Astro Insights for April 2020

Saturn in Aquarius

Greetings friends as we journey together through this fundamental and very rapid transformation of our society…and in the blink of a cosmic eye everything we have taken for granted has changed.

Despite knowing that 2020 would bring the most dramatic shifts in 500 years courtesy of Saturn & Pluto meeting in Capricorn, I am just as shocked as everyone as to the magnitude of what has now come to pass since January.
The planes ✈️ have stopped, cars 🚗 have stopped, the world 🌍 as a whole has pretty much stopped and the Co2 levels have dropped!
Regardless of the many theories about how this COVID arrived to play it’s part in the global transition, my simple call is that Gaia has been letting us know she is in trouble for decades and she finally got over waiting for us to do something about it.

In mythology Gaia the Great Earth Mother married Ouranos Sky God and they gave birth to the Gods who would rule over us. Ouranos who we now call Uranus is known as ‘the Father of Archetypes’ and he operates through CHAOS as he seeds the new from the detritus of the old forms.
As the ruler of Aquarius he resides over the evolution of the very consciousness that underpins society. His humanitarian principle drives the reality that ‘WE ARE ALL ONE” as part of the interconnected web of creation. His electrical energies are sudden & disruptive & shocking as he AWAKENS & LIBERATES us from the past toward the future.
As Saturn now ventures into Aquarius we are challenged to begin to take responsibility for our part in our global family as we re-invent the systems that run our world. So in this sense I feel the excitement of this new wave, as I also feel the grief as the old is passing away…
The question becomes are we ready as a collective to make the giant leap that will radically change the redundant value systems once the lights go on again?
Or is this the ‘end game’ containing the opportunity for ‘the powers that be’ to do the one world government cashless society thing? We shall…as they say…see.

2020 is remarkable for bringing together 3 main planet cycle shifts, starting with Saturn/Pluto in Cap in January, then Saturn stepping into Aquarius on the March 23rd New Aries Moon, and now Jupiter meets Pluto in Cap as we head into April. So as old cycles end and new ones begin please remember we are at a DAWN or new beginning, which always offers the promise of hope for the future in the midst of the chaotic painful birth process!

If you’d like to catch up on my Feb & March updates including the C Virus story scroll down past this post

Venus in Gemini - Retrograde 2020

In my 2020 Global Report written back in late 2019 I talked up this 4 month Venus in Gemini time as…
“She heads into Gemini on April 4th and remains there for 4 months until 7th August. Collectively this offers much needed  conversations containing the ideas that will re-invigorate and inspire the global reform from 2020.
She brings another splendid ingredient into our unfolding evolution via her connections with fabulous ideas and people to help grow our story. Venus in Gemini is quick and adaptable and loves movement and travel so take note of those words as this is what we need to be between April and August…clever quick and adaptable.
Gemini is also associated with commerce, and Venus brings us partners and others with whom we can build co-operative projects. The question from Venus in Gemini is “what do you need to say or share and how may you use partnerships plus IT & technology to do this?” Very exciting.
This 4-month window is also fab for teaching or podcasting or generally sharing knowledge, or attending seminars and so on, or just being social. Generally, lots of fun on offer from Venus during this period.”

OK so apart from the ‘physical travel’ bit the rest is still absolutely relevant…indeed even more so now we are all in physical distance as the whole IT social network thing is so vitally important so we can keep in touch with loved ones and tell them we love them and get some virtual hugs!
This also brings an unprecedented shift in business operations as companies scramble to bring in ‘remote’ work place practices, and begin to re-purpose in ingenious new ways!
Also for this fab opportunity to study things you’ve never had time for like my Astrology Course!!!

As Gemini rules ‘the mind and mouth’ and Venus bring gifts, then her sojourn for 4 months here also offers us an amazing opportunity to learn how to manage our minds in these complex and disorientating times. I’ll share some ideas on this in the main section PLUS          I work with lots of this material in the Astrology e-Course as I integrate many therapy models and tools to support our growth as a conscious ‘whole person’!

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…
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I welcome you to book a session if you need or would like any support as we pass through this challenging 2020 process

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Before I head into the April story I’d like to give a huge shout out to my dear friend John Edward who has been so supportive of my work over this past 14 years. He is a truly generous Soul who offers his Evolve on-line Community as a rich source of  tools for conscious evolution. Many thanks to those he has sent my way for your kind donation for my 2020 Global Astrology Report & Horoscopes.

April opens with a bang as activator Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius to kick start an amazing wave of clever inventive ways to not only cope with this new scenario, but also to step right up and begin re-inventing ourselves. Aquarius after all is the sign of the inventor and futurist. Mars now adds another dose of AIR to what has been the darker heavier Capricorn forces AND

  • On April 3rd Venus joins this fresh new team as she heads into Gemini for her 4 month stint AND
  • In early May we also have the North Node (or destiny point) also heading into Gemini for the next 18 months!

I am very excited about all this AIR coming back into the astro-scape as AIR brings us ideas & information & solutions and also offers a chance for us to step up into greater objectivity as we pass through this ‘eye of the needle’ between the past and the future that is 2020.

So at best the combo of Mars with Saturn can trigger community spirit that brings us together in the spirit of we are seriously all in this together and practicing random acts of kindness as never before.  Here’s a great article about how our 2 political parties in Oz are co-operating rather than yelling at each other as usual!

And this essay is the very best I have read over these many weeks about this whole process – well worth a read! I wish I had the skill to bring it all together as well as this gentleman!

Downside here between April 1st and 4th can be pretty heavy as people may lash out in their fear looking for something/one to blame for their feelings of powerlessness. It will also bring things to a head in some way – the ‘eye of the storm’ perhaps as this wave of the virus reaches its peak over the next 2 weeks? The impact of social distancing (Saturn Aquarius) may really kick in as cabin fever strikes and feelings of isolation are intense. So rather than allowing your buttons to be pressed just do your breathing and centering and use your mantra “I am safe – all is well” even if you have to say this 100 times a day lol. This should start passing once Mars moves away from Saturn as April unfolds. Mars leaves Aqua in mid May and then moves into Pisces.

Please remember that if we have the luxury of self-isolation in a home with food we are the lucky ones!!!!!!! Countless billions of people are poor and have no access to medical care and social support so count your blessings if you are like me…a lucky one! Yes I live alone so am used to being a hermit and my beautiful Ziggy cat  is getting and giving so many hugs!! I have also been on the phone heaps and lots of emails and Skype chats with people all over the planet so I am fine and grateful. Ziggy is sending purrs to you from his pic at the end of this little report!

And then we have expansive growth planet Jupiter joining power planet Pluto also in early April for the first of their three meetings this year (the second retrograde pass in late June and final connection in November.) So these are the dudes who are driving the deeper evolutionary growth potential, and as Jupiter often brings his gifts as opportunity disguised as loss it can be very helpful to know that in the midst of all this chaos (Saturn in Aquarius) and destruction (Pluto in Capricorn) that as Jupiter & his brother Pluto join forces they will forge powerful fresh vision and purpose as the year goes by. Scroll down for my little Rave about Pluto after the next bit…

Mercury is still in Pisces ( yes it feels like forever since early Feb with his retrograde here) and joins Neptune also on April 4th, and I see this also as a kind of ‘peak infection’ moment as this falls on the Moon in Pisces of the Millennium Horoscope I discussed back in February. As Mercury is information and Pisces can bring confusion and misinformation try and stay sanguine as rumors or news may feed into insecurities. Once again this passes quite quickly and by April 11th Mercury thankfully finally leaves Pisces and heads into Aries until April 28th and we step out of the Piscean fog. You will find your ‘mind and mouth’ become clearer and more assertive.

The Full Moon on April 8th falls @ 18 degrees  with Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra.  This Full Moon brings the release or full point from the Aries New Moon back on March 24th when the shite really started fitting the fan…so to speak. So once again we may see some kind of maximum expression of the impact on our society here, as both Jupiter and Pluto are in hard aspect. On the upside Mars in Aquarius rules the Full Moon and he is in great aspect with Venus in Gemini to stimulate us with positive ideas and connections.

