Uranus Enters Taurus Opening New 84 Year Cycle + Mars Enters Aquarius Horoscopes!

Uranus in Taurus 2018 to 2025

Please join me in welcoming an unprecedented new era on May 16th as revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1934 on the New Moon in Taurus… whoosh quite a synchronization of new beginnings! Sky God Uranus is famed for his maverick rule breaking eccentricities…he actually lies on his side at 90 degrees in the Solar System!

So as we enter this new 7 year period we have Sky coming down to EARTH in Taurus to upset and energize our financial and environmental models into startling and exciting new dimensions.

Plus we have an amazing ‘not only but also’ addition to the global re-set of 2018 as activator Mars zooms into the sign of revolution & change…Aquarius…also on May 16th! This is particularly significant as he will spend SIX months in Aquarius until November due to his retrograde phase this year!

So when we add these ingredients together we get a picture forming of a host of sudden and unexpected shifts and developments coming into play from mid May. These forces offer the radical solutions needed to begin to heal our Earth with a completely new set of values underpinning our relationship to HER. So read on for a deeper coverage of this MAJOR global gear change PLUS your Horoscopes for Mars in Aquarius!

Here’s the link to my extensive 150 page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it. With all the changes on the way it’s a great time to book a session!

Uranus in Taurus is challenged by Mars in Aquarius as they both enter their new signs on 16th/17th  May, and again in late July/early August and finally in mid to late September 2018. This brings Impulsive and restless energies with the urge to revolt against restrictive authority…sudden expression of anger…explosive change. On the upside, it awakens fabulous new freedom to take action into brand new directions allowing us to break free of the past and invent marvelous new realities. I am going for this option!

These dates will bring highly volatile activity with shocks and surprises at every level with the usual caution to expect the unexpected. We’ve already seen just how quickly situations can change with the recent sudden North/South Korea Détente, so these shocks don’t have to be a bad thing!  As Aquarius rules ‘politics & leaders’ get set for instant about faces & re-alignments of parties & alliances.

Uranus AND Mars also connect exactly with Chiron freshly in Aries for his new 50 year cycle bringing onto the scene HEROIC new characters who represent the true will of ‘the people’ who are thoroughly disillusioned with and OVER the refusal of current leaders to create a sustainable plan to deal with the issues that confront us as a collective! I wish we could clone the wonderful New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern…young and fresh and brave and getting on with major social improvement in only a few short months.

Mars in Aquarius highlights ‘activism’ as a keynote & with Taurus associations involving money we could be in for a wild ride with global financial markets and the next phase of the Crypto revolution that will completely transform our financial world over the next 7 years!  On a positive note we have just had a Royal Commission into the ‘Banking Sector’ in Oz, with stunning revelations of financial services irregularities in all 4 major banks and big insurance companies.

This accords with Saturn in Capricorn this year bringing the need for accountability and healthy regulation of our global Ponzi scheme banking model. It will be interesting to see what punishments will come to pass lol. After the 2008 GFC not a single individual was ever charged or jailed!! This highlights the essence of current corporate culture requiring profit at the expense of moral obligation to clients and the health of our world.

Sudden changes also for Taurean environmental systems are on the cards here and I’m heartened by the re-cycling issue coming onto the front burner in just the past week here in Oz, and announcement from major plastics manufacturers to commit to greater re-cycling of their products. Even though our rivers and oceans have been drowning in plastic for decades it’s like people are finally starting to wake up!

Ask yourself how would you operate without plastic in your life & then start implementing easy changes…like BYO cloth bags to buy your vegies (don’t buy the ones in plastic) that you place straight into your fridge!  Uranus in Aries over the past 7 years has brought the techno revolution loaded with all the inventions and solutions we need to deal with the decimation of our earth. Uranus in Taurus now demands practical implantation into ACTION.

Meanwhile let’s not forget ‘bountiful lucky Jupiter’ sliding through Scorpio since late 2017 expanding our relationship to the ‘feminine’ to counteract the “toxic” masculine power & control that has been ‘normal’ for thousands of years! These feminine qualities are often in short supply in our political discourse, religious institutions and even our most intimate relationships — including mercy, wisdom, and deep compassion and other capacities, which we need to reclaim personally and collectively. In our fast-paced, media-centric culture, we’re increasingly disconnected from our life force…We’re losing touch with this vital connection — the very source that can heal our bodies, balance our emotions and awaken our consciousness. By bringing our attention inwards and trusting our energies, we’re able to recalibrate our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our Spirit.

So how do we manage these fast paced evolutionary forces? Enjoy the excitement of your urge to upgrade into fresh possibilities. Stay open to rad ideas knowing that things won’t feel clearer until June…and that’s OK.  Until then keep healing your ‘fear voice’ with safe messages that it’s ok to risk new options or you will simply remain stale and uninspired…and that’s no fun at all. Stay very flexible when sudden shifts upset your old systems and constructs.

Uranus is a smart i.e. intelligent feature so stay alert for sudden flashes of insight or ideas that spin you into fab new possibilities that may be right out of the box from your old view of your potential. Then use Saturn in Capricorn for a reality check and create a ‘plan’! If we are aware of the need for innovation and change this allows ‘the Universe’ to support our growth, whereas if we resist this our unconscious mind will create it anyway…sometimes in the form of upsetting things whether we like them or not!

