June Astro – Eclipses + Mercury & Venus Retrograde

Solar EclipseGreetings fellow travelers as we head into a complex & challenging June with our bi-annual Eclipses, Mercury retro in Cancer, and Jupiter joining Pluto again in Capricorn in late June.

Wish I could say this will bring clarity and calm in the midst of the storm but alas we have Mr Neptune in Pisces joined by Mars challenging Sun & Venus in Gemini. This combo continues to bring confusing words & ideas until late July at least. So stay positive and patient and…BE HERE NOW in the words of the great Ram Das.
We are also seeing the classic 2 sides of Gemini with growing polarization between the ‘masks on and masks off’ positions, and in the USA this is also playing out with increasing civil unrest after the murder of an unarmed black man by the police. The Venus retro period (eyes left!) has activated Trump’s Sun/Uranus that ‘triggers’ the USA Mars in Gemini so rather than bringing people together the war on words has moved into the streets.
This is also amplified with Saturn in Aquarius since late March as the ‘chaos’ of the Covid economic meltdown highlighting the great divide between the rich/poor and black/white racial division, and increasing loss of civil liberties. This reflecting the very nature of the struggle between the old ‘separatist consciousness’ and the incoming Aquarian essence of the ‘unity consciousness’ world view.
Meanwhile we are all upping the ‘how do I re-invent myself’ ideas amidst the sudden arrival of our new world! Yet again I will simply remind you that ‘our Gemini thoughts create our reality’ so we must control our negative fear based mind and be very agile and adaptable to changing circumstances.
These shifting times call for radical solutions and hold the promise of wonderful fresh pathways as we now have the opportunity to re-write our personal and global story. Things are not going to go back to ‘normal’…indeed normal was a world of over consumption based on greed and abuse of people and planet. As we get set for Jupiter and Saturn heading into Aquarius in 2021 paving the way for our social revolution  we must stay positive, as we are also aware that huge shifts into 2021 will be coming to our financial & business systems as we head into this new unpredictable era.
Mercury is in Cancer as June opens and turns retro on June 18th – then direct on July 12th – but doesn’t head into Leo until August 5th.
Cancer brings our thoughts  & words’ to family matters & it’s great to focus on ‘anchoring your emotional energy’ with lots of “I am safe” messages to self!  Upside we can openly talk about our feelings & needs in a healthy nurturing way – downside resist the impulse to speak from fear based feelings. Use Merc Retro for the ‘re’ things – re-think re-organize.

Eclipse Season begins on June 5th with a Lunar Eclipse @ 15 degrees – Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius brings extreme expression of ideas so make sure yours are WISE and TOLERANT. Also highlights international affairs.
And the we have a big daddy Solar Eclipse with Sun & Moon @ Zero Cancer on the Solstice on June 21st as the Sun enters Cancer until July 22nd. This is one of the ‘Cardinal world degrees’ so packs a major punch for collective global affairs, with a 19 year echo back to June 2001.
June completes with Jupiter joining Pluto again – first pass was late March – final pass November. This is the visionary force driving opportunities as the old world is dying, so keep working up your visionary projects!
And finally we have big news as Mars charges into Aries on June 29th until the end of the year. Lots more on this in the July letter.

And if you missed my big 150 page 2020 Global Report here it is

Venus MandalaThis mandala shows the relationship between Venus and the Sun from the Earth (measured 2000 times, every 5 days, starting June 12, 1882).
The ‘Venus Star’ – Divine Geometry indeed!

She is now retro in Gemini in her 8 year cycle since June 2012. This was the trigger for the end and new beginning of 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle of 2012.
Her 40 day retro cycle brings us the profound symbology of the  descent into the underworld during the first 20 days when she is ‘the evening star’. She then meets the Sun in Gemini on June 4th followed by the Lunar Eclipse the day after!
When the divine feminine aligns with the divine masculine, there is the potential for loving heart-centered connection to the innermost core of ourselves and to all others. We can then take this forward with us as she then begins to step out into the world again as the ‘morning star’! So focus on this Mandada on June 4th my friends.
Historically her cycle in Gemini brings us big time IT & techno developments e.g. Facebook launch in 2004, so this time we have Elon Musk & his Space X launch on May 30th – with Saturn in Aquarius launching our new Space Economy.
Along with Saturn & Mars in Aquarius she has revolutionized our digital social & business interactions. She turns retro on 13th May and then direct on June 25th, but stays in Gemini until August 8th. Her gift here is adaptability, learning new skills & embracing ideas and conversations, and the birth of brand new social networks, communities and apps.