The New Moon on April 23rd @ 3 degrees Taurus is right on top of change agent Uranus and in hard aspect to the Mars/Saturn combo in Aquarius. So we may expect the unexpected on this one. Taurus rules money systems, food & agriculture & the environment. Uranus brings us sudden and unexpected developments & breakthroughs so our current global situation could change dramatically. Perhaps this is the peak and things level off quite quickly. Here’s to that scenario thank you!

Here’s some insights and tools to mange our Pluto journey through these transformational times…

Pluto is ‘The Lord of the Underworld’ and Jupiter the ‘King of Heaven’ so we have a meeting of the higher and lower worlds right now both externally and internally. Pluto forces us to go DEEP so Jupiter can take us HIGHER. Pluto regulates ‘the transformational process’ that brings death/rebirth and operates below the threshold of consciousness as ‘the alchemist’ who transmutes base metals into gold. Fab stuff straight from the Alchemical Traditions!

One of his metaphors is the descent into the dark cocoon where we must wait patiently for the season to reveal the butterfly waiting to be born. We meet the true mystery of life and death through Pluto’s process! And a term I use in my therapy work is ‘entering the void’ – ‘the place between what we once were and what we are not yet.’ I’ve always found this very supportive in my client work as it really helps to know that ‘the void’ is actually not an empty place but rather a place rich in potential if we can manage our vulnerability and confusion.  It is not a comfortable place, especially for those who are attached to outer world action as their primary driver.   The question becomes “who am I if I am not a human doing?”

So we have this excellent opportunity right now to slow down and reassess what is really important as we also honor and care for our feelings. This is where the ‘7 stages of grief’ can be very helpful to remind us we need to acknowledge our grief as we deal with the devastating losses of jobs and lifestyles and the uncertainty of these times. Just remember this is not just a sequential process. We can jump around between these feelings sometimes several times in a day!

The 7 Stages of Grief
Shock – Initial paralysis at hearing bad news
Denial – Trying to avoid the inevitable
Anger – Frustrated outpouring of bottled up emotion
Bargaining – Seeking in vain for a way out
Depression – Final realization of the inevitable
Testing – Seeking realistic solutions
Acceptance – Finding the way forward

We also need our ‘Spiritual resilience’ right now by using the tools we have been cultivating over many years and decades. At some point each day just tune in to your 7 Chakras and set them spinning and visualize the God force or Quantum source or whatever you call it feeding down through your crown to your third eye –  throat – HEART – FEELINGS in your belly – power in your lower belly and grounding you at the base.

Here is a wonderful overview of the ‘energetic’ forces at work right now and how we may tap into these in the most positive way plus a meditation from my old friend and colleague Phillip Lindsay one of the best Esoteric Astrologers on the planet. You can sign up for his excellent free newsletters

“The individual etheric body is not an isolated and separated human vehicle but is, in a peculiar sense, an integral part of the etheric body of that entity which we have called the human family; this kingdom in nature, through its etheric body, is an integral part of the planetary etheric body; the planetary etheric body is not separated off from the etheric bodies of other planets but all of them in their totality, along with the etheric body of the sun constitute the etheric body of the solar system.” (Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey. p.10.)
Hence, potential greater health that can be generated currently – is through the visualisation of vital prana, circulating dynamically through the planetary etheric body, through its myriad networks of energy lines or nadis. This can be done individually or in group meditation by millions around the world.
Currently the planet is experiencing clean air and clear skies in many of its major cities for the first time in decades. This situation must be capitalized upon through group meditations that have the capacity to flush out many planetary toxins.
As above, so below. This big picture meditation will have personal benefits, but individuals may want to focus on their own etheric health as well. Using various colors, depending upon personal preferences – violet, white or golden sun rays.
See them pouring through the etheric body that envelops the physical, expanding and scintillating your personal energy network. Invoke the energies of your own soul to pour down its vital healing force through all the vehicles of the personality – mental, astral and etheric-physical. There is the virus and general health prophylactic.
Then extend your own personal field to your family, local environment, community, city, nation – eventually encompassing the entire planet, linking up with friends and groups everywhere. Keep visualizing and connecting on a daily basis – this will stimulate a global “100th monkey effect” – that will catch on and be adopted intuitively by others; where the pandemic of fear will be replaced by caring strategies for world health – an inner “world health organization”.
Many groups are already making efforts in these kind of directions. Can we imagine how the collective powerlessness that people are experiencing right now, can flip in a relatively short time – by participating in this daily ritual?
Physical health and immunity will be easily and automatically improved but more importantly, it will have a reflexive effect upon the other planetary mental and astral bodies, infusing them with greater vitality for purification              Phillip Lindsay
841E3872- (1)

And here is Ziggy.  He is so patient while I sing him silly songs!

Blessings and love to you all

March Astro Update with Dynamic Aries New Moon

Greetings old fiends & welcome new ones to my March update as we swim through these unchartered waters of Mercury retrograde in Pisces & confusion reigns in so many ways!
Yes this one’s been a doozy with Sun also in Pisces the sign of invisible & subtle energies like the immune system that protects us from incoming infectious disease! So take care of yours as the C-virus may be part of life for  a while me thinks. Pisces is also associated with isolation & retreat – classic stuff as a new sign of the times right? It also rules confusion & misinformation so don’t believe all you read and hear right now!
Check my last blog for full details…
So until March 21st when Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural year rest up when you can & allow your psyche/Soul to dream fresh dreams & create safe boundaries both physically & emotionally! See yourself with a protective force field that zaps negative everything ok?
Once Mercury turns direct on March 10th the fog begins to clear, connections start flowing again & you can make clearer decisions, although he remains in Pisces until end of April.
The Full Moon Pisces/Virgo on March 9th with Neptune exactly on the Sun in Pisces asks us to figure how to bring ‘heaven down to earth’ or make our dreams a practical reality. FMoon has fab inspiration & ingredients that feed into…
 …the big energies kicking in from the New Aries Moon on the 24th @ 4 degrees, green lighting the release of excellent new projects you’ve been working toward.
In the chart above we see a number of MAJOR features including Mars (who rules Aries) joining both Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn.
AND the arrival of Saturn into Aquarius for our first taste of a big ‘breath of fresh AIR’!
Read on below…

New Moon Aries 2020














Mars + Jupiter + Pluto in Capricorn in the New Moon in Aries Chart…

Our inaugural new moon for the ‘natural year’ is super active to say the least as the ruler of Aries is Mars, who joins Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn for the first of their 3 meetings this year – the next pass is late June and finally in the 2nd week of November. This is the beginning of their new 12 year cycle together & is the most important signature of 2020 after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January -the 500 year cycle now kicking in that will completely transform our global systems. For all the news on this & the Global Story here’s my report if you missed it.

So Jupiter urges us to expand & opens new frontiers – does things BIG & is a visionary who looks toward future possibilities. On the upside he is Mr Lucky who brings fab opportunities into play – on the downside he over inflates and takes unwise risks. He rules our ‘call to adventure’ and is associated with seeking, higher learning, writing & the sharing of information so journalism & the media.

He amplifies any Planet he joins – in this case Pluto the Lord of regeneration & renewal. Pluto rules the power systems that control our Capricorn global governance systems. (This is why 2020 is such a big deal as as Pluto and his mates Jupiter & Saturn are all in Capricorn.) At best Jupiter/Pluto can announce the beginning of an uber powerful period of excellent expansion in your life. Together they forge new empires personally and globally to expand our old outmoded world views…very exciting & of course quite how and where this is on offer  in your own world depends on your horoscope. Time to check in with me and find out?

We are already seeing the Jupiter effect kicking in as he rules ‘international’ matters & the Virus is circulating without border restrictions. Also in the BIG wave of fear reactions and people panic buying as if the world is about to end. It will not ok? Just have enough provisions to get you through a few weeks in isolation if need be. Obviously if you display severe symptoms then get yourself to hospital, although it is the elderly and immune systems compromised folks who are at higher risk.