As Uranus asks us to break free of past conditions our core self-worth needs to be in very good condition, so whenever you get a bit wobbly as things start morphing in your life or the outer world close your eyes and say “I am safe and secure as I grow and change”. “I am prosperous!”

Here are your Mars in Aquarius Horoscopes for each sign. If you’d like an in-depth overview of Uranus in Taurus including a rundown on the unfolding Petro$ war AND Crypto currency revolution AND the possible scenarios around financial meltdown here is my 150 Page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes for US$12  Make sure to read your Sun sign + Moon & Ascendant signs. If you don’t know these just book in for a session to learn how to work with the many ingredients that make you tick!

Aries      In May your ruler Mars charges into Aquarius until November to activate and energize your friendships and groups, along with progressive ideas and all things inventive. The upside here brings a fabulous host of dynamic new people and ideas to stimulate your options and connections. Ideally we are talking about your ‘like-minded group or tribe’ who share your vision and urge for humanitarian reform, or at least are ready to think and do things differently. So reach out to new people, groups and organizations and at best you can work with a progressive team project as long as you’re not invested in ‘your way or the highway’, as this requires co-operation. The downside can bring reactive interactions with existing friends and setting up rejection by others…or you doing the rejecting! This is a provocative time with heaps of stimulus and the urge to break free of stale situations so your sense of rebellion may be high. Just don’t be the ‘rebel without a cause’.

Taurus  A BIG feature for you this year arrives as activator Mars ignites your 10th House of Career from mid-May until November, bringing an exciting period where you can make real progress toward your current goals or bring fresh innovations, or in some cases a brand new career path. Your competitive urge is strong here and ideally Mars likes to be free to take decisions and actions and do his own thing. Just be aware that your urge for freedom from old systems may mean you aren’t very tolerant of other people’s authority so avoid challenging anyone too directly. Then they may indeed provide valuable support. Perhaps you have a sudden revelation that you can’t do the same old thing anymore, or have a brilliant idea that is destined to change your life focus. This combo is future orientated so just hold the charge on any knee jerk reactions that may upset things unnecessarily.

Gemini                 Mars in Aquarius zooms into your zone of ‘expanded horizons’ from mid-May until November, so you’re off and away for journeys both intellectually and physically and in some cases these can happen suddenly and take you to unexpected shores. You will be hungry for fresh stimulating people and knowledge beyond the old models that have outworn their time. Mars will trigger your urge for rebellion and calling out stupid ideas and beliefs, but this is not a time for extreme views and words or you just become part of the problem energetically…if you know what I mean. Never has it been more essential for intelligent conversations about how we can constructively adapt and plan for greater social justice and solutions to big global problems. As the conversation people of the Zodiac you now get to start making a difference!

Cancer                 From May your focus is drawn to all things financial as Mars in Aquarius zooms into your sector of “shared resources, inheritances and investments” until mid-November. So use this excellent phase to explore innovative options for financial freedom for the future, as this can stir up your urge to take action for positive financial upgrades if you are frustrated by current scenarios, or begin to realize that the game is changing and you need to smarten up. The caution is to be careful of his impulsive tendency to get excited about a brand new idea and make sudden changes without care and consideration. And, whatever you do avoid making decisions without consulting your partners or those with whom you share resources as this can create resistance or resentment…got it? Another excellent feature here brings a zap to your libido and general sense of empowerment. Enjoy!

Leo        Get ready for some sizzle and highly charged shifts and changes in your partnerships when Mr Mars in Aquarius comes calling for an extended tour of your ‘relationship’ zone in mid-May until November. The upside brings exciting new people into your sphere with clever ideas that provoke your quest for new ingredients in your life. Be aware this can also upset exciting situations or trigger conflict with others who may feel threatened if you come on too strong with your Leo passion, so avoiding drama is a great idea. At best your confidence and courage light up your life and the world! The general call here is your need for greater autonomy or individuation in both your business and personal partnerships, and the trick is to not ‘unconsciously invite’ them to resist your need for freedom by making you the bad guy/gal. “I can be close AND be free” is your mantra, and simply explaining that you need more space to explore your potential right now, and this does not threaten them. Indeed if they let you individuate and be free to be you, they will get a better-improved version!

Virgo                    Activator Mars in Aquarius heads into your zone of “daily work and service and routines” from mid-May through to November. He’s the trail blazing energizer planet so get set for some exciting and possibly sudden developments in your regular work routines, with a key theme here involving your need for freedom to initialize new projects or bring in cutting ideas or technology to your work place. Ideally, it is great to work independently if possible and if not, let people know you would appreciate more space and time to ‘think tank’ and develop your ideas. As this is also your “health house” Mars inspires you to implement a new health plan and/or to do the doctor/dentist thing and make sure all systems are in good shape, especially your diet as your gut is very sensitive. Mars can also activate acute inflammatory conditions, or cause us to have accidents if we are angry or frustrated and not dealing with this. If you are cranky about anything just stamp your feet and get it out of your system OK?