Here’s an extract from my Mayan Calendar Article from 2012. that epitomizes the Venus in Gemini principle.
“For our current planetary evolution we must give up being ‘polarized’ with attachment to right and wrong, good and bad, pleasure and pain, and all manner of participating in systems of polarized parties or people.
What we need is the ‘place in the middle’…the point of harmony & balance where we create a relationship with our own center…our ‘be here now-ness’.
Once we achieve this we can move into the ‘flow’ of our own creative process and become part of the change rather than at the mercy of it! The keyword in all of this is synthesis.
It is time to link our ‘higher nature’ with our ‘lower nature’ by practicing the art of nurturing our fears and insecurities when they arise…but not feeding them… and standing alone as an individual but not separate from others.
This is “Unity Consciousness” and requires thinking inclusively…we are all one. We live in a global village and we all have responsibility to be a creative part of the process as our old world passes away and new one is being born.”

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So why are eclipses so important?   Eclipses happen twice a year when the sun moon & earth align on the Nodal Axis. The North & South Nodes are the points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun) every 6 months.

Eclipses have a 19 year cycle, so any eclipse does not have a relationship with a 6 month previous or later eclipse, but rather with the eclipse from 19 years before!!  So if you are looking for insight into previous themes of this eclipse go back 19 years to June 2001 and search your memory for what happened then! The Nodes are considered karmic destiny points so these 19 year cycles open major karmic relationships and events that move us forward toward destiny if they trigger our personal horoscope.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 5th is not visible from North America; the timing favors Africa, Asia, and Australia. If you have planets/points around 15 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius or Virgo/Pisces then this Lunar eclipse is significant for you.

The Solar Eclipse on June 21st crosses Africa, the Saudi Peninsula, and southern Asia. Historically eclipses can trigger major earth shifts & changes…quakes etc. plus big shifts in cultural & political activity in the regions under the path of the eclipse over the earth. If you have planets/points around Zero degrees Cancer/Capricorn or Aries/Libra then it’s the Solar Eclipse that’s a game changer in your world.

Eclipse families are called Saros Cycles that have themes or features. The Cancer Solar Eclipse on June 21st is from Saros Cycle 4 North – “This is a a difficult Saros cycle – can bring restraint that blocks activity – may misjudge our strengths or a situation so best to wait till eclipse passes before taking any real action”. The previous eclipse in this cycle was June 2001. As Eclipses hold energy for a 6 month period until the next one in December, here we see the historical significance from the September 11th 2001 ‘attack on America’, with repercussions that indeed echo to this day.

Eclipses can have a wildcard effect that that we don’t see coming that shift us from one state to another very quickly for our evolution. They can provide whatever it is we need to get moving even if it is something challenging! They bring new life events that can change us in major ways, such as people leaving our lives or new ones entering.

Try not to take major decisions, action or make announcements around the eclipse time but rather wait at least a few weeks to see what events unfold & more information develops. Stay open to sudden developments that take you to unexpected outcomes…i.e. not what you have intended but what your destiny really has in store.

Ancient tradition offers the idea that eclipses offer a periodic ‘pathway to the gods’ as cosmic safety valves, which periodically allow evil forces to escape into the Cosmos, where they will be of no harm to mankind.  According to certain occult theories, the shadow lane of the solar eclipse permitted initiated priests to communicate with the higher gods, and to put to them questions of profound importance.  Some scholars maintain that this was the underlying reason why the ancients built the mysterious stone circles still scattered through parts of Northern Europe.

