effort and you may miss unexpected signals or developments that can serve you very well! It’s tricky to maneuver between conflicting ideas/ideals in these times so just don’t believe everything you hear and don’t buy into fear…as I have said. Saturn/Neptune asks us to soften any rigid plans & structures we have running in our agendas and to be very fluid and allowing of shifts and changes to how we thought things should be right now. At the same time we need to hold our dreams bright and clear and keep working to bring them into form. Neptune calls us to be compassionate to ourselves if we are running agendas that work us too hard or keep us stuck in an old rigid system…both personally and collectively. Personally I’m noticing increased intuition and amazing mystical moments as insights and literal messages from friends on the other side…loving it!

If you’ve been around for long enough to have history from 1989 look back and see who you were then and what were your goals as they may just be about to come to fruition! Personally this is when I began my work as an astrologer and I’ve worked hard (Saturn) to keep true to my goal to use my craft to uplift and awaken along the way. So I need to keep the faith (Neptune) that this goal will continue to bear fruit over this next year and that the consciousness movement to which I am so committed will break through into new levels of expression beyond the old paradigm of conflict and pain. So hang in there my friends – we are on the same page – each of us doing our thing to be part of this global shift into a world of loving tolerance. We have to keep believing this!

During December Sag calls us to continue to grow and expand into our positive potential. As this is the sign of international activity if you have options offshore this is the month to follow these up. This is the sign of writing, teaching and higher learning so use December to write up a storm and keep developing new areas either as a student or teacher. As we now have Saturn also resident in Sag for the next few years it’s time to start bringing the new paradigm teachings into the structures of our society so we may spread the word beyond the old world view of conflict and all that stuff. This is one of the positive goodies on offer from Saturn/Neptune. The downside? I can hardly bear to watch main stream media these days as I witness the superficial reporting  the media keeps running to keep people in such fear & immobilization. Saturn in Sag also highlights the conservative media systems that tow the party line and happily practice lies & deception to further the agendas of the ruling elite. The current unfolding events are the result of many decades of secretive business & government agendas that involve massive fraud of our individual civil liberties in so many ways. But we have yet to experience the revelation of TRUTH or ACCOUNTABILITY about those who have brought us to the brink of yet another global conflict. Let’s just hope Saturn/Neptune brings all sorts of skeletons out of some very secretive cupboards.

We have an annual event on the Gold Coast in Queensland called ‘Schoolies week’ when masses of school kids arrive here to celebrate their end of high school. So I see a reporter asking these ecstatic happy young kids jumping in the surf how they feel about the possibility of a terrorism event over the week of celebration. The young girl looks at him strangely and says why are you asking me this? Good question!!

The astrology of early December is highly charged with collective tension as this is the first time in 30 years the Sun has joined Saturn in Sagittarius. As I write this on Nov 25th it is a Full Moon with Sun in Sag opposite Moon in Gemini containing quick moving events that trigger international developments, and we have news of Turkey shooting down a Russian jet in Syrian airspace.  The war drums are becoming louder and the complex web of intrigue between east & west is now so confusing that it’s hard to know who to believe any more (Saturn/Neptune). As our world is brought further into Saturn ‘lock-down’ please send all your intention to inspire our leaders to keep cool heads and develop intelligent positive solutions for us all.

As I said in the intro this is also the opening of a whole new 30 year cycle, hence the tension of the birth process can feel like you’d rather stay in the womb a bit longer!! This is a threshold or gateway month so we must have the courage to let go of the past and step into new pathways…come out into the world baby it’s time to live!! Here is my full  Saturn in Sagittarius article if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet

Mars is in Libra right through December This brings relationships right back onto the front burner and offers us fab opportunity to send our energy (Mars) into healthy new partnerships that grow our lives BUT can also bring conflict if we’re still playing out old limiting situations. The key to this one is giving up projecting our frustrations onto others, and seeking healthy co-operative solutions that contain win win. This converts to the global stage as Mars triggers the long term Uranus/Pluto tensions of the past 5 years when he joins the fray between Dec 7th-12th. This is pretty serious stuff I’m sorry to say… falling as it does on the USA Saturn in Libra, so this could be more war drums. BUT ever the optimist I’m calling that this may bring us major ‘peace talks’ where some real shifts are activated toward positive solutions and change, as Mars in Libra is often a feature of peace deals and treaties, so here’s to this being the result of things coming to some kind of head.

This coincides with the New Moon @ 19 degrees Sagittarius on December 12th.  Uranus in Aries is in positive aspect to this New Moon so be aware that your own world may also head into some great new directions on this one…as long as you’re set for embracing change in your life. It may also bring all the current global shite into extreme positions.

Mercury planet of communication also enters Capricorn on this day… auguring serious words and meetings for the next 2 months as he will do his retrograde thing in Capricorn until mid-February. SO he will connect with both Uranus & Pluto several times over coming months as well. Great time for using our mind & mouth to get serious about setting up goals and ambitions into 2016.