Libra                     Things are about to get very busy as Mars heads into Aquarius from mid-May right through until November bringing his original maverick energy to play in your zone of “creativity passion and joy”. So here comes a big burst of “hey I want to be me” fired up to express who you are with all your passion! Your “Free Child” wants to come out to play. In terms of using this fab electric energy ‘creatively’ it’s all about innovative ideas and actions and this may involve connecting with new groups or community activity, or perhaps getting involved with your children’s school projects, as kids are a feature during this six month period. As this Aquarian energy is designed to build strength to be ‘different’ and not conform, then yes the word ‘rebellion’ may apply to your kids PLUS your own “inner child” as you are also individuating!

Scorpio                A big up-shift on the home front arrives from mid-May through to November as activator Mars zooms into Aquarius and your “home and family” sector to free-up existing family structures. This can bring sudden and ‘unexpected’ events into play, things might just ‘happen’ and you need to respond to changing conditions…with calm poise…got it! If a family member wants to fly the coop let them go. If you get a fabulous opportunity and you need to ask your family to let you accept it and be more self-reliant for a while then just ask them. Get the idea? Mars is very impulsive and just says “hey let’s make a change”…sell the house or whatever. So take note of what arises from mid-May and be careful not to do knee jerk reactions from late June to mid-August. This timing is best for planning and exploring options, or to ‘work on things’, so this can be great for a home renovation and getting rid of old stuff. The Aquarian feature is also cool for upgrading sustainable technology in your home such as solar power and water re-cycling.  After mid-September you are free to move forward with major changes like selling or moving.

Sagittarius          Mars is the dynamic God of action who is about to spend 6 months in the stimulating sign of Aquarius stirring things up in your “mind & mouth” sector between mid-May and November. This picks up the pace of daily life big time with ‘short distance journeys’ so planes and cars will feature, along with a fab activation of your social and techno ‘networks’ so I’m sure your gypsy heart is pleased to hear this! This is a splendid time to explore the latest cutting edge knowledge and inventions, and connecting with stimulating people and info through your networks, or perhaps your progressive ‘seed planting’ info is finally ready to be heard. So Mars can give you the courage to do your ‘disseminating’ thing and write/teach or publish your ‘ideas whose time has come’, with best results after October 9th.  Mars can be aggressive in his approach to both gathering and sharing ideas, so be aware that you may come on a bit strong here and there in your excitement. As Sag tends to be a bit over the top at the best of times just take care not to incite arguments if other people don’t get what you’re on about.

Capricorn            What you value and how you spend and invest your money come onto the front burner from mid-May until November when pioneering Mars in Aquarius zooms into your “money” sector, bringing his impulse to start doing things differently. Mars is in hyper inventive, innovative and progressive mode so it’s time to free up any old beliefs that ‘you are what you own’. Caps are typically very security conscious and work hard to gather resources and wealth so you can ‘feel safe’. And this is fine as long as you’re not too attached to ‘things’ and believe these make you valuable! Between mid-May and late June you’re enthusiastic to set fresh goals that liberate your values and financial world, then until mid-August it’s great to do your think tanking and research for fresh options. This can also be a time of frustration and delays around income or bring sudden outgoings, so just stay cool and remember that the new balls aren’t all lined up just yet. Delays will clear and you are free to move forward with new plans after September 11th through to mid-November.

Aquarius             A brilliant cycle arrives as Mars zooms into Aquarius from mid-May until November to light up your independent free spirit with an extra charge of action and adventure. This is fab news and is very congruent with progressive Jupiter in busy career mode growth. This period brings fast- paced progress with confidence and excitement, and daring to use your determination to make some things happen beyond your comfort zone. Some lively like-minded innovative people and ideas are on the way hoorah! You will have plenty of energy and can get lots done, with a caution to be aware of other people’s needs as you also feel like being incredibly selfish! Aquarius is independence personified at the best of times and Mars now drives your freedom to be who you are even more, so this is a great period to do your own thing with complete confidence that your nuts ideas and world-view have been genius all along!

Pisces                   As activator Mars energizes Aquarius from mid-May until November 2018 he lights up your ‘psychological and spiritual’ inner spaces to switch on new levels of faith and trust in the future. Mars impels us to take action and pioneer new levels of our potential so get set for genius ideas to arrive in your meditation and ‘daydreams’ as you’ll be craving time away from the madding crowd! Great for films and docos and good quality e-time, or you may be inspired to release your inner artist, as you guys are the ‘downloaders’ of visionary images of the future after all. This is also great timing to release any old compulsive anger patterns as you are by nature sensitive souls who practice “passive rage” rather than owning and dealing with your frustrations. So it’s time to start practicing “healthy assertiveness”, by simply saying how you feel and what you need…ok? It is also time to give up the classic Pisces victim/martyr issues, where you are busy rescuing people…or needing to be rescued. What a fabulous opportunity to get clear about old behavior patterns that have been limiting your psychological wellness!

SO set your intentions on May 16th on the Taurus New Moon to be open to exciting change and innovation for your life! Blessings and love to you all Maggie

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