So as close as you can to the times listed below make like your own priest/ess and set intentions and visualize yourself opening new doors as you invite innovation for your life and let go of the past. It could just be life changing!!!
Here’s a recap of Eclipse magic…

  • Likened to a supercharged New or Full Moon – strong reactions
  • Fated events or destiny points – wildcards that shake us up & move us forward very rapidly – provide us with what we need to get us moving i.e. rival/critic/benefactor – pieces of puzzle revealed
  • “Outside” events beyond our control with lasting outcomes
  • Big news you long remember – buy/sell homes – start/finish business – new partners/endings – babies – inheritances/loss of income source – new pet/lose one – health issues – surprises/shocks
  • Cross bridge to ‘new land’ with no going back – ready for new phase
  • Consider proposals & decisions but don’t act 2 weeks either side – wait for more info & let dust settle – don’t make empty threats
  • Compress ‘time’ & speed things up – timetables change
  • Show us capabilities & strengths that may surprise us – face fears etc.
  • If on Birthday particularly important shifts/changes/open new 19 yrs.
  • Note all news & signals as can foretell big changes on the way

Lunar Eclipse June 5th
LA 11.14am  NY 2.14pm  UK 7.14pm  OZ 7.14am on June 6th
Solar Eclipse June 21st
LA 10.43pm June 20th)  NY 1.43am   UK 6.43am  OZ 4.43pm

Stay positive and shine your light my friends
Blessings and love from Maggie

Astro Guidance for May 2020 – Full Buddha Moon & Nodes Changing Sign

Greetings friends as we head on through this turbulent process of the 2020 transformation!

I truly hope you are managing OK, as I know many are experiencing loss and uncertainty. But it’s also great that many are tapping into the fresh spirit of the future, as my recent clients are asking ‘how can I do things differently and grow from here’?

So I’m excited that Saturn in Aquarius aligning with Venus in Gemini (April through to August) is stimulating and opening our minds & hearts to innovate with fab new ideas and virtual communities. We also have the North Node entering Gemini to add another big dose of this!  Scroll left for details…
In the midst of so much fear, anxiety & uncertainty never has it been more vital to use our mindfulness skills to hold steady and keep the faith that we will emerge from this crisis with a new world view beyond the old broken unsustainable model!

Taurus Full MoonSo our yummy Full Moon on the 7th is a perfect boost of Buddha consciousness to empower our hearts and minds. This is the most sacred of the annual Lunar festivals as it honors the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. “The mind is everything. What you think you become”.

As the Sun travels through Taurus until May 21st the themes of money, resources, nature, art & music are highlighted. Obviously the money bit is high on the agenda as we enter a government engineered recession to combat the C-Virus unlike any since the early 1930s. I’ll talk more about this in the main section.
On the upside our natural world is enjoying a breath of fresh air, gardening is ‘trending’, and online music and art gigs are thriving! We must continue to drive for renewal of our environment & be alert for old guard attempts to dismantle protection laws as Taurus drives the values that drive our business models!
Messenger Mercury is also in Taurus focusing our minds and words on practical & financial matters.
He zips into Gemini on the 12th to join Venus & North Node so this brings hyper mental & verbal mojo until the end of May. Take care of your nervous system & give yourself a break from social media as peeps will be going off!

Activator Mars has been in Aquarius since late March catalyzing the radical social changes from the Virus. Upside here is he’s super amped up for startling ahha quick shifts, but downside he’s edgy and anxious so once again lots of slow breathing and rest as much as possible.
Mars heads into Pisces on May 14th until end of June where he will join Neptune in C-Virus land as Pisces rules the invisible energy systems that run our immune system. The Virus thing took off back in January when Venus did her time in Pisces, followed by Mercury so Mars activating this area again may suggest further virus activity. Very frustrating that mainstream media just isn’t mentioning how to build our immune systems, so once again loads of Vit C Broccoli Garlic Ginger Spinach Yogurt Almonds Turmeric Green Tea Papaya Kiwi Fruit Sunflower Seeds & Shellfish – and lots of good sleep!
Venus in Gemini spends May in hard aspect with Neptune in Pisces so we will continue to experience
confusion and lack of clarity with messaging so we must  CHECK FACTS as outright lies & misinformation are a signature of this combo!
If you’d like to catch up on my Feb & March & April updates including the C Virus story here’s my blog page
And if you missed my big 150 page 2020 Global Report here it is

Retrograde Season & Nodes Changing Signs

North Node GeminiA big shift in the Cosmic clock arrives as the Nodes of the Moon change signs from Cancer/Capricorn into Gemini/Sagittarius on May 6th for the next 19 months until January 2022!