Venus enters Scorpio on Dec 5th until month end – oh wow more Scorpio do we have to? Let’s look at this very positively as a sweet sensitizing force that can bring us much needed warmth, closeness and support in our relationships. But hey the downside needs to be mentioned… so possessiveness & control in partnerships may feature, reminding us we may need to let go of some more old insecurities if we are still not flying ‘faith & trust airlines’. This is also a great timing for entering positive new joint partnership agreements.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on December 22nd as we enter the 3/4 point in our annual year. Capricorn time is all about reaping what we have sewn since our natural year began on March 21st 2015. Thus it’s really important to keep working toward your 2016 goals into late Dec & Jan 2016 even if it officially a holiday. This is one of the negative outcomes from the bright sparks who decided that our new year begins on Jan 1st…when it is actually a major achievement period in the natural round. Yes we have been out of synch with all things natural for 400 years or so now…get it? Full

Moon in Capricorn/Cancer @ 4 degrees on Christmas Day  – Full Moons amplify feelings and whatever is happening really SO please let this new moon be a beautiful day when we commit our energy to sharing loving family time regardless of your family of origin, because as we know our family is not necessarily connected by blood! We live in a time of refugees and many who are lost and alone so maybe this is a great year to share your day to those who need love most. Onward and upwards people it’s a beautiful world full of beautiful people!! Love to all Maggie

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Here also is the link to my big Jupiter in Virgo Article & Horoscopes in case you missed as he is another major player over the next year 

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New Aquarian Super Moon Jan 20th/21st

The StarThis beautiful image ‘The Star’ from the Crowley tarot deck is totally appropriate for this new moon @ zero degrees Aquarius on Jan 20th/21st. “When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you! Scroll down for the lyrics to this Disney song to inspire you for the month ahead.

Here we see ‘The Water Carrier’ in the role as the conduit bringing ‘heaven down to earth’ as inspired ideas from our Soul and the fresh directions & doors these open. You have to believe in your power to make your dreams come true & your right to be a free individual who is not controlled by anything or anyone OK?

Aquarius is the sign of ‘humanity’…the collective group who share our planet. The ideals of Aquarius inspire the history of revolutions against those who seek to limit and control personal freedom and the rights of all people to share equality, fraternity and individual personal freedom. Over the next 100 years or so as we move between the passing Age of Pisces into the emerging Age of Aquarius we are challenged to finally create a planet where this may the case, and as we have seen recent years are loaded with the increasing pressure for this to begin to be the ‘modus operandi’ for us all.

This is the first of 2 new moons in Aquarius, which is unusual as the first must be @ zero degrees for the next to be @ 29 degrees. Could it be that our cosmic systems are offering us an extra reminder that it is time to re-invent ourselves and release the past? The next Aquarian New Moon on Feb 18th also ushers in the Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat…more on this next time or check my 2015 Year Ahead Report for details. 

The NMoon connects well with Saturn who has recently entered Sagittarius. So our urge to re-invent and dare to risk the new is creatively linked with fresh knowledge and new horizons and people. Aquarius ignites new sparks…Saturn says keep it real and stay grounded. Sag is the sign of ‘international’ interconnection and as I pointed out in my 2015 Report, Saggie territory involving ideals and the religions these inspire, hence the recent new sparks of terrorism in the west. And as I also pointed out the upside of this is the huge positive response from everyday folks that is uniting the global community as never before. This kind of scenario reminds me that the negative contains the positive…after all that’s the way Saggie extremes operate.

Another important feature here is Uranus…the planet that rules Aquarius…sits exactly with the Nodes…the karmic directions in the cosmic process that link the past with the future. So be on high alert for people popping in from the past who may hold keys to your new directions…and vice versa!

The other feature in the month ahead comes from dear little Mercury…planet of connections both mentally and physically. He turns retrograde on Jan 21st until Feb 12th also in the sign of Aquarius. Mercury retrogrades (apparently goes backward) three times each year. As this is the planet whose magnetisms affect all forms of communication, then these are the times when IT and gizmos don’t work properly and messages/mail gets lost…you get the idea. So don’t buy new appliances, be aware that travel plans may change, avoid signing contracts etc. as details are often incorrect. The upside is time to develop unique ideas and like minded networks during this period for forward motion after mid Feb.

To create the freedom of Aquarius we have to ‘liberate’ people, things, attitudes, ideas, world views and what we used to believe kept us safe. We have to become ‘objective’, which does not mean detached or distant so we can cut off or out…or other nasty hurtful actions. It means stepping up to a very cool place where we ‘observe’ the world and don’t emotionally blow up or out…so we can make conscious choices and decisions. This after all is the whole point of the ‘shift’ from unconscious to conscious…or ‘Unity Consciousness’ where we are ‘free to unite our rational left brain with our intuitive right brain.   So the question becomes do you really trust yourself to be free? Who will you be? Who and what do you need to release? Are you willing to expand your reality with new ideas and technology so you may move forward? Your mantra is “I am now free to be me”. Once we jump on the change machine we invite and attract all kinds of splendid new unexpected developments.