BTW the last time they met in December 2007 was at the height of the stock market bull run and the writing was on the wall for the beginning of the GFC in January 2008. So even though they don’t meet until late March, we’ve already seen an official ‘correction’ kicking in courtesy of the C-Virus fears of longer term issues to do with supply chains, with many industries already feeling the pressure. This is why I’m also intrigued as to what may be on the cards when Mars triggers their first meeting as this can also play out as another trigger for the global re-structuring process.

As much as there are ‘real’ issues in play here please remember not to allow your personal energy to get caught up in the fear machine as it continues to amp up over coming weeks. FEAR feeds into victim consciousness – not a good look at this time ok? “Your mantra is I allow the Universe to support & protect me as I continue to manifest my creative goals into the world.”

A Little Touch of Saturn in Aquarius…a breath of fresh AIR

One of the really exciting features for 2020 is when Saturn makes a brief visit into Aquarius to give us a taste of what he has in store from 2021 when he moves in to stay.

He enters on 23rd March right on the Equinox when our new natural year begins so we see him at 0deg Aqua in the New Moon Chart, so becomes a significant  feature underpinning collective activity. He heads up to 2 degrees and stops… then retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 2nd to complete his run through Capricorn until December…then he heads into Aquarius WITH Jupiter as they begin their new 20-year cycle in DECEMBER yay!!. Before then he still has some business to complete with his fellow Gods of Reformation as he dances with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn to bring us Act 1 of humanities momentous new play!

His last visit to Aquarius was between Feb 1991 & Feb 1994, so check your memory banks for insight into who and where you were at last time, for insights for this next 3 years. This was the beginning of the www techno revolution, thus we can expect another exponential development of global connectivity.

Aquarius is the AIR sign driving the impulse to innovation & original ideas that dare to be different from the conventional as they stimulate fresh change. Aquarius governs the ‘universal consciousness’ that ‘we are all one’ amidst an interconnected system of creation. Spot on right?! Hence Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism where Leo must send its’ creative impulse to uplift and improve community and society. Lovely. This meant to be the true purpose of our leaders of society. This is why Aquarius is associated with ‘Politics’ and Leo the political leaders, and why we will see a whole new type of leader emerge over coming years.

So, Saturn heading into Aquarius will launch a new phase of reform and change collectively, with potential for an increase in ‘civil disobedience’ and activism in response to the growing right-wing nationalism and authoritarianism. We have already seen the beginning of this during 2019 in Hong Kong and Lebanon and so many other countries as people are fed up with the greedy corrupt systems.

He will bring an amazing stimulus to the whole technological innovation thing as the new space economy becomes more mainstream, and the AI Intelligence reality takes bold new steps. We already know that we have either been ‘data mined’ or freely given away our vital info to god knows who right? Anyway that’s a big story for my main article on Saturn in Aquarius on the way. Meanwhile I wrote an article for the wonderful C*I*A* group called “The New Frontiers” of Saturn in Aquarius” where I explore the new space economy and the major players. Fascinating stuff – you can access here for A$10.

Aquarius rules our role in society as a positive force for bringing in fresh innovative options so we are called to ask how and where may I do this? Thus we will see a rise of ‘grass roots’ community activity that begins to take action beyond limiting government decisions that continue to deny the reality that we must take care of natural systems! This is the Uranus in Taurus energy that kicked in from back in 2028 and continues through to 2025.

Mexit & The Royal Family Story

We had fun on my Astrology of 2020 Seminar day checking the royal charts as Saturn arriving in Aquarius just happens to coincide with Harry & Meghan flying the coop.












First obvious point of interest is Meghan’s Sun in Leo falls EXACT on HRH Moon so Meg is going to stimulate (Sun) affairs to do with Liz’s family (Moon).

With Harry’s Pluto opposite his Gran’s Sun we see the ‘transformation’ he may bring into play in her world, which begins when he marries Meg in May 2018 under the influence of Mars in Aquarius + Uranus in Taurus exactly on Gran’s Sun (once in 84 year cycle – the last time was 1936 when she learnt she would become Queen after her Uncle Edward VIII abdicated!). With Uranus think revolutionary change & new beginnings. Indeed the fact he was allowed to marry a black American divorcee completely fits the bill! A complete break with Taurus tradition!

Now we have Saturn in Aquarius arriving to trigger Liz, Charles, William & Harry’s charts, exactly when Harry & Meg are set to break every protocol of tradition and leave the HRH stakes. Gotta love Astrology isn’t it amazing timings?

Meanwhile Prince Andrew’s chart is also under heavy influence from the transiting Capricorn planet gang.

Prince Andrew














When his involvement in the Epstein scandal broke last year he had transiting Saturn on his Saturn – otherwise known as a Saturn return. We see he also has Mars & Venus in Capricorn along with Saturn in his 6th house of ‘daily work and service’. Both of these are now receiving transits from Saturn & Jupiter three times this year + Mars in Cap in late March. To date he has not responded to requests from USA authorities for him to give evidence of his involvement in the Epstein cases.

So we can expect further news on this in late March when Mars by transit hits his Venus/Mars. Interesting this coincides with Saturn in Aquarius to Queen’s Sun. Then by May Jupiter by transit arrives on these planets and the news gets big. I do feel sorry for QEII on this one as her favorite son in disgrace is a sad outcome for her.
Anyway just sharing all this astro gossip as another feature of the momentous events of 2020.

Stay positive and shine your light my friends
Much love from Maggie

Feb Astro Guidance – Full Moon in Leo & Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

GreeMercury Pisces Retrotings friends as we begin to take stock of the tumultuous events of recent weeks courtesy of the once in 500 year ‘Global Reset’ meeting of Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn.
Many thanks to all who made a donation for my 2020 Global Report & Horoscopes where I outlined the massive significance of the unfolding cycles, and in this case I am sorry to report that Astrology has yet again proven to be way too accurate.We are indeed reaping the rewards of the unconscious material world model birthed way back in 1518, and it seems nothing short of catastrophe will force us to begin to clean up our act.
I’ll discuss more on this plus the Corona virus situation in the main section…
On a more positive note we are somewhat free of the ‘heavy Capricorn stuff’ during February as first Mercury enters Pisces on Feb 4th and then Sun into Pisces on Feb 19th.
This is the final stage in our natural year cycle where we release the past & connect to our higher nature to invite inspiration for forward motion after the Equinox on March 21st. With so much fear swirling it’s so important to take time out where you can, rest, reflect, gestate, trust and flow. Your mantra is “I am safe – all is well’.
Send love to all who have suffered loss and bless our poor natural world & the animals.

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January 2020 was a ‘Game Changer’!!!!
It’s always fascinating to see how the planet cycles play out in our lives & the world, as even though we Astrologers can make a call that hard line Saturn meeting up with power planet Pluto in Capricorn in January would be a tough combination that would impact social structures, we can’t ‘predict’ the exact events that will come to pass. This is because Astrology studies planet cycles and their history…it is not a fortune telling tool lol. The last time they met in Capricorn was 1518 when the Reformation began and the new world was born.

We have an impressive but daunting list of events that are indeed impacting our ‘social structures’ including the devastating fires here in Oz that are still burning & so far have taken 14,000M acres 37 lives over 2000 homes & a BILLION wildlife. Oz has become the ‘canary on the coalmine’ for the obvious reality that the climate has already changed thus it is imperative we pull out all stops immediately to revision our values to cooperative co-creation to SUSTAINABLE industry!