The Nodes are invisible points where the Moon’s orbit intersects with Sun & Earth’s, giving rise to the Karmic pulse of human affairs.
So here we have another big dose of the fresh AIR impulse stimulating the 2020 story, as North Node joins Venus in Gemini PLUS Saturn in Aquarius demanding fresh ideas & solutions as the old world view is melting down!

Gemini is  ruled by Messenger planet Mercury & rules communication & networking of ideas. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter & inspires the quest for truth and dissemination of knowledge.

Gemini is a DUAL sign and we’re already seeing the polarized positions flying through the e-waves & media of ‘shut down versus open up’ camps. There’s 2 sides of the conversation with Gemini so we must stay open to views & verify info before making informed choices!
Gemini/Sag rules local & international travel, so it will be interesting to watch how & when things open again, and I’m hoping the mass tourism thing & excessive business travel is also a thing of the past! Nature is enjoying this respite!!
This also means the whole international trade systems are up for major revision as the disruption to the flow of export/import means countries will need to begin producing goods and services within their borders.
As Gemini is quick, clever, versatile  & adaptable this is your mantra for the next 19 months! Lots of folks will be re-training into new skill sets  &/or writing & teaching others.
Venus has been paving the way here since April as we’ve all gone on-line to connect personally & professionally, so we can expect this sign of the times to continue as the new normal.
Our evolution here involves ‘mastering’ our minds & mouths by developing conscious use of our ‘intention of thoughts & words’ so we can use our ‘thoughtforms’ to create our reality regardless of external influences by using the Law of Attraction to bring us people & connections to manifest our goals.

Retrograde Season begins for the year with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto all doing their backward thing until MId-September/October.

So we have 4 months to do the RE things – review reorganize rethink release etc – plus work up projects and plans. More on this in main section…

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…Universal Astrology Certificate e-Course

I welcome you to book a session if you need or would like any support as we pass through this challenging 2020 process

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Timing details for the mid-year Retrograde Season…

All planets have a retrograde (or apparently moving backwards) phase each year, when the process they have triggered whilst direct must then be developed until they turn direct once more.

  • Power planet Pluto in Capricorn is already retro as May opens until he turns direct on 3rd October, when we may then expect the ‘destruction’ phase of socio/political & economic systems to then give rise to re-birth into a fresh phase.
  • New horizons planet Jupiter (also in Capricorn with Pluto) begins his retro on May 14th until he turns direct 13th September, when we can expect business productivity to begin take off again.
  • Re-structuring planet Saturn has been in Aquarius since late March and begins his retro on 11th May. He steps back into Capricorn to join Jupiter & Pluto and he turns direct here on 29th September after doing his bit to re-organize business models (personally & globally).
  • So we see the co-incidence of these THREE all releasing into forward motion during September & early October.
  • Social planet Venus has been in Gemini since April 4th & along with Saturn & Mars in Aquarius she has revolutionized our digital social & business interactions. She turns retro on 13th May and then direct on June 25th, but stays in Gemini until August 8th. Her gift here is adaptability, learning new skills & embracing ideas and conversations, and the birth of brand new social networks, communities and apps.
  • Meanwhile once all these guys are direct once more we head into Mars retrograde from 9th September as he spends the whole period from July to the end of the year in Aries. More on this next major cosmic ingredient in the 2020 story in the next letter…plus June brings us the Eclipse season.

Saturn/Pluto cycles and global recessions…

Previous Saturn in Capricorn Cycles – they meet on average every 38 years.
1988/92 Fall of the Berlin Wall ends USSR & births new Russian era – Protests in Peking heavily repressed – global recession
1959/62 Height of Cold War – Kennedy defeated Nixon to become President – global recession followed by new era
1929/32 Great Depression and rise of Fascist dictators in Europe and Japan
1898/98 Global depression and arrival of the inventions that would drive the 21stC