Sweet Venus joins activator Mars in late Feb until the next NMoon in inspirational Pisces adding a lovely softening agent to the mix…romance…the arts…compassion. Lovely! Just remember the purpose of life is to learn to love…hence the Piscean qualities of our humanity…compassion and empathy.

Huge thanks to the dear friends who sent me your $ gifts to support my work after my 2015 Report. Even better than the $ were the many warm messages/emails I received sending thanks for my ongoing commitment to spreading a little light (and sometimes some rather hard info) in these times of radical transformation! Isn’t it a marvelous time to be alive…even when things are so weird?! By the way I have had a very positive start to 2015…the intense Saturn in Scorpio energies have abated somewhat, and my own Saturn/Pluto transits have finally passed so I’m sure this has helped. Hope this is also the case for you my dear readers. The key to life from here is to learn to flow and give up resistance…to trust. I send love and blessings to you all. Live long and prosper!

New Moon Zero Aquarius

LA  20th Jan 5.12am  NY 20th 8.12am  London 20th 1.12pm Sydney 21st 0.12am

Now you can sing along…

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do.

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Suddenly, it comes to you
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

New Moon in Cancer June 27th

IsisDivine Mother Isis……is a perfect image for us over the next month as we nurture our lives with fresh foundations! Greetings dear friends and welcome to my monthly New Moon newsletter. My purpose is to simply offer you insights into what the planetary cycles in our lives have to offer us over the coming month…and help make some sense of these challenging exciting times we are living through.

You are welcome to book a session to enlighten & enliven your own individual journey just mail me  Scroll to end for details of my next Saturday session when we welcome Jupiter into Leo & connect with some fun and passion.

New Moon in Cancer Friday 27th June…
It’s Time To Use Our Feelings In a Whole New Way People!

Friday’s New Moon @ 5deg Cancer highlights home & family areas requiring completion or shifting into new territory.  Since Jupiter has been in Cancer since mid-2013 we have been sorting & sifting physical and emotional foundations so now it’s time to let go of people, situations & old fears that have done their karmic time! Here’s my Jupiter in Cancer article if you’d like deeper insights.

With change agent Uranus opposite activator Mars in the New Moon planetary mix there can be apparently ‘unexpected’ moves…which are not really so unexpected…you’ve just been putting them off. Remember not to project any confusion or anger at others, as the whole point of this past year has been to  become aware of old limiting feelings, clear & release them, dismantle our defenses, and give ourselves permission to trust our feelings in a whole new way.

Once we master this we can tap into the beautiful connection between Cancer’s ‘emotional safety’, and Neptune in Pisces ‘Intuition & compassion’ as we step into the Universal stream or flow of consciousness. This is great for ‘setting intention’ & building your ‘thought-forms’ of what you want to create next in your life! The key here is that our emotional safety is the foundation for our prosperous outcomes in the world! So direct your heart & mind to a brand new beginning. “I am safe and supported and trust my feelings” is your mantra!

Then hey viola you’re in the right place energetically to open your arms wide as Jupiter makes his arrival into Leo on July 16th…hoorah I say. Personally I’m totally ready for some fresh action, excitement, inspiration, fun, play, and generally getting on with other things apart from home/family duty & responsibilities…as much as I love them all…ha. Here is my Jupiter in Leo article I trust it inspires you.

Cancer rules our homeland – the place where we belong – where we are meant to be safe. The most important thing in life is our ‘family’ system including those not connected by blood. There are so many unsafe homelands around our poor damaged planet, so it’s up to each of us to continue to heal our own feelings & families so we can become a healthy ‘atom’ contributing to healing our whole system. Here is a beautiful u-tube of young Iranians and the price they pay for joy in their homeland

We Are Living Through a Revolutionary Phase in Human Evolution
During the 4 years between 2012 & 2016 the planets Uranus (84 year cycle) & Pluto (250 year cycle) are forming a challenging connection, creating a major shift within our collective world toward a more conscious relationship with each other & our attitude to the correct use of our planets resources. Old systems are breaking down as new healthy ideas & inventions are coming through to build a better world. This has been affectionately named ‘the zap zone’!

The Sun in Cancer triggers the ‘Zap Zone’ of Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer, & Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra over the first few weeks of July.  Thus we are challenged to take another big step toward becoming free thinking (Uranus) confident individuals (Mars) who are in our power (Pluto) and infused with purpose (Jupiter) to live the lives we dare to create and be part of global healing.
A Quick Overview of the Planet Positions in July
Mercury is the planet of connections & communication. He has been travelling retrograde (apparently moving backwards) since June7th so if you have been a tad frustrated at seeming delays, miscommunications and general IT glitches then welcome to the club! He begins to move forward in the sign of Gemini on July 2nd and returns to full speed…all systems go…by mid July. He then joins the Sun in Cancer on July 13th so your thoughts & words will be flavored by your feelings.