Climate cartoon

Major Volcanic activity in the Philippines & flooding in Indonesia –  US unprovoked assassination in Iran amping up mid-East tensions – civil unrest in many nations – the bizarre US impeachment ‘trial’ of Trump – Brexit in the UK with huge implications to the ongoing members of the UK and the EU. Then there’s Mexit as Harry & Meghan exit the Royal Firm, and the ongoing threat to Prince Andrew and the Epstein saga. And now we have the latest Corona virus out of China bringing the world into lock down and adding to the already overheated fear meter as everyday people wonder what the hell is going on. More on this below after the planet report…

Let’s do a step by step through January to see how to respond to the interweaving energies…

Mercury enters Pisces – February 3 (11:37 GMT) On the upside Pisces brings a beautiful opportunity to commune with our higher nature to work with intuition & imagination to incubate further growth…very artistic with a tendency to escapism from worldly concerns. With all the drama happening in our world it is indeed so tempting to turn off the news and disappear right? Very important to rest and reflect & trust your Soul to guide you even if things are not clear. Downside brings confusion and lack of clarity with uncertainty about best next moves, and the need to CHECK FACTS as outright lies & misinformation are a signature of Mercury in Pisces!

2020 Mercury retro periods are in WATER signs thus our MENTAL and VERBAL focus is driven by feeling and intuition, so here is to a whole new level of compassion in our global dialogue and personal interactions. The retro periods are opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate, re-organize, research, review and plan. The God of the ‘mind & mouth’ is set to spend 11 whole weeks in the watery realms of Pisces as he has his first retrograde season here. (Next comes Cancer in June/July & lastly Scorpio in Oct/Nov.)

Mercury turns retrograde @12 Pisces on Feb 17 & heads back into the late degrees of Aquarius before turning direct on 10th March. So rather than buying into feeling frustrated by a lack of direction or clear motivation just stay patient and pause for breath as you mull over next steps. As ever do the Merc retro protocol and back up data, avoid signing contracts as details will be hazy, and re-do re-vise & all the re words you can think of! He does not return to 12 Pisces until 30th March & remains in Pisces until April 11th when he kicks into Aries. SO think of this whole period from Feb 3rd to April 11th as a major pause in proceedings as you gather your inner resources and & tap into Universal Source energy to download fresh inspiration!

Venus enters Aries on Feb 7th – So while our minds & mouths are in feeling mode our Venus relating energy is very active for the rest of Feb until March 5th when she enters her home sign of Taurus. She is quite confident warm and friendly in Aries and enjoys connecting with others without conflict, so here’s to her reasonable vibes prevailing in our lives and on the world stage.

Full Moon @ deg 20 Leo on Feb 9 (07:33 GMT) – I am loving this Full Moon with Mars in Sagittarius in  positive connection to Moon in Leo to motivate our personal and global story with snazzy upgrades & changes. Sun in Aquarius drives the essence of humanity and community as an interconnected organism with equal rights for all creatures great and small.

Aquarius brings us the progressive thinkers and inventors who are inspired to improve society, as well as the activists and change agents who dare to confront old guard entrenched systems that have ‘calcified’ and outlived their useful form. We LOVE Aquarius!!! And yes I am one! Aquarius is associated with political systems and the opposite sign Leo with the leaders who are meant to represent the best interests of all.

So this Full Moon with Mars in Sag calls us to demand our leaders and political systems be accountable and act beyond their loyalties to old guard business interests! We can expect some big news internationally re said leaders & their ‘accountability’. Interesting that the Democrat selection process begins under this full Moon. Then there’s the international implications of the Corona Virus.

Mars enters Capricorn on Feb 16 – for 6 weeks until April 1st – The action planet coming in to join the party of planets in Capricorn will trigger next moves in the ‘global reset story’ into March. More on this in the next letter and how and when to use this guy to grow your 2020 success potential. Generally Mars in Cap is exalted or at his best in Cap as he’s able to direct his force with strategic planning toward his goals.

Sun enters Pisces on Feb 19 – Had a big chat about Pisces in the Mercury section so scroll back to refresh your memory.

New Moon @ 4 Pisces on Feb 23 (15:32 GMT) – this is quite a beautiful N Moon with Mars in Cap + Uranus in Taurus in harmonious connections. As Pisces regulates the spread of the emerging Zeitgeist into the collective field I’m getting this will be supported by the new wave of values beyond the unsustainable past.

The Corona Virus story
I have been interested in the whole VIRUS thing since I saw the Horoscope for the New Millennium back in 2000. This is the chart for the next 1,000 years so yes very important right?
New Millennium

Here is what I wrote in 2002 – “I immediately noticed the Moon in Pisces @ 18 degrees in the 6th house of health.  I couldn’t help but spontaneously (or was it intuitively) say out loud – ‘this is a plague chart’, and quickly admonished myself for being somewhat dramatic. The Moon in a Mundane or Collective horoscope represents the emotional health of the people – also their capacity for nourishment (food etc) and nurture and  Spiritually the Moon is also the group Soul.  Moon in Pisces is ruled by Neptune so the emotional health of the group or collective human species is totally linked with the Spiritual health of said human species.  So, immune system issues will be a feature as Neptune & Pisces rule the immune system”.

Well we haven’t had a major plague or pandemic to date, with 20 million deaths as was the case with the 1917 Spanish Flu! So please don’t freak out as I am NOT predicting one! But this latest Corona Virus event is the third scare since 2000 and the whole immune system virus thing has been up both in terms of physical health and also in the computer world right? Here are the 3 main outbreaks with the transits to the Moon in Pisces on this chart – very interesting!

  • SARS – Nov 02 to July 03 – Pluto in Sag square Moon Pisces 18 deg. Epicenter was China, where the  killed 814 globally.
  • The 2009 flu pandemic or swine flu lasted from April 2009 to Aug 2010, involving H1N1 influenza virus, albeit in a new version. Epicenter Mexico with approx 201,000 deaths. Saturn in Virgo oppose Moon Pisces & Neptune Aquarius conjunct Venus 26 deg.
  • Corona Virus outbreak Jan 2020 – Mars in Sagittarius square Moon Pisces 18 deg in late January.  Neptune in  Pisces began to conjunct Moon @ 18 deg from May/June/July 2019 with more passes to come in March Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 Jan 2021. As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces his arrival onto the Moon is a once in 164 year event!

At the moment (Feb 5th) there are massive efforts to contain the spread of the virus with over 400 deaths in China & estimates of 20,000 infected. The SARS outbreak back in 2003 was contained within 7 months with relatively few deaths compared to the predicted PANDEMIC. So with Neptune in play for the remainder of 2020 it will be interesting to see how the containment process timing plays out. Just remember the big hype from SARS was very overinflated so at this stage don’t buy into this event being a PANDEMIC.

The Immune system is the invisible energetic system that protects us from incoming harmful virus and bacteria. Energetically it also protects us from harmful & toxic people who drain us of energy if we buy into their stuff.The way to empower yourself right now is to strengthen your IMMUNE system with healthy BOUNDARIES that protect you emotionally. In other words its OK to say NO & be careful who you choose to hang out with & what media you watch.

It is easy to go into feeling overload when we see so much pain & suffering PLUS anger and frustration at the ineptitude of our leaders, so by all means connect with your compassion (also ruled by Neptune & Pisces) and then step back into your healthy objectivity asap!  Physically we support the Immune system with masses of good quality Vitamin C plus Broccoli Garlic Ginger Spinach Yogurt Almonds Turmeric Green Tea Papaya Kiwi Sunflower Seeds & Shellfish – and lots of good sleep!

Stay positive and shine your light my friends
Much love from Maggie


Dynamic Timing Systems
Planets in Transit – The Cycles of Life
2 Day Program
Saturday 21st March AND Sat 18th April

Please join Maggie as we learn to weave the synthesis of planets in transit to our natal chart AND to the larger collective cycles of history.

As the 10 main planets & nodes move endlessly in their cycles, they create growth and evolution both on an individual and collective level at all times. The remarkable part in all this is that each of us gets exactly what we need on every day of our lives to fulfill our birth script or Horoscope blueprint! A cosmic symphony of epic proportions!

On our first day we cover the transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars through the horoscope as they stimulate the daily, weekly & monthly trends, AND the transits of Jupiter & Saturn in their 12 and 28 year cycles.
On day two we go deep as we explore The Outer Planets – Chiron Uranus Neptune & Pluto as they forge the deeper shifts and evolutionary processes within our life experience.