So as economists and business/political leaders were still talking up what great shape the economy was in during 2019 it was we Astrologers who were saying hey wait a minute previous Saturn Capricorn cycles tell us that a recession is on the way!!
Previous Saturn/Pluto Cycles
Here’s an extract from my 2020 Report…written in late 2019.
Saturn will catch up with Pluto and they meet together on January 12th 2020.
This will be one of the most significant conjunctions of our era and sets the stage until 2053! Saturn/Pluto share a 38-year cycle together and their combined archetypes bring us “the Plutonic empowering and intensifying of the Saturn impulse towards conservative reaction or repression.”
The previous Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra period 1981-84 brought us the conservative Reagan & Thatcher admins with their agenda for ‘Globalization’ and ‘free market economy’ to reward industry at the expense of sovereign and humanitarian rights, and the waning period of the old USSR system as the Polish regime repressed the Solidarity Movement.  Major repressive figures of this era include Philippines Ferdinand Marcos, Pinochet in Chile and Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
A recession in the United States began in July 1981 and ended in November 1982. One cause was the Federal Reserve’s contractionary monetary policy, which sought to rein in the high inflation. In the wake of the 1973 oil crisis and the 1979 energy crisis, stagflation began to afflict the economy.
And let us not forget the massive global re-arrangement when Saturn & Pluto met in 1947-8 when they were in Leo, as Israel and Palestine AND India and Pakistan AND North & South Korea were created! Is it any wonder with this archetypal signature these countries have endured such tremendous stress to this day! For goodness sake when are global policy makers going to consult a good astrologer to set a horoscope for positive outcomes?
Then there’s the September 1914/15 Saturn Pluto conjunction in Cancer which brought us WW1 and the Russian Revolution, after which the empires of Europe were re-shaped, giving birth to the excessive times of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ in the West leading up to the Great Depression of 1929/32 when Saturn was yes…you guessed it…in Capricorn!
So, as Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn in Jan 2020 get set for the beginning of our next global re-configuring of geo-political and economic systems, and the clash between right-wing nationalists & those they seek to repress . The 1929/32 cycle brought us German, Italian & Japanese Fascism, and the 1959/62 cycle the height of the Cold War.

BTW during the 1917/8 Global Flu Pandemic Saturn & Pluto were together in Cancer – the opposite signs to where they are now!!

We have not had a meeting of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn since 1518!
So even though these two meet every 35-37 years there is a larger cycle when they meet in a particular sign…in this case Capricorn 500 years ago. This is one quarter of a 2000 year double millennium so always delivers a renaissance period where society begins to morph beyond the past toward fresh territory.
1518 was the year when the German Monk Martin Luther nailed his list of grievances about corruption in the Catholic Church on a church door in Nuremburg and the fires of the Protestant Reformation were lit. Henry VIII was the young inspirational King in England (before he lost the plot and became a tyrant) and his divorce from wife Catherine of Aragon caused his split with the Pope and he formed the protestant Church of England! The Auto de Fey or burnings of heretics by the Catholic Church also contributed to the Protestant breakaway.
The famous Medici Family were at the zenith of their power in Florence, sponsors to Leonardo Da Vinci & the great Renaissance movement, and ‘bankers’ to the European Kings.
Portugal began to build its trading empire by establishing a base in Goa India. The Turkish Ottoman empire continued to expand as Sultan Suleiman captured Belgrade on his march into Europe. Spaniard Hernán Cortés attacked the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). They were killed by the thousands and defeated. By 1526 the printing press was introduced in Sweden paving the way for the mass production & distribution of knowledge.
So even with this quick rundown of the historical goodies from this period it is clear to see the Renaissance and Reformation unleashed on the last conjunction changed the very fabric of the world for centuries to come…until now. The keynote of Capricorn involves commercial activity and this era birthed the exploitation principle!

So as we are passing through the death of the old cycle and the birth of a new 500 year period, here’s to the Aquarian ideals of commercial profit being equitable for ALL members of the global family beyond the greed and corruption that have been the hallmark of the dark age now completing!!

Saturn moves into Aquarius to stay joined by Jupiter in December 2020, so we will see the rise of people demanding this reformation from 2021. This is followed by Pluto into Aquarius in 2023 for the first time since the 1780s! Aquarius brings us the revolutionary impulse and the last time a King lost his head, and the USA was born. And on that note the USA is due for a Pluto return in 2022. More on this in future letters.

OK I’m pooped and need to get this letter out or I will rave on and on lol. Be kind and generous in these tough times. Compassion is the mark of the spiritual warrior.

Stay positive and shine your light my friends
Much love from Maggie