Venus is the relationship planet & governs our values and self worth. She is currently ‘The Morning Star’ rising in the east just before the Sun…at her most beautiful. She is in Gemini, which is fab for positive communication and sharing ideas…quite social and busy. She then enters Cancer on July 18th so will be happy to snooze around the couch and enjoy family time for the rest of the month.

Mars is our will to take action and he is in Libra until the end of the month. He has been in Libra since last December on his retrograde run, which explains why we have all been sorting out which partners & relationships we wish to take forward in our lives. This can be antagonistic if we believe we have to fight for the right for our own independence, but great if we feel comfortable with asserting ourselves whilst still maintaining situations that serve us.

Jupiter completes his passage through Cancer and moves into Leo on July 16th. Scroll up for articles on each of these placements.

A Few Links For Your Interest

With the strong water theme of the month here’s an inspiring story about one of the new technologies arriving to clean the plastic from our oceans. Ocean Plastic Pottle to Clean Shores

Here’s a great resource explaining the nature of energy & consciousness!

New Moon    LA 27th 1.10am | NY 27th 4.10am | London 27th 9.10am | Sydney 27th 6.10pm

Live long & prosper and may you all be inspired to evolve toward the new inclusive consciousness that recognizes that there is a Universal Law that governs our reality…We Are All One!
Blessings Maggie

Maggie’s  next Saturday Astro  Session

O Goodie Here Comes Jupiter in Leo!

After way too long being way too serious & emotionally deep it’s time to step out into the excitement and fresh inspiration of a good dose of Fire! So come and play with Maggie on Saturday July 19th to welcome our expansive friend & connect with our creative goodies!
Email me to book & join the fun

LA 27th 1.10am | NY 27th 4.10am | London 27th 9.10am | Sydney 27th 6.10pm

New Moon in Aquarius opens ‘The Year of The Horse’ Jan 30/31 2014

yearOfTheHorseSo kids are you ready for FREEDOM INVENTION LIBERATION & CHANGE?

If there is to be a day of celebration during 2014 it has to be Thursday/Friday as the fab new moon in Aquarius welcomes in the Year of The  Earth Horse.

This will be a year loaded with the fire to get things moving at a practical level, of action and adventure when we must strike out into new territory and dare to go for it. Horses and heroes go together of course, thus the nobility and courage of the horse is our animal totem for the year ahead. The call to our individual heroic process began in 2011 when Uranus entered Aries, triggering the massive shifts and revolutions in our lives and world since. 2014 brings us breakdowns, breakups, breakthroughs and breath taking shifts that have been building during 2012/3, especially during April when heaps of planets trigger the ‘zap zone’ of the Uranus/Pluto lineup…more of this next month. In July Jupiter (whose animal is the horse) moves into dynamic Leo for the first time since 2002, releasing lots of pressure from the ‘zap zone’ and opening fresh optimism and some fun back into life and love.

To create the freedom of Aquarius we have to ‘liberate’ people, things, attitudes, ideas, world views and what we used to believe kept us safe. We have to become ‘objective’, which does not mean detached or distant so we can cut off or out…or other nasty hurtful actions. It means stepping up to a very cool place where we ‘observe’ the world and don’t emotionally blow up or out…so we can make conscious choices and decisions. This after all is the whole point of the ‘shift’ from unconscious to conscious…or ‘Unity Consciousness’ where we are ‘free’ to unite our rational left brain with our intuitive right brain.

So the question becomes do you really trust yourself to be free? Who will you be? Who and what do you need to release? Are you willing to expand your reality with new ideas and technology so you may move forward? Your mantra is “I am now free to be me…goodie”. Once we jump on the change machine we invite and attract all kinds of splendid new unexpected developments. We become the Magician who unites the spiritual and the material worlds by knowing that we are each individuals whose true purpose is to use our gifts to serve the world.

The great inventor Nikola Tesla said “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”. This Aquarian New Moon hits the button to enter warp speed acceleration in our new bio-molecular revolution, where this essential understanding will quickly become the new cool way of thinking…think ‘Science finally meets God’. The invention and techno department ruled by Aquarius will go nutso with a dazzling array of new options to either uplift and improve our world, or totally overwhelm us with yet another wave of surveillance based technology. Yes your household appliances and phone will soon be used by ‘the authorities’ to make sure you are not being a naughty person…”in the interests of national security”. Enjoy this link >>>click here<<< re sonic geometry the language of frequency and form.

We will hear much more about ‘the science of climate change’ because of recent extreme weather so beware dire predictions, and be sure to remind those who will listen that the Sun’s cycles have everything to do with a new ‘mini ice age’ on the way. The sun’s magnetic field has fully reversed its polarity on Dec 31st, marking the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24, which will be completed in 11 years time, also contributing to increased extreme events. >>>click here<<< for video.