You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.  
Recordings are ready from the Astrology of 2020 Seminar.
Mail me to book or order recordings!

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…
Universal Astrology Certificate e-Course


2020 Global Report & Horoscopes

2020 Global Astrology Report and HoroscopesHappy 2020 my friends as we step into this brand new decade  &era.

It’s been a difficult start for us here in Oz with our unprecedented bush fires with such loss and pain on so many levels. And also for our global community as the threat of war accelerates fear & uncertainty…we simply just don’t need it right now. We just need love & kindness and to honor our vulnerable feelings.

My heart is heavy but my Sagittarian Soul shines on with a spirit of optimism that the best of the human spirit will prevail. 2020 brings us HUGE cosmic shifts that augur the next renaissance and reformation for all global systems, starting with a Lunar Eclipse on Sat 11th & Jan 12th when Saturn meets Pluto in Capricorn for the first time since 1518! So I have lots of amazing info & ideas to share with you about this biggie plus lots of other era shifts in the Cosmic Calendar!

I have decided to offer it by donation this year (scroll down), as I need to place value on the many months of work and research and writing that goes into it as I cover business/politics in some depth and also supportive tools for healing and empowering our evolution as we step between the past and the future.

SO even if you can only afford $1 that just fine and much appreciated – and there are a few other options. Many thanks in advance to my dear readers, friends, students and clients gathered over the many years of my career. I love you all. And thanks to many who have mailed to check in about the fires so kind. I’m 1000k north…it’s a big country…and so much of it is burning.

Meanwhile I am late this year with my big report as I ended up in hospital over xmas and new year having two operations to repair my leg after an accident…oh joy…not! I’m now home in my moon boot confined to barracks and have finally put the finishing touches to my little epic…
Here’s the rundown in the Global Report over 70 pages
2020 Overview
Some Thoughts About the Swing to Right Wing Nationalism of Recent Years
Our Spiritual Revolution
The Chinese Metal White Rat Year
2020 Eclipses
2020 Mercury Retrograde Periods
The Story of our Global Evolution Since 2008
Venus in Gemini for her once in 8 year retrograde phase
Mars in Aries for a once in 28 year retrograde phase
Jupiter in Capricorn – Time for a New Global Philosophy
Saturn in Capricorn – Restructuring our Global Systems
A Little Touch of Saturn in Aquarius
Saturn & Pluto for the first time since 1518
A Rare Meeting of Jupiter + Saturn + Pluto
Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!
Country Charts – Australia – UK – China & Hong Kong – USA & Trump
Donald Trump – Maverick Change Agent
Chiron in Aries
Uranus in Taurus
List of New and Full Moons for 2020

2020 Horoscopes – 80 Pages!

My 2020 wish us all is that we may find peace and happiness in the midst of tough times and stay clear in our light to heal and support our planet through these epoch changing times!
Blessings and love to all    Maggie

Once your donation is processed you will be redirected to my site to download a pdf of the report. If you have any problems just reply to this email… ENJOY!

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Astro Guidance for December 2019 – Write Your Story for 2020!

Jupiter in Capricorn

Greetings fellow travelers as Sun heads through Sagittarius until Dec 222nd, enriching our lives with a much needed dose of optimism in these intensely bizarre & difficult times! KEEP THE FAITH that a new order is about to be birthed as we head into 2020!!!!!

Just a quickie this month with a brief mention of cosmic highlights, as I am busy writing my BIG 2020 Global Report…stay tuned for my next email!

New Moon @ 4 Sagittarius on Nov 26th is supercharged with Jupiter in Sag for the last time in 12 years! Make the most of the fun & adventurous positive spirit on this one kids & use it to seed your 2020 with fresh vision & purpose. Write your new STORY for what you want your life to look like!!  Incoming opportunities abound, & with Uranus triggering Mars in Scorpio on the NMoon things morph out of old stagnant territory pronto!
So stay upbeat and resist the urge to lurk in the dark Scorpio realms. Use it instead to access your deepest innermost resources i.e. your power. Ah…& let go of old controlling people & stuff.
Oh yes expect lots more big news as Mars in Scorp continues to dig up more secrets…ah isn’t it fun!

The big news is the arrival of expansive Jupiter into the sign of Capricorn on the December 3rd.
Here’s my free article!

Full Moon @ 19 deg Sag/Gemini Dec 12th – this one is driven by Jupiter freshly in Capricorn & has strong aspects with Venus/Saturn/Pluto in Cap. This drives the VISION for the epoch shifting force of 2020.

Next comes the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th @ 4 deg Capricorn…with Jupiter…paving the way for the Global Reset on January 12th. Previous 19 cycle was Dec 2000 just before the world changed in 2001 with 9/11. Always wise to avoid major decisions or moves 2 weeks before & after although if your chart is triggered then sometimes the Universe gets things moving for you anyway! The Eclipse path falls through Indonesia so heads up for nature being kind.

As we prepare to head into 2020 our focus must encompass the complete ecosystem that drives Mother Earth and the urgent need to heal & restore her with co-operative intelligent design – physically, politically, economically and spiritually.

Seasons greetings to all – we are all ONE! Feel free to share this and let me know how you’re traveling!
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The Astrology of 2020 Cover

Please join us for my annual One-day gathering of the tribe to welcome our once in 730 year GLOBAL RESET
Saturday 25th January 2020
@ Nerang on the Gold Coast
Yes friends it doesn’t get any bigger than this!

As the new 2020 decade opens our beautiful planet and her systems are at extreme ‘tipping point’ on every level.The ‘unconscious’ material world view that has driven our world since the 1500s based on the abuse & corruption of financial & political systems is now due for reformation.

Personally, I am VERY excited about 2020 as a breath of fresh air is also on the way courtesy of Saturn opening his stint in Aquarius mid-year, then Jupiter joining him by December.
We also have Venus in Gemini for 4 months enlightening ‘the conversation’, and the North Node also heading into Gemini for karmic evolution of our words and ideas.

  • Chinese Metal Rat Year – No 1 animal opens new 12 cycle
  • New Decade 2020s driven by the number 4
  • 2020 Eclipses AND Mercury Retrograde in Water signs
  • Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn for first time since 1518 …announces our next great Renaissance and Reformation
  • Jupiter Saturn Pluto in Capricorn ‘triple conjunction’ with echoes back to 1284…and before that 3838BCE
  • Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius – opens new 240-year cycle in Air signs

You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.  
Flier with Full Details
Mail me to book or order recordings!

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…
Universal Astrology Certificate e-Course

Astro Guidance for Nov 2019 – Mercury Goes Retro in Scorpio & Eclipses the Sun!

Scorpio eagleWe are in for a pretty full on Scorpio season folks with the New Moon on Oct 28th – then Mercury begins his retro phase with a major highlight on Nov 11th when he ‘eclipses’ the Sun!

New Moon @ 4 Scorpio exactly opposed by Uranus in Taurus will bring surprises and unexpected developments with a keynote of FREEDOM from old beliefs we hold about prosperity V scarcity. Uranus ‘the awakener’ can trigger seismic shifts both on the earth i.e. quakes and financial markets plus our higher mind!. Upside let’s go for fab new techno advances to heal & protect mother earth!

Mercury retrograde Oct 31st @ 27 Scorpio until Nov 20th – but doesn’t come out of his ‘shadow zone’ until Dec 8th. The usual cautions with ‘the trickster’ in backwards mode apply! Backup data – stay adaptable as plans change or info goes haywire – don’t sign contracts. Great for research and deep transformational conversations & musings with your unconscious mind!

BTW Brexit was always a no go with Merc retro on the day lol. It was also retro last time plus on the day of the vote!! When will they finally check in with Astrology before they make plans haha!

Mercury Eclipse to the Sun in Nov 11th @ 19 degrees Scorpio. Haven’t had one of these since Nov 2006! Historically this Eclipse cycle involves money & resources i.e.Taurus/Scorpio the only signs in which Mercury Eclipses occur & only when Mercury is retrograde.