Another fab area under direction from Aquarius is science fiction, space and ‘ET Phone Home’. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is due to commence this year, ushering in commercial space travel, and many governments are now openly discussing ET phenomena. Will we be holding our first press conference with our ET mates this year? Thanks to Richard Giles for interesting link: >>>click here<<< What is This Mystery Object Spotted on Google Moon? Is it part of an alien spaceship nestled under the dust of the moon, or a secret moon base occupied by humans?  Speculation has exploded over these controversial images which appear to show something unexplained on the surface of the moon.  *Bizarre wedge-shaped ‘craft’ appears on the lunar surface *  The triangular anomaly has rows of seven light-like dots along its edge*  UFO websites have likened it to an alien lunar base or spaceship

Our favourite planet of movement and communication Mercury does his retro thing between Feb 6and 28…also in the sign of Aquarius. So in the midst of all the exciting change on offer he cautions reviewing your options and dotting i’s and t’s before proceeding. He frees up in March so you have until the 17th to snap up the fab ideas and connections before he skips into the Piscean quiet zone. Venus also turns direct on the day of the new moon Year of the Horse, and completes her run through Capricorn until March 5th when she also dives into Aquarius. Her innate caution and good sense are a welcome addition to the rather mad and eccentric Aquarian options…listen to her and keep cleaning out your cupboards.

Valentine’s Day this year is 2-14-2014 a splendid set of numbers that suggest this day is hugely powerful for “entering the Heart” regardless of your Valentine status! And lastly speaking of becoming our own “Magician” the word Abracadabra is a magical word. It is universally accepted and has no translation in other languages. Abracadabra is used as a magic word and was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on  an amulet. The word “Abracadabra” is actually a Hebrew phrase meaning “I create (A’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra)

New Moon Jan 30/31st @ 10 Aquarius   Los Angeles  30th@1.38pm                         New York  30th@4.38pm     London  30th@9.38pm      Sydney 31st@8.38am


2014We already have quite a few people coming to share Maggie Kerr presents… ‘The Astrology of 2014’  so  please join us for a celebration/gathering of Astro friends!…for my annual review of the unfolding Astro-scape for what promises to be an action packed year…+ insight & support to inspire each of you by applying the 2014 planets in transit to your life.

Saturday 8th February – 10am to 4.30pm 120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211   $70  ALL WELCOME Email maggiekerr@universalastrology.com.au  0755 945959 to book

DSC00930‘Transformational Tours’ with Maggie Kerr.

We are off to Greece and Turkey in September 2014 for a voyage of adventure and inspiration as we step in ‘The Footsteps of Heroes’. Join me for 20 amazing days on this fully escorted group adventure suitable for folks who love to enjoy resorts & nightlife AND ‘sacred stuff’ on our daily visits to remarkable ancient sites to enjoy ceremonies to transform and heal into greater levels of your potential.

We begin in Greece with Athens – Santorini – Crete- Rhodes – Kos. Then over to the Turkish coast – Izmir-Ephesus-Priene-Miletus-Didyma – Canakkale-Troy-Assos-Pergamum – Istanbul.

Drop me an email or ring for details, itinerary and pricing. Come and play people!! My new Webinar Series begins in February! “Adventures in Consciousness” In this 6 part program we will explore and develop –  What is Conscious Evolution. Why does it matter? What’s in it for you to get conscious? – spiritual and practical outcomes – How do I do it? How will this help our world in crisis? Drop me a line to register for this Spreecast series of sessions. I always strive to make this rather serious business fun and inspiring so please join us for an interactive journey of shared growth.


New Year’s Day New Moon

surf-waveWelcome to 2014 people! May it be a splendid year for us all as we ride the big waves of change and head into the ‘pipeline’ of the Uranus/Pluto ‘zap zone’. This primary feature between 2011 & 2016 offers us the shift between the old world and the new earth paradigm, challenging us to transform and regenerate our lives with exciting innovative new ideas and  solutions.

Here’s the link to my full 2014 Astrology  Report & Horoscopes so you can download as a pdf  >>>click<<< and of course you are welcome to share.

New Year’s Day kicks off with a new moon in Capricorn at 11 degrees with major challenging aspects from transformer Pluto, revolutionary Uranus, activator Mars and expansive Jupiter. So don’t be surprised if 2014 opens with some fireworks in more ways than one with disruptive and/or fabulously unexpected events that propel you forward. As the Jan 1st chart is a microcosm for the whole year this theme is a feature for the year ahead. Mars in the equation challenges us to step into our power and free up old partnerships that limit us, walk new paths that offer the freedom to be who we really are, and ride the wave of change with courage and commitment to being the best that we can be! Make like a ‘peaceful warrior’ as you assert yourself toward your goals and say yes to change and innovation in your world. If you try to hang on to the past you will just create resistance and unnecessary pain and conflict!

This New Capricorn Moon stirs up the big swells of a turbulent sea that will amp up global energies another major notch as the year unfolds…especially during the first 6 months as Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra stir up the high pressure systems! Yes there is a fab upside if you know how to use your positive mojo and empower your mind to set fresh revitalizing goals for your life. We are ‘upgrading our operating system’ over these years, stepping beyond a long period of ignorance and neglect of our beautiful world. At this dynamic New Moon concentrate your heart and mind to focus your power and courage and commit to being part of the new consciousness that nurtures, protects and heals.

2014 will bring us further extreme weather events, earthquake and volcano activity, more revolutionary uprisings,  financial bubble bursts, and general unplanned interruptions to daily life. So the message is stay loose folks, don’t try to  paddle against the tide and pleeeeeze avoid knee jerk reactions and the urge to send bits of anxiety and frustration at anyone! So right now visualise yourself as this dude in the tube in perfect balance and poise as your adrenals surge with the excitement of the moment. Then peel out of the wave and ride to the shallows reveling in the glistening water and satisfaction of your accomplishment.

Venus is also in Capricorn all month as she is in retro mode till 31st Jan. She offers increasing self worth from applying good common sense to our strategic planning for the year. Your mantra is “I am ready for success through setting goals and working toward them”. Her stabilizing influence in relationship dynamics is a much needed counterpoint to Mars in Libra potentially stirring up shite!  People from the past may pop up unannounced so do any resolving, forgiving and releasing that arises here.

The Full Moon on Jan 16th at 26 Cap/Cancer asks us to strengthen and focus our inner emotional energy toward our goals for the year, echoing the theme of Jupiter in Cancer that says our 2014 success must be nurtured with the belief that we are safe in the world. Family commitments and responsibilities may feature so keep smiling and loving the mob you call family…whether they be connected by blood or the like minded folks who share your life.

The Zodiac is a simple ‘unfoldment model’ that begins on March 21 each year as we plant our seed of creativity for the year, then add the developmental ingredients each month to build toward the result in Capricorn time…where we reap the outcome for our efforts. We must also set fresh goals for the next natural new year on March 21st. Then in Aquarius time we develop ideas for these fresh goals. In Pisces time we let go of the current cycle and gestate the new seed…eh viola we are ‘born again’ on March 21st and off we go. Good old Astrology…such a useful tool for knowing what to do and when each year!

New Moon Jan 1st @ 11 Capricorn
Los Angeles  3.15am  New York  6.15am
London  11.15am  Sydney 9.15pm


Maggie Kerr presents… ‘The Astrology of 2014’  Please join me for a celebration/gathering of Astro friends!…for my annual review of the unfolding Astro-scape for what promises to be an action packed year…+ insight & support to inspire each of you by applying the 2014 planets in transit to your life.

Saturday 8th February – 10am to 4.30pm 120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211   $70  ALL WELCOME Email maggiekerr@universalastrology.com.au  0755 945959 to book


‘Transformational Tours’ with Maggie Kerr.

We are off to Greece and Turkey in September 2014 for a voyage of adventure and inspiration as we step in ‘The Footsteps of Heroes’. Join me for 20 amazing days on this fully escorted group adventure suitable for folks who love to enjoy resorts & nightlife AND ‘sacred stuff’ on our daily visits to remarkable ancient sites to enjoy ceremonies to transform and heal into greater levels of your potential.

We begin in Greece with Athens – Santorini – Crete- Rhodes – Kos. Then over to the Turkish coast – Izmir-Ephesus-Priene-Miletus-Didyma – Canakkale-Troy-Assos-Pergamum – Istanbul.

Drop me an email or ring for details, itinerary and pricing. Come and play people!!
My new Webinar Series begins in February! “Adventures in Consciousness” In this 6 part program we will explore and develop –  What is Conscious Evolution. Why does it matter? What’s in it for you to get conscious? – spiritual and practical outcomes – How do I do it? How will this help our world in crisis?
Drop me a line to register for this Spreecast series of sessions. I always strive to make this rather serious business fun and inspiring so please join us for an interactive journey of shared growth.

New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 2nd/3rd 2013


Spreading the Light’

We initialise new activity on New Moons and with a fresh energy uplift from a splendid new moon in adventurous optimistic Sagittarius think fresh inspiration, renewed optimism & vision, and a fab reminder that life is rich & full. Uranus in Aries feeds his original unusual vibe into this mix so keep thinking ‘new & different’. Expect unexpected offers or developments from left field. We’ve just done a tough Scorpio November confronting our fears and limitations, so as they no longer control us we’re empowered to get on with our ‘Heroic journey’ through these world changing times. Get set to create bright new futures in 2014.  

Mercury finally heads into Sag on Dec 5th freeing our minds and mouths to new horizons. We are all co-creators of the ‘Unity Consciousness’ of the new world unfolding, so our thoughts and words must be clear and clean so we can create the unified thought field matrix that will change our broken world.   Your mantra is “I am inspired with fresh purpose and grow and change with ease”.  As Jupiter in Cancer rules’ this New Moon and Mercury, family and emotional security are themes for enjoyment and expansion. So enjoy yours and embrace those who need to share in your fortunate loving home.