Here’s my Mercury Eclipse Article

Mars continues his run through Libra squaring Saturn on the New Moon. Downside brings low energy & heavy vibes so don’t buy into the fear machine or depression! Upside is great for directing energy strategically & getting stuff done! Mars then squares Pluto on Nov 5th auguring power struggles & ruthlessness so NOT a day for confrontations folks! Upside brings a powerful creative burst that can transform your world!

Full Moon @ 19 deg Scorp/Taurus on Nov 12th – the day after the Mercury Eclipse! Here’s to some major revelations of info certain people would rather stay buried plus money matters coming to a head. On the other hand, expect a flurry of ‘secret meetings’ & deals.

Venus into Sagittarius on Nov 2nd lightens the intense November load with her bright optimism and positivity joining Jupiter in the sky on Nov 25th as Sun also heads into Sag. Don’t miss this gorgeous celestial event…look up people and be inspired.

Mars heads into Scorpio on Nov 20th for the rest of the year so do your best to keep transforming into your power and stay positive in these intense shifting times my friends.

Coming into our power with the deep regenerative forces of Scorpio…

It is oh so easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily news of endless strife as we witness the breakdown of our society, and feel powerless to do anything as an individual in the face of relentless control and stupidity by the majority of our business and political ‘leaders’!

This is where our personal relationship with the Scorpionic death/rebirth process comes into the unfolding story of our times. We have been conditioned by our system to believe we are powerless, but we are not!!

Scorpio is the power to seed the life we wish to create from deep within us. We’ve been studying to be ‘metaphysicians’ for a while now folks, so we’re meant to have ‘got it’ that our energy creates and magnetizes our outcomes…right?

Once we know that it is only our Ego/Mind keeping us in our fears and confusions, and that our Soul knows the way we open the magical flow known as the ‘stream of consciousness’ and step into our flow. Fabulous!!

Scorpio is the invisible source essence in our nature containing regenerative power, and the secret lies in knowing that we are ‘magnetic’. So, ask yourself what do you want/need to magnetize for the next stage of your life? And what or who do you need to release?

And to get to our safe power we can also use the Scorpio process to just let go…of old shitty feelings…of the belief that we have to control…old defenses we use to protect our true feelings…the belief that softness and vulnerability isn’t safe! Yep it’s re-birth time!

Scorpio is the feature within our humanity that creates deep bonds through intimacy and trust to invite safe support from others. Once we feel ‘safe’ we no longer need to control others and we can release the lower nature features of Scorpio like jealousy and revenge and manipulation…all the bad press items!

As long as there are still people willing to stand in their power for justice & truth, there is still reason to hope that our beautiful world and all of us will emerge through our collective ‘dark night of the Soul’ into the Aquarian Age just around the corner!

Book your 2020 Year Ahead Session!

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…
Universal Astrology Certificate e-Course

Love and blessings to you all. Feel free to share this and let me know how you’re traveling…


Astro Guidance for Libra time Sept/Oct 2019

Libra 2Equinox Greetings as Sun heads into Libra to join Mercury and Venus, & then Mars from October 4th through to November 20th. Yep lots of Libra for the next 7 weeks!

So we are now half way through the Natural Year from March 23rd when Sun in Aries birthed our activities. Think of this like the ‘full moon for the year’ that lights the way for the next 6 months!

Libra’s highest goal is “right human relations’ so let this be your guide as you negotiate & in some cases renegotiate the people who populate your life. It asks us to co-operate and collaborate and seek balance & harmony both within and without. Essential qualities in these divisive extreme times right?
It’s also the sign of Public Relations so excellent timing for promoting yourself & services, and the whole theme of deals & negotiations will be front line both personally & globally. I’ll cover the US/China trade war + charts in the main section.

So how is the synchronicity of our young heroine Greta Thunberg delivering her passionate speech to the United Nations on the EXACT day of Sun’s arrival into Libra!

Why does a 15 year old girl have to do what our so called leaders will not? To simply speak the truth that our current economic system is literally killing our ecosystems based on greed and enrichment of the few at the expense of the many!!!!!!!!!!

Book your 2020 Year Ahead Session!

And let’s not forget globally millions peacefully marching to demand a sustainable future. Yes my friends it’s all coming to a head as we head toward the “global reset” from 2020 when Jupiter joins Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn with Uranus in Taurus…for the first time since 3838BCE…yes 5000 years ago. This was the time when the Gods took over from the ancient Goddesses and patriarchal culture was born & we’ve been driven by the unconscious ARIES warrior programming ever since.
Our destiny is to now birth the next epoch driven by the conscious LIBRA program of peaceful coexistence in harmony with nature and each other.

New Moon in Libra @ 5 degrees occurs on the Sept 28th 
Personally this opens fresh territory for PR & marketing goodies and of course relationship dynamics. As NMoon is opposed by healer Chiron in Aries then co-dependent situations are up for resolution and we need to be brave in our actions to support social justice issues. Think Ghandi and his ‘peaceful civil disobedience’ against stupid oppressive systems…my my we have plenty of these!

This is a big one for the ‘trade war’ drama as sets off both US & China chart big time.

Capture NMoon Libra

Central wheel is USA – middle wheel is China – outer wheel is New Moon @ 5 Libra.
A general mention that Saturn in Capricorn has been stationary opposite USA Sun and in hard aspect square to natal Saturn in Libra (this defines why USA has been such an influence on global ‘relationships’). This began in late Jan 2019 and completes from August thru Sept & October, so a tough period of ‘restraint’ around ‘core needs of people’ and protectionist policies. This is a very tense picture especially as we head into October.

Not an ideal time to calmly strike a deal with China especially with in China’s case Saturn squaring natal Mercury ruling conversations about commerce. Note also China Uranus falls on USA Jupiter in Cancer  – both being hard squared from the New Moon. The battle is about to be amped up another big notch.

I am fascinated by this unfolding story as these two superpowers do battle for dominance as we head into 2020. The reality is that both countries carry hideous debt revealing the knife edge of the global ponzi scheme about to unravel…one way or another. Ah such interesting times in which we live.

Historically October beings us major stock market reversals so eyes open for October 8th and 25th when Saturn and Mars both square off to USA Sun AND China Mercury. These could be precursor hints of the downside stress of the big highs and lows from Jupiter in Sagittarius during 2019. Expect more big highs from Jupiter through to December when he enters Capricorn and then in Jan 2020 Saturn in Cap hits a hard aspect to the New York Stock Exchange Chart Moon in Aries. In response to the fear and uncertainty and ‘irrational exuberance’ the Gold price is starting to head up!

Mind you the Full Moon Libra/Aries on October 14th @ 20 degrees is squared by Pluto in Libra EXACT and does hit the NYSE Moon. This will unleash powerful forces that seek to control…both personally & collectively. At best we can use this to strengthen & empower our individual drive by inviting support from others. As ever we shall see quite how these forces play out!

OK that’s it from me for now my friends please use this information to support your awareness without buying into fear and uncertainty. Just make like an ‘observer’ as we witness the global chess game of our time as you send your intention to be part of the new paradigm based on win win peaceful co-operation beyond the struggle for superiority and power over others.

Blessings and love to you all Maggie



Astro Guidance for September – It’s Virgo Time

Virgo erte-angel

Greetings friends as we head into Virgo season bringing some calm relief after the creative burst plus high drama of Leo over the past month.

As El Sol steps into Virgo today he joins Venus & Mars. Venus is the morning star once more after her descent into the underworld & she unites with her mate Mars on Sunday 25th as they initialize their new cycle together. Then messenger Mercury joins the team on Thursday 29th & things couldn’t be more…earthy…and grounded to say the least!

The constant thrum of Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn underpinning 2019 calls us to practical steady goal orientation to fulfill & empower our goals, & yep this can feel very tough & stressful as we witness the old structures of our socio-economic world crumble. Easy to feel the fear right? But it’s all smoke & mirrors to keep us in the ‘old game’ my friends & we must stay clear & committed to being part of the ‘new system’ of conscious co-creation!!