Sag brings messages and ignites our passion to share ours, so writing, publishing and travel are all features now. It’s a great time to let your mind free range into limitless possibilities of how exciting and interesting your life will be in 2014. Start making your ‘Vision Board’ with pictures and words so you can manifest your Soul’s purpose and create the reality you deserve. Resist the urge to preach or judge others and ram your beliefs down their necks!

Comets have always been thought to be ‘messengers from the gods’ and we have three of our cosmic friends dancing around our Sun over these months. ‘Sungrazing Comet Ison can be seen just before dawn on east coast Oz. He has just survived his passage around the Sun and is glowing brightly for his closest pass to earth on December 26. I like to believe the message Ison brings us from the outer reaches of our Solar System will revitalise and accelerate our revolution in consciousness. So for Christmas (Christ Consciousness) our job is to align hearts and minds with clear purpose and intention for a peaceful co-operative world. >>>Click Here<<< for great article on physical/metaphysical implications of Ison.

Make sure you complete Virgo planning and re-organising of work areas before December 8th when Mars enters Libra, and as he retrogrades here will hang out right through until August 2014. Mars will trigger the ‘zap zone of the Uranus Pluto square’ late December and is a big player in the 2014 story. The negative forces that control all manner of global agendas will be met with revolutionary reactions from those they seek to control…that’s us! Libra rules personal and business partnership and treaties and deals are struck during Libra time.

The agenda for further ‘globalization’  of the greedy destructive business machine will amp up big time folks, so it’s up to us all to protest and/or practice peaceful resistance to the nefarious deals about to be made. A great example is the December summit in Bali to ‘sign’ the ‘Trans Pacific Partnership’ TPP. Good old Wikileaks has leaked the secret content of the treaty and it makes for scary controls of our Australian Sovereignty. >>>click here<<< to sign petition demanding transparency of details.

On the up side a host of new clever innovative inventions and solutions to global issues will leap onto the scene as conscious individuals become entrepreneurs and pioneer new businesses. So go for it people and avoid the global bank system for funds. Invest in yourself and seek like-minded people with funds to invest who also want to step out of the stock market scam. Personally we can get on with PR and promoting our projects and setting up excellent new alliances. Avoid conflict as you assert yourself from situations and people who seek to influence or control you.

Full Moon on Dec 17th at 25 deg Sag/Gemini brings New Moon vision out into the world.

New Moon 11 Sag

LA           Mon 2nd  4.23pm               NY          Mon 2nd 7.23pn

Lon        Tue 3rd     0.23am              Syd         Tue 3rd 10.23am

The Sun heads into the 10th sign Capricorn on Dec 21st heading towards a powerful New Moon on new years day, so enjoy your festive season my friends and get set for another life changing year ahead. I will post my 2014 Year Ahead Report with full details of what’s in store. Live long and prosper – love Maggie

Butterfly from HeidiThis yummy pic was sent to me by a dear client from Canada as a sweet reminder of our work together during Scorpio time. It is a symbol for us all of the birth of our own unique butterfly after the gestation in our cocoon of recent weeks. Get yourself a picture of a butterfly folks and keep it with you to remind you that dark times are always followed by light.

And I’m finally joining the 21stC…literally…as my website is having an upgrade…hoorah! You will be able to join live webinars, purchase my books, & stream my DVDs and ‘The 12 System Seminars’. Stay tuned for  January launch.

So I invite you to join us for my first webinar for 2014 “Adventures in Consciousness” where I will offer my 30 years of insights, knowledge and tools for those who are on the adventure to greater clarity and power.

My first ‘in person’ seminar in February will be ‘The Astrology of 2014’ where we will explore the potentials of the planetary synergies as they weave their evolutionary threads into the brand new world on offer in the coming year.

Mail me at maggiekerr@universalastrology.com.au  or ring 0755 945959       0416155967 to book a spot for either or both presentations.

maggie-johnAlso in December/January my work will feature in John Edward’s on-line “Evolve” show in a segment called “…Up Until Now” <<<click here>>> to join his group and enjoy the excellent website.

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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio…bring on the power!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio November 3rd

&  ‘The Year of the Water Snake’

Snakes shed their skins and so must we says Scorpio. The emotional waters of Scorpio are where we generate our power to shape our reality, by projecting our feelings/desire toward outcomes so we can create them. A major of theme of 2013 are the many planets aligning in water signs so we can begin to achieve this more consciously, and to do this we have to ‘clean up’ our old feelings.

These same ‘emotional waters’ are where we store our deepest feelings about our ‘right to be powerful’. So it’s time to plunge deep into our Pandora’s Box of yucky old feelings…guilt, shame, humiliation, grief, rage, regret, fear, vulnerability…all that fun stuff…to get in touch…let it up…and then let them go. And that’s the point! Our attachment to old shite blocks our power. True power in the new world unfolding is the ability to tap into the stream of synchronicity. Some now call his Quantum Reality. If something flows then go with it. If it does not then let it go. The old system and the power brokers that run it is losing its’ power. The new system is truly starting to gain momentum. Don’t forget we only entered the new 5,100 year Mayan Calendar cycle in 2012 and since then the personal and global crisis has reached a crescendo.

Yes I know I am always on about ‘releasing the past’ so we can change our consciousness, as this is the process of these ‘revolutionary Uranus transformational Pluto’ times between 2011 and 2015. But this next ‘Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio’ is the one we have been waiting for to truly get this once and for all! The 5th ‘square’ between Uranus/Pluto coincides with this eclipse, awakening our new skills another notch. Solar Eclipses herald new beginnings. Scorpio’s gift is the death/rebirth process that releases the old so we can birth the new. So keep thinking new thoughts, developing new ideas and innovations in your life, and practicing peaceful resistance to the increasing erosion of our civil liberties. 

The new Unity Consciousness requires integrating our ‘shadow’…the ‘unlived self’. If we identify with ourselves as strong and powerful then our shadow is weak and vulnerable…therefore very unacceptable. We then attract our shadow as helpless needy people who play it out for us, and who we judge! Conversely if we feel powerless and fearful then our shadow is strong and successful. We unconsciously attract people to do our power for us…and usually resent them for it! So it’s time to ‘own our shadow self’ and stop beating it up. Our job is to ‘re-nurture’ our broken bits and give them permission to become part of our whole Self. This is ‘The Alchemical Marriage’ where our male and female selves can work together to create true power! Thus the highest function of Scorpio is transformation into true inner power where we are free at last to trust love and be emotionally safe…the most powerful feeling of all.

Ah it’s a grand game we all play as we grapple with ‘wholeness’ and conscious outcomes. This new moon eclipse is quite rare…there will only be 7 of these this century. The Sun & Moon in Scorpio is joined by Saturn…a once in 30 year cycle. Saturn says it’s time to take responsibility for your life once and for all. This ain’t for the faint hearted, but the wow factor on offer is the revelation of a whole new sense of who you are, how to master your conscious growth, magnetize the people and resources you need, and discover what you are really capable of. Scorpio rules life/death, money, sex and power. So ‘sexual healing’ is also a big theme over coming months. Releasing old collective guilt/shame and taboos frees us all up, and giving ourselves permission ‘to be close and trust our vulnerability’ will do much toward this outcome.

Scorpio is the realm of behind the scenes deals, secrets and cover ups. In the past few days we’ve seen the USA challenged regarding their spying on European governments; Rupert Murdoch executives on trial in England for phone-tapping; call for 2 board members of Great Barrier Reef protection agency to resign as they have affiliation with mining companies; and  “Unlawful Killing”, the long-suppressed 2011 film on the official inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed suddenly posted on YouTube.>>>click here<<<  We can expect all sort of skeletons to come out of all sorts of closets over the next few months. Which brings me to my favourite subject.

Scorpio and money and power. We see the increasingly obvious reality of our broken global political/corporate/financial system. So what may this Saturn Scorpio eclipse have in store for the ‘financial repression’ money machine? Just how much longer they can keep playing the print the money game? It makes me sad that the average peep is so completely gullible regarding money/real estate/stock markets. In 2007 millions were suckered into mortgaging their houses to ‘invest’…after all security is all about how much money we have…not! One GFC later and despite many loosing so much, the peeps are jumping in once more with interest rates geared so we may ‘invest’ with great ease. Don’t go there folks. Remember it’s just a game and the winners are the guys that run the show…not the peeps. Conserve your resources is the current message from Saturn and use this time to build firm structures. >>>Click here<<< for an excellent article of the current state of Gold.

So dear friends onward and inward and then upward we go over this Scorpio time. Scorpio = the 8th Stage in the 12 stages of the Zodiac round. Our next new moon is in Sagittarius…9th Stage…hoorah. Fresh aspiration and energy awaits us as we step back into the light after a little dark night of the Soul in the perpetual process of life.

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Maggie’s next Saturday Astro Session       November 23 – 10am to 4.30pm

‘Understanding & Healing Psychological Defense Mechanisms’

Defenses are the instinctive definitions of what we need and value most, as individuals and collectively. Our ‘defenses’ hold the key to knowing what is most important to us…what we need to protect…or what we didn’t get.

Join us as we explore the ‘defenses’ of each of our archetypal inner planetary family, and along the way unlock our personal freedom as we work with them in a whole new healthy way.

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This material is great for your therapeutic understanding of planetary material. It is a precursor/background to my Counselling Training Program being offered from 2014, which will be via e-webinars. Let me know if you are interested in joining in what will be a fascinating journey linking Astrology and Psychotherapy.

I also have exciting news…if you have read this far!! I have been invited to contribute some of my work to John Edward’s “Evolve” e-show over coming months. The segment is called “…Up Until Now” and is to support people owning and changing old limiting beliefs we hold. >>>click here>>> as you may be interested in joining ‘The Five’ group. He offers a weekly e-show and the site is great with lots of useful daily tools.