This lovely Virgo time synches beautifully with the Saturn/Pluto process PLUS change agent Uranus in Taurus, allowing us to activate fresh new ingredients into our daily lives & work!

New Moon in Virgo @ 7 degrees occurs on August 30th.    New Moon’s initialize our intentions & with Virgo it’s about releasing new seeds for healing & improving our health & daily habits and work & service areas.With Mercury, Venus & Mars joining the NMoon things are ultra Virgo bringing us on the upside high discrimination, excellent analytical skills and amazing organizational ability. I mean you could plan & execute the olympic games on this energy!! Ask yourself how can you bring more order & efficiency into your life & your daily work? What do you need to heal?

Downside Virgo can drive us nuts with over-analysis, over-thinking & fretting, getting stuck in the details & losing your larger vision, and generally what I call ‘a little touch of OCD’ lol. The inner critic also runs rampant on this one…of self & others. Thus we must keep the balance with our right brain intuitive & self calming practices to avoid the mental high jinx of downside Virgo!

Virgo season is the time each year where we attend to ‘the boring bits’ like going to the accountant, health & dental checks & for us in Southern climes it’s Spring Cleaning time. I found myself doing a major spontaneous cleaning session the day Mars entered Virgo & haven’t stopped since!!  It is so important to take time to cleanse our space both internally & externally hence Virgo’s association with rituals so get your sage out on the New Moon as this is our big once a year opportunity to clean up our act.

The other lovely quality of Virgo is humility, in contrast with the previous sign Leo where we need to give ourselves & seek acknowledgement & approval messages to build our confidence to dare to shine. Virgo’s lesson brings the big Leo ego right back down to earth, so if you find yourself realizing you need to eat a bit of humble pie then smile & do so graciously. Virgo is the principle of SERVICE to others & our world so take time to enjoy little acts of spontaneous kindness in these troubles times.

And don’t forget to cook and share good clean food as Virgo rules the small intestine digestive system so it’s also a great period to do a fast & then introduce lots of probiotics to balance your gut health. Our ‘Gut Brain’ is the key to health where we balance the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems. I’ve included an illustration of this at the end.

So on to the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces @ 20 degrees on Sept 14th. The seeds you released on the New Moon now start coming to fullness & fruition. The Pisces Moon offers us the opportunity to transcend the daily grind and enrich our psyche/Soul with time out for reflection to seek inspiration for our ongoing journey. Pisces rules the arts & visual medium so play with your paint brushes or camera so you can escape your ‘mind’ for a minute…

The Full Moon coincides with the final pass of Jupiter in Sagittarius in challenging aspect with Neptune in Pisces. First pass was in Jan – 2nd pass in June. At best Jupiter and Neptune are birthing the spiritual awakening necessary to inspire visionary goals for re-enchanting our world view as we head into the “global reset” from 2020! Jupiter can enhance our feeling of optimism and exuberance, which is great as we need to stay positive as we create fresh meaning & purpose for our lives.

But also that nothing can go wrong and get sucked into quick get rich schemes and false information, and with Neptune spinning his web of illusion there is the chance of being misled & set up for disappointment. So we must use upside Saturn in Capricorn to stay steady and focused on longer term plans and use the Jupiter feature as fab opportunities to grow our lives with fresh knowledge and training…or to share ours!

This planet combo is also responsible for the extreme highs and lows in stock markets & general sense of confusion as to whether the whole box of cards is about to crash or not…and if so when…blah blah!! So we can expect a burst of exuberant optimism around the Full Moon…but what’s real and what’s not is the question. Not a time to take risks & if you haven’t bought some physical gold & silver yet then you still have time.

The Vernal Equinox on September 23rd marks the entrance of Sun into Libra as the seasons turn at the half way point of the natural year…which begins on March 21st when Sun enters Aries. So after the strategic planning & implementing good systems during Virgo time we move into the Air sign of Libra where we get set to promote our services and invite those we need to co-create with toward our goals and aspirations.  All about this next time!

Have a great September – be kind to yourself and others and the planet.
Much love Maggie

User Guide to the Human Being

I welcome You to Book a Session

Jupiter in Capricorn

Please join me to share ideas & inspiration as Jupiter heads into Capricorn for 2020!
Saturday 19th October 2019

Well after all the hype of 2019 as we get set for the ‘global shift’ in 2020 it’s time to figure quite how Jupiter in Capricorn is going to get in on the act!!
When Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020 for the first time since 1518 the stage is set for the next major renaissance in human affairs! Then in December Jupiter joins them for the first time since 1284. Needless to say, this is big stuff…Jupiter’s favorite word!
We will discuss the implications of this remarkable year on the way at a socio-economic level, but more importantly what does it mean for us personally?
Despite the fear & confusion permeating the airwaves right now it’s so important to see the fantastic opportunity on the way as the big guy heads into the sign of achievement & success!

If you can’t join us in person you are welcome to order the recordings.

Mail me to book & I’ll send full details

August Astro Update – New Moon in Leo Ignites Creative Change

New Moon in Leo 1st Aug 2019It’s been ages since we’ve had such a splendid fresh dose of creative mojo as is on the way from our New Leo Moon @ 8 degrees!

So set your intentions on July 31 in USA, & Aug 1 in UK and OZ to fire up your passion and get things moving after the delays and frustrations of July!

Messenger Mercury also turning direct on Aug 2nd is another green light, and once he pops back into Leo on the 11th he’s free to share your ideas with passion & confidence for the rest of July. Just don’t get too cocky or expect applause ok?

Goddess of wealth & love Venus joins the New Moon in Leo bringing a much needed dose of parties and fun. We all need a break from ‘serious responsible’ sometimes so enjoy yourself! Also a great time to play with your kids and your own inner child, & both love relationships & bizz partnerships flourish under her rays. She’s in Leo until Aug 22nd when she heads into practical Virgo.

Change agent Uranus features powerfully in the NMoon Leo mix bringing both sudden flashes of inspiration & freedom to innovate & re-fresh all creative areas AND enhancing the revolutionary forces arising in response to the heavy Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn agendas. More on this in the main section below…

And to top off the Leo story action planet Mars continues trending through Leo till mid-September enhancing all of the above!!

The big caution with all things Leo is to avoid narcissists and drama kings/queens like the plague! The big heads up is to dare to shine and motivate others with conscious loving leadership!!

Time to check in for your horoscope update to empower your 2020 outcomes with 10% discount?

BTW don’t miss one of the most fortunate days of 2019 when Sun meets lucky Jupiter on August 7th!! Buy a lottery ticket – have a party – be generous & optimistic – share your LOVE – be passionate – expand your horizons –  or launch a project as I am doing for the next intake of my Astrology e-Course!!

I know it can seem hard to believe when we witness the unfolding craziness and breakdown of our current global culture and systems, BUT there is an upside!!

Astrology reveals the long term cycles of evolution, & since the 1960s we’ve been in a renaissance window between the end of the 2160 year Age of Pisces and the new Aquarian age currently unfolding. This requires a ‘shift in consciousness’ from fear driven beliefs in ‘survival of the fittest’ and a return to the natural world view that honors the reality that all beings and ecosystems are unified in a great collective process.

We humans are complex beings who have by and large been programmed by the material world view that our purpose (Jupiter) is to use our mind (Mercury) and will (Mars) selfishly to own and possess (Venus) as much as possible to ‘make it’ in our world (Saturn) and be powerful (Pluto).

Meanwhile the many religions that arose during the Piscean Age all share a common motif or belief that teaches kindness & compassion & LOVE for our fellow beings (Neptune). So how does this reconcile with the dog eat dog paradigm that drives our world? It doesn’t!! The military industrial complex that controls everything couldn’t give a shit about love and compassion. It just needs to ferment wars and division to make money…simple!

But they are starting to have a major problem. People are waking up as they are suffering in increasing numbers as the old guard banking & business systems continue to physically destroy our planet & the well being of so many. This is where the UPSIDE comes in…once again believe it or not!

As we celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Moon landing from July 1969 it reminded me to mention a remarkable synchronistic  process that happens in our evolutionary journey. Back in the late 1800s when modern psychology was born and we began to go ‘inside’ to understand our psyche, we also invented flying machines and began to go up! This was when Neptune & Pluto met in Gemini to open a new 490 year cycle!

Then in the 1940s when Uranus was in Gemini technology took another giant leap with radar & sonar & rockets. By the mid 60s when Uranus & Pluto met for their new 145 year cycle the space program took us up another notch and off we went to the Moon. Symbolically this opened the Group Soul…ruled by the Moon to begin the re-uniting or re-awakening we must achieve to return to the feminine understanding of the natural interconnected world view. It also coincided with the flower power revolutionary movement that gave birth to the spiritual revolution that has been underway ever since.

As we step into the 2020s they are getting set to head off planet and up to the Moon and Mars and Asteroids for the next giant leap…to make money of course! This will occur once Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius for their new 20 year cycle in 2021 (last time was the 1300s!) AND Pluto heads into Aquarius in 2024 for the first time since the 1780s! I mean we are talking major cycles here right?

So working with the reality that planet cycles underpin human activity then hang onto our hat from 2021 & 2024 once the Aquarian cycles kick in because the last time Pluto was in Aquarius in the 1780s the French and American revolutions kicked out the ruling elite as heads rolled & also birthed the technological age! Freedom from repression is on the way people…we don’t know what it may look like but it will change everything quickly.

Each time we go physically up and out we also head deeper into ourselves as we instinctively seek to know the highest and finest qualities of what it means to be spiritualized human beings. This is the purpose of human evolution my friends. To live from the heart with LOVE as our driving emotion and to honor the reality that all people are created equal & must live cooperatively!

Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun rules the HEART…and the Heart drives our consciousness!
I’m sharing a snippet from my 6 Part “Adventures in Consciousness” Life Training Program about Heart Intelligence. In Part 3 I cover the three different levels of intelligence – Mental – Emotional & Heart.

I’m planning to offer this program via webinar in October so let me know if you are interested in joining me. It’s a big course loaded with insights and training to support the consciousness revolution happening right now on planet earth!

Heart Intelligence…

Historically the heart was regarded as a source of wisdom, spiritual insight, thought, and emotion. Intriguingly, scientific research over the past decades has begun to provide evidence that this is more than metaphorical. Science has had to revise and expand its understanding of the heart and the role of this amazing organ. They have discovered the heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system—a network of nerves so sophisticated as to earn the description of a “heart brain.”

Our heart has the ability to independently sense, process information, make decisions, and even to demonstrate a type of learning and memory. In essence, it appears that the heart is truly an intelligent system. Research has also revealed that the heart is a hormonal gland, manufacturing and secreting numerous hormones and neurotransmitters that profoundly affect brain and body function. Among the hormones the heart produces is oxytocin—well known as the “love” or “bonding hormone.”

Science has only begun to understand the effects of the electro magnetic fields produced by the heart, but there is evidence that the information contained in the heart’s powerful field may play a vital synchronizing role in the human body—and that it may affect others around us as well.
The heart is a key component of the emotional system. Scientists now understand that the heart not only responds to emotion, but that the signals generated by its rhythmic activity actually play a major part in determining the quality of our emotional experience from moment to moment. These heart signals also profoundly impact perception and cognitive function by virtue of the heart’s extensive communication network with the brain. Finally, rigorous electrophysiological studies conducted at the Institute of HeartMath have even indicated that the heart appears to play a key role in intuition. It appears that the age-old associations of the heart with thought, feeling, and insight may indeed have a basis in science.

Expanding Consciousness means increasing:

  •  energy to the body, mind, heart and spirit
  •  intelligence through non linear thinking
  •  consciousness frequency
  •  sentience and sensory abilities
  •  connectivity between body functions; physical, mental,   emotional, spiritual
  •  awareness of intelligent energy in all things
  •  the connectivity of higher spiritual bodies
  •  frequency rate of combined energetic bodies
  •  energetic synthesis which initiates dormant DNA/RNA
  •  health and well being
  •  peaceful and loving compassionate feelings
  •  energy blocks from our old unconscious programs
  •  pain, addiction and suffering
  •  decreasing deception, lies and delusions from wishful thinking

So my friends here’s to our New Leo Moon with Venus & Uranus to revolutionize our world with the POWER of LOVE! Blessings to all as ever Maggie



July 2019 – Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde

Solar EclipseLove this fab Solar Eclipse image from NASA looks like an iris doesn’t it!?
Indeed the ancient astronomer priests believed they are a periodic ‘pathway to the Gods’ or portals whereby we receive important information or open new karmic pathways!
So open that third eye of yours on July 2nd in US & UK and 3rd here in Oz and connect to Universal Source guidance!

It falls at 10 degrees Cancer & is followed 2 weeks later by the Lunar Eclipse @ 24 degrees Cancer/Capricorn highlighting home/family & business areas, & with Venus also hanging out in the watery realms of Cancer in July our focus requires nurturing the home fires & business areas both psychically and emotionally.

The 18.5 year eclipse cycle brings us 2001 for echoes on this one, so cast your mind back & see if this was a significant shifting time for you? This series brings ‘news that transforms a situation but avoid worry or obsessiveness, as well as forming plans or activities that can be very positive as long as we don’t get carried away’!

SO if you have planets around 10 deg or 24 deg of Cancer/Capricorn or Aries/Libra the wheel of destiny is about to turn as eclipses bring new beginnings that accelerate growth and development. If you don’t know then check in with me for a session so you can work WITH your evolutionary process!

Next cab of the rank brings us our 2nd Mercury retro season for the year from July 7th for the rest of the month…also in Cancer. As our little mate Mercury rules our ‘mind & mouth’ we’ll be thinking & talking ’emotionally’, which can be fab for honest conversations about how we are feeling and asking cleanly for our needs to be met got it? Downside can be emotionally reacting so best to sleep on it if you’re running a charge about someone or thing!

Always best to use Merc Retro for the ‘re’ things – re-think re-organize revise & in general not a time to make our impression felt & as always stay fluid as plans change or messages & IT stuff goes into melt down. Stay cool my friends.

I’ve saved the best till last as we have action planet Mars trending through Leo till mid-September bringing much needed fun & passion & courage to stimulate those Cancer home fires!     July keynote – BE KIND – AVOID DRAMA & have some fun wherever possible…
Blessings to you all my friends

Planets in AspectMy next Seminar
2 day Program
Sat August 10th AND
Sat September 7th

Planets in Aspect – The Soul’s Code Revealed

Our Soul moves through lifetimes in an evolutionary process and brings in old unresolved issues, or our ‘stuff’ contained in our DNA programming.

Our Soul then ‘downloads’ it’s ‘program’ into our psyche to set up our life’s journey, so we may heal old soul issues and ultimately release the healthy expression of our true purpose. This occurs via the ‘aspects’ or relationships between the planets in the horoscope providing the key information that links our soul & our psyche.

Please join me for both a practical and mystical 2 days together in as we explore:

  • The Aspects – Divine Geometry!
  • How the planets create the many different ‘voices’ that comprise our psychological makeup… or ‘our inner voices’!
  • Core themes and issues for each planet
  • Aspecting the chart – step by step approach to reveal how the relationship of the planets or ‘voices’ sets the tone for the many divergent energies alive and operating in a person’s psyche.  Some of these relationships are easy and positive, and some are difficult and challenging.
  • How the aspects reveal the programming that sets up our unconscious emotional patterns & links to our soul growth agenda
  • How to re-program limiting patterns so they become functional and thus heal old Soul issues
  • How we can ‘synthesize’ the many divergent components of our makeup to become a conscious individual
  • Fun techniques for working with our ‘voices’

All welcome at any level of Astrology. You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.
Mail me to book